New Moon

As the vast majority of you have pointed out, the cover for New Moon has been released and you can view it over at  I would like to make it clear that the release date listed at Amazon is not an official confirmed date.  I spoke with Stephenie about it and the book is not set to be released until October.  Now, consider that this release isn’t going to be something like you might be used to with the Harry Potter books.  Some bookstores will have them out on shelves before others.  There is no midnight opening and selling of the books.  So it is possible that Amazon might start shipping the books out in September, but don’t hold your breath.  I think the important thing here is that we can all ohh and ahh over the picture and let the discussion begin over how well you like or dislike what you see.



  1. Thanks for letting us know! Is it just me, or does the cover remind you of the white taking over the red? – like a change…into a vampire? lol, I’m just wishing!

  2. OMG, i really cannot wait for the book to come out now!. I like this cover too!

  3. DanceUntilDawn says

    Oo the cover is quite tripy!
    I definitely like it, and I’m still trying to interpret the meaning behind it, if it has one like the first book cover did.

  4. jt_story says

    Is it a carnation flower? it certainly looks like it,
    and maybe I’m just putting too much thought into it but does the red petal falling look like a drop of blood?
    My my, how my mind is turning over so many thoughts,
    I wish the book would come out, I need more Edward and Bella drama, give me my drama!

  5. Alda Rethe says

    Oh well, I quite like what I’m seeing of New Moon! That red and white flower is simply GORGEOUS. I’m seeing the red petal turning into a drop of blood too….symbolizing more angst? Blood? Vampires? Pain?
    Can’t wait!

  6. O wow. It’s such a beautiful cover. Ugh I can not wait till New Moon comes out. October isn’t coming soon enough. The whole concept of the colors blending is just making me even more curious over what could be happening in that story. I’m also looking forward to more drama between Bella and Edward but I am also wondering what is going to be happening between the Cullens and Jacob/Billy’s tribe. There were some very loose ends at the end of Twilight. Till October everyone!

  7. Bella Wannabe says

    OMG, i love it!!! I think that this book will be as well written as Twilight, or if not better. THe pictures on both of the covers fascinate me, and they draw me in really quickly. They are well, captivating. I cant wait till the book comes out!!!!

  8. wow thats a really awesome cover, i absolutly can’t wait for New Moon to be released!

  9. AHHH, what is the flower supposed to mean? And is it just me or does it look like its bleeding?

    I can’t wait for it to be out. I don’t think I’ll be able to.

  10. That is so cool! I really can’t wait for the book to come out. And the cover is really nice too. Can’t Wait!!!!

  11. I love this cover. At first I was disappointed that she didn’t use the cover that corresponded to the Twilight cover, but this one is just…mesmerizing. Do you know when Ms. Meyer is going to post some of the New Moon teasers on her website?


    So awesome/

    I can’t wait to read it!

  13. OMG!!! The New Moon cover is just AWESOME!!! And I have to agree it does look like the flower is either bleeding or there is a drop of blood coming off of it!! AHHHH! I think I am going to go crazy before this book comes out! NEED MORE TWILIGHT!!!! Really it looks great!

  14. I LOVE it!!!! I am now even MORE excited about this book!!! I just CAN NOT wait!!!!! I just wish they’d release the first chapter now…

  15. Whoa!!! That looks awesome!!! Why do we have to wait till October? It’s not coming soon enough!!! And all of us Twilight fans need Bella and Edward drama!!!!

  16. wow, i have to agree with all of u. I CANT WAIT!!!! like many ppl b 4 me , thatnx for telling us and sending the link and we all kno we want oct when it comes out to be right NOW!!!!

  17. 4 got to mention it looks sooo awsome and it does look like the flower is bleeding and makes u wonder if it is like the twilight cover and symbolizes sumthing

  18. i litterally just finished Twilight an hour ago and i’m already hungery for more! the cover is very intruging, bleeding flower i reckon is Bella. i think its a beautiful thing that is bleeding. ‘Course, i’m a bit loopy, so… OCTOBER!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! i love Edward!

  19. Kristin says

    OMG, I can NOT ABSOLUTELY NOT wait until October. If anyone figures out some method of time travel let me know. It is tearing me apart not knowing what will happen! I think I am obsessed!


    come october!

  20. I myself, am also a Twilight junky and i am going compleatly bananas with the wait and i JUST found out about the next book!!! ONE day, WAAAAY to many to go. good luck to all.

  21. !!!!!
    It’s october and im almost done with the book. ITS SO GREAT. If anyone knows what the flowers name is, please contact me and tell me, i would appricate it alot.
    thank you.

  22. Im a 100% postive that it is a Rembrandt Tulip.

  23. Chynna, thankx for saying what the flower was, i was going crazy!!!!!!!!

  24. thnx for the name of the flower. it drove me crazy to find out wat it was

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