Changes are afoot!

I didn’t want anyone coming online and thinking the admins had lost their minds.  Yes, the text has gone purple.  Yes, I know about the change.  It’s been done for a perfectly logical reason that you will all be aware of in a day or so.  Don’t fret.  I know that Red leaves and purple text look odd together… but the red leaves won’t be there for long.



  1. violet_twilight says:

    What do you mean the red leaves aren’t going to be there long? They are kinda pretty, but I guess that it doesn’t really have anything to do with Twilight. Well, the red leaves and the purple text do look odd…

    ~Trust me, you will like what will replace the leaves.  Really.  It’s fantastic!


  2. angel_eyes says:

    No red leaves…I like them they look nice

  3. violet_twilight says:

    Wow, I wonder what the fan art will look like. Yay! Then finally we can chat.

  4. It sounds like your plotting…very ominous.

  5. So there’s gonna be fan art?
    Wow, I’m really looking forward to that, there’s so few Twilight fan art around.. 🙁
    I found the leaves kind of pretty, though.

  6. cindy_b907 says:

    oh…no red leaves? *tear* lol. it’ll be fun to change things up. 😉

  7. the red leaves are pretty but….thy dont quite say TWILIGHT to me, i bet the fanart will be awesome, can’t wait:D

  8. Madame X says:

    I’m loving the creme/beige/purple layout, as well as the lexicon in general! I can’t wait to see the fanart, I’ve been searching for some Twilight ones for good while.

    BTW, I’m also Black Crown on (As *if* anyone actually knows me from there. 😉 )

  9. I like the site actually. But I understand about the leaves. Hm.

  10. jt_story says:

    I’m confused, where did everyone see anything about fanart?

    The red leaves are pretty, but why apples or something? Leaves don’t go with Twlight, maybe if they were /green/ like Forks are something, but meh…:)

  11. grace jo says:

    arent the leaves from a maple tree?
    theyre pretty. but they do kinda clash with the purple.


  12. Does anyone know if the school Bella went to before she moved to Forks had a name? I’m writing a fanfic about her returning to Phoenix.

  13. grace jo says:

    i dunno. you should ask ms. meyer about that.
    good question. now youve got me thinking. but didnt she say it was kinda like a Beverly Hills High or something in the FAQ section of her site?

  14. JordanRobertGabriel says:

    I personally love the look of the site, fan art huh? im not a bad scetcher….

  15. I like the purple anyways!

  16. Courtney says:

    O i love edward =)

  17. Celeste says:

    um they might have to turn the comments off here lol

  18. i feel so sorry for rosalie and esme, who desperately want kids of their own and i know this a weird question , but…if a female vampire ceases to have an ovulation cycle does that mean that her individual egg cells are also frozen in time and therefore can’t change as well?…even if the cell was to develop outside her body, for example in a surrogate mother?

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