Minor update

I received an e-mail from Stephenie today telling me that I had an error on the site.  Eleazar, who I had listed as one of the Denali “sisters” is actually a man.  Seeing as how I don’t want an angry male vampire after me demanding that I restore what is rightfully his, I have made the necessary corrections.  You can find them in PC1 as well as Eleazar’s bio.

We are very VERY close to making a decision on our chapter leader and our banner maker.  Thank you very much for all your interest.  We plan to be able to make the announcement sometime this weekend along with a slight site revamping.  We’ve had a piece of fan art done up that will be our new header and will end up changing the color scheme for the site.  Once we have the colors locked into place, we should be able to finalize the message boards and invite everyone to come and chat with us. 



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