Poll: When did you first read the Twilight books?

twilight-booksWe were contacted by a representative of Read Magazine to conduct a poll of Twilight fans about how the Twilight films have encouraged them to read the Twilight books.  We thought it sounded like an interesting poll to conduct, especially since we are approaching the final film in the series.  So please take a moment to participate in the poll below and let us know when you read the Twilight books.  Did you read them before you ever saw the films?  Did you read them after you became interested in the films?  Or are you one of the few who has never read the books at all?  


  1. I discovered them in April of 2008, right after listening to the Mugglenet podcast where they suggested the books for people with Post-Potter Depression. I read the first book in one day and then bought New Moon and Eclipse the day after. I didn’t even know they were making a movie until I had read all three books about a dozen times each (and then bought the books on CD so I could listen to them in the car).

  2. I read them pretty early on. I borrowed them from a friend that told me they were not dark and scary, but a wonderful love story! Wow, was she right!!! At the time I had a 3 year old and a new baby, and I read Twilight in about a day and a half. I raced over to my friends house to borrow New Moon and read that one in a day! Then I had to wait for Eclipse to be released, and that was TRUE torture. I read Eclipse in a day, and once again had to wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. Then a couple of years went by, and that same friend that loaned me the books, told me about a movie being made. I couldn’t imagine it being any good, but went to see it with my sister. Since the first time I saw Twilight, me and my sister have been TWIHARDS! I paid to see Twilight 18 times in the movie theater, and loved it like it was new each time. Crazy Cullens, who could have guessed! My sister and I make a weekend event out of each movie opening. We stay at a hotel, and watch the new movie starting at midnight and go 6-8 times in 3 days. LOVE IT!! Bring on the Breaking Dawn 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. my sister tried to convince me to read twilight for several months, but i’m “not a reader,” so it wasn’t a priority. besides, i was hearing here and there about how people were going crazy over it and that was a bit of a turn off too. well, finally i was killing some time so i snagged a paperback at walmart for $7. i was shocked that i couldn’t put it down! i was floored when i heard immediately after that there was a movie coming out. i remember watching the trailer for twilight and FREAKING out (in my head anyway…not so much out loud. at least not while my husband was home). it looked incredible! and lucky for me, the movie was coming out in 4 weeks. so i guess that put my read time around september 2008. fun memories!

  4. I decided to give the books a shot,since Breaking Dawn was about to be released. I read Twilight in the spring of ’08 was immediately hooked to the story. I loved it all the way through and it’s one series that I’ve read so far that makes me want to re-read all of the cool moments in the books again and again. Thank you Stephenie Meyer for having this fantastic dream,for we would not have this great series if youi didn’t. Can’t wait to see BD part 2 Novemeber 16th.

  5. I first saw Twilight back in September 2010. I had it recorded into my Sky(cable) Box to watch when I had free time and it took about 3 months to finally get round to watching it. I loved the film so thought it was about time I read the books though it wasn’t until December 2010 that I started reading them after seeing New Moon. I read Eclipse and Breaking dawn before the Eclipse DVD was released in the U.K in December 2010(my Christmas present) so I then noticed how slightly different the films are to the books. I in fact got all the books just before Christmas and read the 4 books back to back in less than 3 days,I just couldn’t put them down. I finally got my Mum(51) to read them after nagging her and she now understands why I said she needed to read them as the films are different though she prefers the films..now she knows how different B.D Part 2 is going to be from the book so she won’t be sitting in the cinema like I used to do to her saving “That doesn’t happen in the book”.. I think I love the books more but then there are parts of the films I love that don’t quite happen the way they do in the book. I wish I’d listened to a friend who recommended them to me back in early 2009. I re-read B.D every couple of months as its my favourite and re-read all 4 maybe 2-3 times a year. :)

  6. Borrowed all 4 books from my 32 year old daughter [she kept telling me I'd love them-I was all-"I'm not into Vampires"]. Couldn’t put them down [I LOVE Stephenie Myers descriptives !!!!]. Read them in 5 days [couldn't sleep or eat-husband had to fend for himself]. This was just before Eclipse [the Movie] was released [didn't even know there were Movies about the books made !!!]. Kristen n Taylor came to Sydney [Australia] to promote Eclipse, which was promoted with a viewing of New Moon n Eclipse in one session-really liked them [still haven't seen TWI. on the big screen unfortunately]. Went to Midnight session of BD1 with Hubby in tow [we weren't the oldest ones there] already bought our tickets for BD2 [went on sale here a couple of weeks ago]. Along with Fifty Shades my Twi books are on a reading loop …. Team Jacob here-Book n Movie. Of course the DVD’s get a work out too-especially Rob n Kristen’s commentaries.

  7. Dazzled eyes says:

    I read the series during the summer of 2008 before the first movie came out. I heard it rec’d on a Harry Potter podcast.

  8. Lizette Cullen says:

    I saw the movie then 2 weeks later got the books and finished them in another 2 weeks. I was like 12 or 13 at the time. then it got me like super obsessed and I’ve read each book 30-32 times since then. very depressed about part 2 coming so soon but very happy rob and kris r back together

  9. I saw the movie then 2 weeks later got the books and finished them in another 2 weeks. I was like 12 or 13 at the time. then it got me like super obsessed and I’ve read each book 30-32 times since then.

  10. I saw the movie then 2 weeks later got the books. I was like 12 or 13 at the time. then it got me like super obsessed and I’ve read each book 30-32 times since then.

  11. I saw the movie,2 weeks later got the books. I was like 12 or 13 at the time. then it got me like super obsessed & I’ve read each book 30-32 times since then.

  12. I bought Twilight a few days after it came out and I have been an addict ever since.

  13. I started reading the books the day Twilight was released on DVD. I watched it at my friends house while helping her pack. I was going through a horrible divorce and needed a distraction so she recommended the books..it was a great escape from reality..fell in love with the characters

  14. September 2010, I saw the Twilight movie first on tv after a co-worker kept telling me how good the movies and books were. After that I borrowed New Moon DVD from the library. By the time Eclipse came out on DVD that November, I had read all 4 books within a month. I’ve watched the movies countless times, read Midnight Sun a few times, and have the boxed set of books including Bree Tanner. I can’t wait for BD part 2 and might even go to the midnight showing to enjoy it with all the other devotees. Although it will be bittersweet knowing this is the last movie…

  15. I started reading Twilight after seeing the movie on dvd…here’s my story…I watched, heard, seen coverage on media, posters and the hype about the Twilight movie but I was never curious enough to find out what this story is about until one of my co-workers asked me if I had seen the movie and honestly I told her I no and not interested but then she asked me if I know what the story is about because this movie is from a book and it’s a series…then she gave me a brief description of Twilight and told me to check out the movie and if it changes my mind then try reading the book…Well let me tell you, one evening me and my husband were looking for a movie on our cable on-line selection and what do you know, Twilight was one of the options so I asked my husband if he’ll watch it with me and he said sure why not let’s find out what all the hype is about…Well, from that night forward my curiosity has been zapped because I loved the movie and when I went back to work the next day, I seeked out my co-worker that suggested it to me and she told me that her teenage son has the books and she could asked him if he could loan it to me…and ever since then, I was hooked to the books and bought my own and went to see all the movies and lucky for me my teenage daughter loves Twilight like me and we share this excitement, joy & fandom as well…my husband and two older boys laughs at me & my daughter about how hooked we are over Twilight movies and books but when it came down to a family time at the movies (usually around when Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn Pt 1 is release) they watched along with us, LOL…with rolling eyes of course…The End…now just anxiously awaiting BDP2 and will be taking the WHOLE family to watch it because well dang it! it’s the last movie :( TWILIGHT SAGA FOREVER IN HISTORY!

  16. Read Twilight back when it first came out in 2005 or 2006. Also, made a guess that Robert Pattinson should be Edward when they were casting that part. But then said Edward doesn’t have an English accent and it sucked because I wanted Edward with an English accent. I was surprised when they picked Robert. I am not lying.

  17. I thought the trailer for Twilight looked interested, so I went to see it just before New Years. At the theatre I heard some girls talking about the books, which I hadn’t known about. Part way through the movie I decided (after I stopped laughing at the glittering vampire) that I liked it. I knew at that point I should read the books because, of course, they would be better. I got home from the bookstore after the movie and didn’t sleep for 2 days as I read all that were out cover to cover.

  18. Wasn’t interested in a vampire love story but I gave it a chance since my sisters loved it and I haven’t looked back after that ! I absolutely adore this series and it’s brought me into other great series.

  19. I think a better question would have been ‘How many movies did you see before you read the books?’ I saw Twilight on video then read all the books within the week. I had my friends hooked after watching New Moon or Eclipse. 59 days baby!!!

  20. Valerie Antonovich says:

    OH MY!! I 1st saw Twilight on tv in 2009. I remember that well ‘cos I had a flu,pneumonia,and my 1st heart attack that same day. I thought I was going to die with my last memories of Edward. I would have had a nice death for sure.
    I am 57 y/o 3years later, and I haven’t had book or movie that compared the feelings i felt for the Twilight Saga. I read each book at least 7 times each,not to mention how many times I’ve seen the movies. I have 3 copies of each movie. My family thinks I’m crazy. I collect all memorabilia , I have Bella’s ring,etc. I am a true TWIHARD. And I am a true Robsten fan, as well. I think that stuff is all over with,too. They are like my kids to me, and my own teen . I feel bittersweet about the last BD2. But I’ll always have the books and the DVDs.,and other Twihards and all the other websites that will keep the saga alive. So all of you TWIHARDS have fun with the time we have left.
    I’m just so happy to see the cast doing other projects, so it’s easy for me to keep track of them.

    Love to all

  21. Early 2008 customer told me I had to read Twilight.
    Question, what is it about? Answer, Vampires. My reply, I am really not into Vampires. Her reply, trust me.
    She had purchased several books and loaned them to friends to read.
    I read Twilight and that was the start…….saw the movie upon release(several times).
    I have all of the books in paperback,hardcover and audio books(for my road trips), all DVD’s.
    I have been to all of the movies, several times.
    I follow several Blogs.
    My best friend and I made a road trip to Forks.
    I have loaned my books,audio books and DVD’s to people to promote these special stories by Stephenie Meyer.
    I have a group of friends 40,30 years younger than I am who enjoy this series. We go to each of the movie releases
    together. Age does not matter when you have something in common.
    I do have a life outside of the Twilight series. The Twilight series just enhances my life.
    I am a Grandmother of 5(soon to be 6).
    I am 68 years of age.

  22. I read Twilight before Eclipse (the book) came out. When it was still only two books. Then I died waiting for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to come out.

  23. Ihad been seeing ht ebooks around borders for a while but ignored them because I never liked vampires. In 2008 I went through a lot of trauma and was in and out of the hospital for 5 months. One day online, I saw Rob was in a movie called Twilight and remembered that it is a book. I liked him in Harry Potter a lot and decided to see the movie. I like to read the books first however so I got my best friend to take me to Borders and picked up Twilight then I put it down and decided to look for something more my taste. I kept going back to Twilight and finally said alright you win I will buy you. She pointed out how much I hate vampires but I said I had to support Rob so I was going to read at least the 1st book, Breaking Dawn had come out the day before, so I bought Twilight and stayed up all night reading it. The next day I ran to the store for new Moon and again stayed up all night reading. My mom was sick the next day and asked me to watch my newphews for her. I said sure only if I get paid. My payment was Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I read all 4 books in 5 days. I was beyond hooked and so excited for the movie and as everyone else says the rest is history :D

  24. I read them in 2010. Twilight had already been released and I read the book, then had to see the movie. Next, I read NM, then saw NM as it was finishing up in theaters. Then I finished reading the series, and saw both movies as they came out at midnight premiers. I read all 4 books in just under 2 months while working full time, running and household and raising two small children.

  25. I was still in college and working at a bookstore when Breaking Dawn was published, and I had never heard of Twilight at all. We had a big midnight release for the book. I asked some girl what the books were about and when she said “vampires and werewolves” I LITERALLY said to her “Who the **** would read that?!” LOL! Such an awesome memory. I was so sadly ignorant…Twilight changed my life for the better.

  26. I read the twilight book back in October 2008.
    My reading teacher in my freshman year of high school told us about it. Out of all the students, I was the only one that went to Barnes and Nobles to purchase it. A few weeks later, when I was starting New Moon, I saw an Asian girl reading twilight at Lunch. And since then, my Asian friend started reading it, then she said “theirs going to be a movie!” A few weeks later after that, the trailer came out. And by December/Jan 2008-09 I had already finished breaking dawn. I remember all of this because my boyfriend then, broke up with me. And my reading teacher new about us, so she told me to get my kind occupied on something else. And that’s when I went to Barnes and Noble. After I got done with Breaking Dawn, my ex asked me out again. So yeah :)

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