Off & Running!

And we’re off and running!  As many of you know, I have had the good fortune to be granted information about the world of Twilight that has been unavailable to the vast majority of fans.  Everything you will find here comes from Ms. Meyer herself.  I hope you enjoy gobbling up the information as much as I did. 

Keep in mind that this is a new site and there are bound to be kinks in the system.  Additionally, not EVERYTHING is posted yet.  Twilight is a big world and there is a great deal of information to work with.  We have taken what we feel is the most important information and posted it first.  Over time, we will be making additions as new information is made available.  We are well aware of gaps in the information and will work diligently to fill those gaps as best we can.

You may be asking, who is this “we” being talked about?  The “we” refers to Alphie and Imogen, who you can read more about in the administration section.  We are only two women who have full lives, but felt the need to make Twilight information more accessible to the fans.  Because of our schedules, we are a bit stretched to the limit on time, so your patience will be appreciated as we update the site.  If you would like to offer your assistance in helping us flesh out certain areas, check out the “join the staff” section for information on how you can help.


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  2. Raezyn101 says

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    It’s awesome to see this up and running! I’m glad a lot of holes can be filled and told to our little Twilight group where I live. Thanks for putting this up. Can’t wait to go through it all now. >.

  3. i love twilight ;]

  4. Dont we all?

  5. My online friend hates it, actually… she says it’s a pile of plagiarism… I yelled at her for that and made her apologize… of course, she’s only read the first chapter of Twilight… o_O

    I love Twilight too. Although I can never decide between Edward, Jasper, and Seth… <333

  6. Ha! So, I was totally obsessed and talked out the Twilight series all the time, to the point that my sister got extremely irritated at me. Then, I got her to read the saga. She’s almost as addicted as I am, now! [However, since I spend most of my free time either re-reading Twilight or roaming the Internet for Twilight-related stuff, I know more than she does…] So, it’s not the “same” situation as teamJASPER, but it’s kinda similar. That’s why I decided to share it…

  7. in the frist book when edward and bella are eating, bella says that he is playing with fate, and that he was to let her die at the school, but he said that he had alreay played with fate before and asks if she remembers. she says yes what are they talking about?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? someone please answer me i need to know.!?.!?.!?.

  8. beru no kuroi says

    Rachel S.:
    I believe you are referring to the conversation Edward and Bella were having over dinner the night he rescued her in Port Angeles. Edward is implying that she should’ve died the first day he met her in their biology class. Because she smelled so good to him, he was barely able to keep from killing her himself right there in class. If you want to understand this better from Edward’s perspective, go to Stephenie Meyers’ website and read the partial transcript she has posted of Midnight Sun.
    Hope that helps! 😉

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  12. Its been two years since anyone posted on the very first article. I started reading Twilight in 2007 was obsessed for a long time. As I got older my obsession has smoldered down to a deep love of this Twilight world. This is my favorite website of the entire internet because it talks about something I care so much about and everyone on here is so positive. Anyways its 2 in the morning and I was just kinda bored and thought “Hmm… I wonder how far back these article go to?” I can’t believe its been six years. The staff that founded this site you have some amazing dedication and love. I really appreciate all that you have done to provide a safe and friendly place to learn all things Twilight. I hope you all have a wonderful journey for years come.