Funny or Die Parody: Taylor Lautner- NFL Lockout and his own Field of Dreams

According to the Funny or Die Press Release:

“With the current NFL lockout jeopardizing this fall’s season, Lautner’s character turns his Iowa farm into a sanctuary for football greats Ray Lewis, Tony Gonzalez, Dwight Freeney, DeSean Jackson, Shawne Merriman, Antonio Cromartie and others.

Paying homage to the 1989 baseball classic Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, the video features Ray Liotta as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and ends with a special appearance from the original film.

Shot last week in Thousand Oaks, Calif., this is the biggest online production in Funny Or Die’s four-year history. It is being featured today throughout ESPN programming.”

Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout with Taylor Lautner

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New Moon is Official

New Moon is Official:

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I’m not sure if you received this e-mail, so I thought I’d forward it
to you to put on the Lex. I hope you two enjoyed the movie as much as
I did.


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To all of our wonderful, loyal and fantastic fans –

Thank you from the entire cast & crew for your amazing support of
Twilight. You’ve blown away all of our expectations, and we feel so
honored to have made a film that means as much to you as it does to

Without your passion, interaction and support, this film would not
be where it is today — the #1 movie in America!

From every city, every stop, every interview we have done, you’ve
made this an unbelievable, nearly surreal experience…and so cool
that we were all in this together.

We just heard from Summit that we’ll be moving forward on New Moon.
We look forward to sharing this next chapter with you!

Kristen & Rob

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