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Hello everyone!

I’ve been thrilled by all the interest in being a chapter leader for the site, as well as all the requests for a message board.  I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed on where we are in the process. 

First off, I’ve had a few people send me e-mails simply asking for the position of chapter leader.  Sorry folks, but I can’t make a decision without seeing a sample of your work.  Fill out the discussion questions and send me a copy in a word document so I have something to compare when making a final decision.  We will be choosing our leader (or leaders) sometime late next week.  There is still time to apply should you be interested in the job.

The message board is very nearly up and running.  We would have had it open this weekend had I not had a medical emergency in my family.  My little daughter has been sick and we had to take her to the hospital where she was put on an IV and held over night for observation.  She is home now and doing well, but mommy and daddy (who is doing the coding) are pretty tired.  We will get to it as soon as possible so everyone can have a chance to chat.  It seems to me that once we are able to chat back and forth with each other, this fandom will really take off.

Lastly, I wanted to point out that I added the link to Alice Cullen’s bio.  Somehow her name didn’t get listed in the character bios.  She’s been here, you just couldn’t find her!  So now you can, should you be so inclined to go and read up on her. 

Thanks for all the support!  I’m glad everyone is enjoying the site.  More this week, I promise.  Check back for updates in the vampire mythology section as well as some more correspondence from Stephenie herself. 




  1. Hey,
    I was wandering what’s happening with the button & banner maker. I don’t know if you recieved my e-mail with examples of my work.
    Just wandering,

  2. violet_twilight says

    Hey, when are you going to decide? Imeant like when are you going to post it?

  3. nooooooo. one more week before you decide pleaseee.

    i let my friend borrow my copy of the book and i just found out about the entering for chapter discussion leader!
    i really want to be a part of it. argha;sldkvjaoin.

    this is so frustrating for me. are you going to be doing a different leader for each chapter? argh. man. i wish i had found out about it sooner. gosh!

    &hearts grace

  4. oh and im sorry about your daughter. is she okay?