Registering Woes

I’ve been contacted by several members of the site complaining about a failure in the registration area.  I’m very sorry for the problems, but there isn’t anything I can do about it.  The registration is set up through word press, and I have no control over it.  In many cases, it takes over twenty-four hours to receive your password.  Give it some time and meanwhile I will check with word press to see what’s happening on their end.  Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. 


UPDATE!!  From reading the comments here it seems that you have to go looking in your BULK mail for the Twilight heading with your password.  Thanks to those of your who made me aware of this.


  1. beyond_Twilight says:

    that happened to me when i registered -they didn’t send a password

    if you just click lost password it will send you a new one
    and VOILAA!! :]

  2. falendoyle says:

    check ur bulk mail
    that was were mine was

  3. mine was in bulk also… luckily the name ‘twilight’ jumped out at me…

  4. Isabella_Swan says:

    It took me three tries to get an account to work.

  5. sayingsorry2006 says:

    whew! finaaly got mine working!

  6. mine was indeed in the builk mail 🙂

  7. starlightangel says:

    I didn’t have any problems with that yay!

  8. vampire_chick22 says:

    ya… mine was’nt working, i sent myself two emails to update my email, then i realized that they were in bulk, thanks for your help!

  9. falendoyle says:

    glad i can help

  10. mythfilledgrl says:

    hi, just joined this bolg thingy. Love the book. how do we look at other people’s profiles though?

  11. How come James’ bio isn’t included in the character bios?

    ~Well spotted!  He was there, I just hadn’t linked him properly.  That’s TWICE now that I’ve done that.  Given the amount of information Ms. Meyer chucked at me, I’m surprised I haven’t messed up more than this! 


  12. everything seems to be fine with me. =]

  13. Also, Billy hasn’t got a bio. I think that’s the only other one. =D

    ~Ah well, I haven’t written one for Billy yet.  I’m still working on some information about the Blacks.  I had Jacob’s going when I decided to stop.  That’s why Jacob is the only Black listed currently.  Maybe I’ll add Billy today sometime.


  14. grace jo says:

    hey do you need help?

    i want to be a part of the entire making up the site and everything!

    it sounds like fun!

  15. Kaitlyn says:

    I already did the lost you password thing about three times! I just wont show up. And now it wont even let me regester again!

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