The New Look!

So…how do you like it?  I was so surprised when everyone said they were going to miss the red leaves.  Those red leaves were always just a placeholder until we could get the art back for the header.  Sorry folks, but a sexy pic of Edward wins out over red leaves any day of the week! 

In case you are wondering, we had the work commissioned by Leela Starsky of Harry Potter fame.  Check out her work by visiting her personal web site.  Many many thanks go to her for getting the piece to us as fast as she did, and for putting up with all the fuss we made over it in the process.  She was sent so many pictures of possible “Edwards” it wasn’t even funny!  I think that the final product was well worth the effort.   We would ask that no one use the top pic for any icons or buttons just yet.  We will provide you with official items very shortly.  The image does belong to the lexicon as it was Imogen and I who footed the bill to have the work commissioned.  We respectufully request that you do not copy it for your own use.

Also, the vampire section has been updated with information on physiology.  Be sure to check it out.  We’ve also updated PC#7, once again using the Q&A section at MySpace for this section. 

We are still working on the message boards.  There just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done that i want to do!  But hang in there.  We will have them soon, as well as our chapter discussions and our buttons.  Watch for an offical announcement sometime this week.



  1. Lomesir22 says:

    Pardon me while I drool like a fool.

  2. sayingsorry2006 says:

    ooooo I LOVE the new look! I was a fan of her HP art before and now she’s drawn EDWARD! I’m too lucky! *Is sqeeing like mad!*

  3. Its simply amazing. Awesome job with setting it all up so quickly you admins. Ya’ll rock my socks.

  4. beautfuly tragic says:

    omg i LOVE the new look!!!! its amazing!!

  5. Madame X says:

    Oh my God…it’s EDWARD (and Bella). It’s really bizarre to see then fully drawn out (now my idea of Edward doesn’t come totally from my imagination). Anyhow, it looks great! Props to Leela Starsky.

  6. I LOVE the new look. I love the art at the top and I am agreeing with you, I would choose Edward over leaves anyday. Love it Love it Love it

    Thank you Leela Starsky

  7. violet_twilight says:

    I sure don’t miss the red leaves now. It’s…wow Edward is so… beautiful. Plus Bella. Love love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. danamarin_92 says:

    I keep on refreshing the page but the leaves are still there . . . *tear*

    ~Try holding down the shift button when you refresh. 


  9. cindy_b907 says:

    Ack! I love the new look! I still miss the red leaves, but I like this a lot better. I know this is off topic but Alphie, I just wanted to tell you that your twilight fanfiction is awesome!!!! I love it so much. Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. OMG! its perfect! you captured what ive been seeing in my head. who drew it? its soooo good!
    kudos kudos kudos!

    &hearts grace

  11. oh wow thats amazing!

  12. violet_twilight says:

    Heh-heh… It looks better the gazillionth time and Edward won’t stop dazzling me. Okay, he just dazzled me again…

  13. vampire_chick22 says:

    wow. when u first said that the red leaves were going i thought u were crazy, but now i think this new edward and bella photo suits the site so well. all i can say is i LOVE it!

  14. VampireAngel says:

    wow..i never did see the red leaves..but from what ive heard, they were awesome. This is better. Hands down. I can tell w/out even having a glimpse of the other one. i LOVE it! Breathtakingly beautiful…just like Edward. *sigh*

  15. awsome new look i agree edwards hotter than any old leaf

  16. TwilightMyLife says:

    I love it. I liked the read leaves alot, i thought they rocked, but they were nothing compared to this. Wow, Edward is better than i could ever imagine. Wow.

  17. It’s lovely.

  18. Wo! I love it! It’s the best. Although if it’s Bella I always imagined her with short hair, but you know. It looks great!

    ~ Bella has long hair.  I looked for it in the book and couldn’t find it, but I think there is a place where Edward strokes her hair down her back.  I’ll keep looking.


  19. Ivory4Shallot says:

    hmmm….. yeah i like the other one better, this one is pretty cheesey, and the figures are rather odd looking…

    ~ I’m sorry you don’t like it!  Just chalk it up to one vison of Bella and Edward.


  20. wow talk about criticism. or "strong opinions" im in like with it. although is bella’s hair really wavy? ill check out the character bios.

    ~No, her hair isn’t wavy.  It’s blowing in the wind!  LOL!


  21. crazy4edward says:

    omg it looks amazing……………….EDWARD looks just as hottt as i imagined him maybe even better….um i think im going back to the home pg bbk l8ter

  22. mystickiralee16 says:

    ooo,those eyes!!god i love guys with smoldering looks,and Leela Starsky hit it on the nose…oh nice job!!i love the colors-purple-my fave!!!
    -maegen*elise(aka Kira*Lee)

  23. jt_story says:

    Oh Em Gee. W.O.W.

    Edward is brilliantly STUNNING now, thanks to this picture I must be off to read the book AGAIN, one must re-read when they have the perfect image, eh eh?

  24. jt_story says:

    Oh Em Gee. W.O.W. Edward is brilliantly STUNNING now, thanks to this picture I must be off to read the book AGAIN, one must re-read when they have the perfect image, eh eh? Is it just me or does bella seem a tad plump? I mean I think that’s fine, I’m plump, but you know…And her hair should be straight…Why am I critisizing? WHY? Love love love!

    ~Bella’s face is supposed to be heart shaped and here it is a bit more round.  She certainly doens’t look fat to me!  She reminds me of Kate Winslet, who I think is divine!


  25. DanceUntilDawn says:

    Oh wow, the banner is simply as perfect as it can get! I love it, I think I might just stare at it for a few minutes now.

  26. violet_twilight says:

    Her, I know Edward is very good-lookking but isn’t he supposed to have like messily done hair and not really that straight? Also I don’t really see Bella as Kate Winslet type. More like the slender, straight black hair type. However it is so good, I’m going to over look it. I’m in love with Edward.

  27. violet_twilight says:

    And there I am to re-read Twilight for about the 24th time this month now that I have the perfect image of Edward. He always was a slight hazy image in my mind, but now it is perfectly clear…

  28. violet_twilight says:

    I also realized something else. His eyes are so soulful, no ummm… piercin like they see right into your soul.

  29. *gaping* awsome…

  30. ITS AWESOME!!!!! And I love the whole purple thing!!

  31. Alda Rethe says:

    Oh, Edward’s so…purty. Funnily, I’ve never realized he had that color hair–but it’s absolutely stunning. His eyes simply blow me away… amazing artwork.
    Kudos to you Leela Starsky!

  32. falendoyle says:

    its cute

  33. ArdaSilverlace says:

    I love it! This picture is so amazing! I could never draw, so I’m really, uber impressed with this. I really like Edward’s smoldering eyes – totally ocher. Right on!
    And wow! Bella’s a lot prettier than I imagined! Sorry, that sounds bad. But I didn’t realize she had such a pretty face and such cool hair! This picture is completely worth 1000 words. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Midnight says:

    Oh i love the look!

  35. Alphiee! youre right, there is a part in the book where he strokes her hair down her back. i think it’s in the night scene when he’s about to put her to sleep; although i may be mistaken.

    his eyes… gahhhhh…
    you just cant stop looking.

    &hearts grace

  36. teelovestolaugh says:

    ah that makes me so happy!
    definitely better than the red leaves!!

  37. Hellish Red Devil says:

    It looks fantastic–kudos to Leela, she’s very talented! Actually, the entire Lexicon is fantastic! I could spend all day here. Ah, it’s so great! Cheers.

  38. Ohh geeze. Just the best thing to top off the day!! I can’t stop staring!!! Edward….mmmmm…. I simply love it!! I’d take him over any old leaves any day!! Oh my oh my. EDWARD!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Off topic-
    Alphie, I started to read your interp. of Twilight for Edward’s PoV when it first started and now I have been hanging on every word…every letter. I just have to saw that it is just fantastic. Seriously.
    lve a very, very, very dedicated Edward Fan-
    Sadie Berger (MY STORY!!)

  39. RE: Bella having short hair.

    On the cover in Australia (and the UK) there is a girl with short hair, I asume that is Bella, but it may not be.

  40. Raezyn101 says:

    xD have killed all us fans with the remarkable fan art!! It is! -mouth hangs open-! It is remarkable!! I had said I would refuse to like anyone’s idea of putting a face to Edward, but you have just made me change my mind (Although Stephenie’s actor came close, I don’t often see famous people as characters from books..>.

  41. Its 7.23 in the morning, getting ready for school and I am still dazzled!!!!!

  42. violet_twilight says:

    Okay… I’m a little confused. I thought that you had to login to leave a reply.

    RE: Bella having short hair
    She doesn’t have short hair and I did see that cover and she looks unhealthy there. Maybe it was Alice? She has short hair.

    Darn! Dazzled again!

  43. Lovely.. Peaceful!!!

  44. WOW. thanks. this picture makes me hypnotized. but you said she submitted other possible edward pics, are you allowed to post those too? it could be an interesting discussion over which looks the most like him. ๐Ÿ™‚ just a thought…

    ~She didn’t draw a whole bunch of Edwards.  We sent her pictures of men saying…these eyes…this jaw…this face shape.  Stuff like that.  Sorry if I confused you.  She did give us two picture though.  Hopefully we can get the second picture up in a day or so,  the second picture came just as we got the first picture up.  So, we’re trying to work wit the second image.  You’ll like it.


  45. OMG!!!!!! Wow. . . This picture is really fantastic! I have to say I have always pictured Bella differently but Edward looks really really googd! Great job!

  46. ILoveEdwardForever says:

    I love it! I’m a new fan of the artist. 10/10 for sure!!


  48. jasperchik says:

    thats always how i pictured Jasper, not Edward. He doesn’t look right.

  49. iheartlouie says:

    I really don’t like this new look. It doesn’t do anything for me. You know u all are lying when u say it looks good cause it don’t. I mean come on it looks nothing like them!!!!!!!!! I have the balls to say it anyone else think i’m right?


  50. jasperchik says:

    are you afraid to agree that it doesn’t look like him? you all know it doesn’t don’t be afraid to admit it. we all make mistakes.

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