Poll: When did you first read the Twilight books?

twilight-booksWe were contacted by a representative of Read Magazine to conduct a poll of Twilight fans about how the Twilight films have encouraged them to read the Twilight books.  We thought it sounded like an interesting poll to conduct, especially since we are approaching the final film in the series.  So please take a moment to participate in the poll below and let us know when you read the Twilight books.  Did you read them before you ever saw the films?  Did you read them after you became interested in the films?  Or are you one of the few who has never read the books at all?  


  1. I had seen the Twilight movie and didn’t like it. Then, a friend of mine convinced me I would like the books, so I gave them a shot and LOVED them. So, I answered that I read the books before seeing the films because I NEVER would have watched the rest of the movies if I hadn’t read the books.

  2. I read them, I love them and they’ve brightened some dreary days for me. Twilight is an iconic part of my life.

  3. Read it way before the movies came out. Well, not really. I read the book before Eclips came out in book form. P

    • Me too. Turns out we do exist, because the books really took off before Eclipse (book) but it didn’t become HUGE until after the movies.

  4. I read it after I saw the films, because the first time I saw twilIght I was in 3rd gd. And I didn’t know how to talk english, much less read it, and I don’t think an 8 year old will read a 500 pg. book anyway. I the first time I read it was in 5grade. And they have always brightened every day since then.

  5. Read them after seeing the first film. Don’t think they were widely availabe before the films as even after the first film I had to try a few different shops to find new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn.

  6. I saw the 1st Twilight film, then read all the books before seeing the 2nd film in the series. The first movie got me interested in the books, but the books got me interested in the rest of the movies! :-)

  7. I saw the first film, loved it, and had read all the books by the time New Moon came out. To say that I was obsessed is an understatement!

  8. smitten_by_twilight says:

    I was recc’d the books in summer 2010. I decided to see one movie to see if they were worth it, watched Twilight on dvd, and hurried to get all the books!

  9. Olympic coven says:

    Friend at work suggested it on 2008. Wanted to read it before the movie came out. Loved the series and have read them 17 times

    • I was the one in my workplace who got the other girls in the office to read it (strangely also in 2008). I must have loaned my Twilight paperback to six different girls at work. Thankfully most of them bought their own copies before BD came out :D

  10. See for me, I decided I’d read the books for a combination of reasons. Spring of 2008, I was told that I would love them. The arguement I had then was “I don’t know about the whole vampire thing”. My friend counters with “Megan, you LOVE Phantom of the Opera, you’ll LOVE Twilight (OME was she right!). Then I asked another, closer friend about them and she told me they were really great and that I should also read Vampire Academy (I did after I’d finished the Twilight books and it just wasn’t my cup of tea). Finally in November I started seeing the TV spots for the first movie and that was it. I knew I needed to read them. Picked up my first copy at Borders (RIP) and finished the whole series in just under 2 weeks (in the midst of school mind you). Loved them ever since the first page!

  11. I read Twilight books after i watched the first Twilight movie. It was unexpected coz i saw these books to my niece’s room, way back 2006. She was a book fanatic and i had asked her what’s interesting about this book… I didnt’t expect that it was so interesting that it became a Movie hit around the globe. Me and my friends were off duty that time, and have decided to watched movie. We saw this interesting Twilight poster in cinema. I knew that the girl we saw was Ms.Stewart, young and lovely. And her handsome vampire guy, didn’t recognize he was the Cedric guy at Potter era, Mr. Pattinson. It was so interesting that all of us watched and felt excitedly,lovely, awesome story! Since then, i continued to research more about Twilight stories and even much happier that there are 3 more Twilight books. I’ve been a fan of Stephenie Meyer when i saw her official website on net.
    I think this habit of mine will not be change at all. Thanks Twilight! Thanks Stephenie Meyer and thanks to all TwiHards! KEEP IT UP!

  12. I read twilight in 2007. While reading it I liked it so much I started looking for more info online and read they were making a movie. I became a total twihard since that moment. I remember camping out outside of borders for breaking dawn :) aw. I miss those times and I’m gonna miss it even more after breakin dawn part 2 comes out.

  13. I had seen the German books in the shops here in Germany, but I never felt inclined to find out more about them. Then the films came into the cinemas, and several aquaintances gushed about how great the books and the films were.

    So I eventually went to the library to see what this was all about. I got the original English version, of course. And I was hooked. As soon as I had finished the first book, I checked out the second one. Then the third one was not available. While I waited for it, I reread the first two a couple of times. Finally, I just went ahead and bought the complete boxed set and never regretted it, having now read all four books extensively.

    Only then did I actually borrow the DVDs of the films (the three that had already come out them), even though I knew of the films long before I read the books.

  14. I saw the first movie on tv but I didn’t either like or hate it, but the huge media and teenager maddness made me curious to read the books, and I fell in love with them immediately. I couldn’t but the books down. they’re gave some brightness to that dark period of life.

  15. I saw Twilight twice at the movies, then forgot about it until the DVD came out. It wasn’t until I watched the DVD xtras did I learn it was a book. I went & bought the book the next day, I’ve been hooked every since. The movies don’t do it justice at all

  16. I saw Twilight twice at the movies, then forgot about it until the DVD came out. It wasn’t until I watched the DVD xtras did I learn it was a book. I went & bought the book the next day, I’ve been hooked every since.

  17. Aussietwihard says:

    I didnt read until id seen first three movies and didnt want to wait to see BD so I got the last book and then the other three. Also read midnight sun online and read a hanful of fan fics at bellasdiary.com, and then searched for more fanfics …there r so many…very obsessed.but dont attend midnight viewings orhave heaps of memorobilia just a bday card that has edward saying id never forget ur bday and it opens and has its like I can reas minds or something!! Lol and it plays debussy tune I think.

    59 days til movie here.

  18. I started reading the Twilight books in May of 2008. I was threatened into reading by a friend of mine, who SO could be Leah… (I’ve got the claw marks to prove it). I loved the books, and then went with her to the Breaking Dawn release party, where I was immediately abandoned, and left to my own devices… Needless to say, it was awkward. :P

  19. I didn’t know they were books till BD part 1 came out then I relised they were books

  20. I read all four novels in about a week just prior to the release of Twilight (the film) in November of 2008. I had heard about them leading up to the release of the novel Breaking Dawn in August of 2008 but was resistant for a number of reasons. But, I happened to stop into a Borders on the night of the release. I witnessed a serious throw down between four women who were my age (mid thirties) and thought that something that inspired that kind of passion coudln’t be all bad. So, I purchased Twilight and NM that evening, but could not read them until after work slowed down in November. As soon as I picked them up, I could not stop, and I mean that literally. As I read, I got more and more excited about the release of the film.

  21. Read well before the movie..
    I am Grandma age, have been Vampire crazy since teen years..
    Love the whole series of books & love the movies..am looking forward to last of the series!

  22. I read the books shortly after my mother died. I heard about the movie, and I refused to see it because I didn’t want to see a love story. However once I read the books, I read them all in 2 days, I was so intrigued I had to see the movies. I have been a fan ever since, and the books will always hold a special place in my heart.

  23. I started reading Twilight in January 2008 while I was watching a football game. I had the other 2 books read in the same week, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Twilight was what got me interested in reading, and I will never forget the fun I’ve had with them. Going to midnight releases/showings, reading fanfiction, and sharing my love for a book with the help of online forums is something I never thought I’d have the chance to do. Stephenie changed my life, simple as that.

  24. I saw Stephenie Meyer on Good Morning America promoting Eclipse. Diane Sawyer was calling the series “the next Harry Potter”. Since the last Harry Potter book had come out only about a month before, I picked up the books the next time I went to B&N and read all three over the next week (I was working full-time then). The following week, I had a three day weekend and reread Twilight on Friday, New Moon on Saturday, and Eclipse on Sunday. Since then, I have reread the series several times. FYI, I’m in my late 50′s and neither of my daughters is a Twilight fan.

  25. I read the books after I sat through the Twilight panel at Comic Con just before the first film was coming out and couldn’t figure out what this was all about and what am I setting through? I told a friend what I did and she was telling me I was missing out and told me she was looking into getting me the first book. I asked if there was more books and she just laghted at me and said yes there is. So she went to ebay and bought me the first book and sent it to me and made me read it. The rest is histroy.

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