Final Breaking Dawn Trailer at the VMAs

Here it is! The final trailer for Breaking Dawn. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

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  1. Fiona Cullen says:

    “This video is not available from your location.” NOO

    The final trailer for the final movie, I can’t believe it is all coming to an end. :(

  2. Thank you for posting this! Bill Condon is God!


  4. I’m sorry but the special affects look so unbelievably bad; seriously, this is the worst I’ve ever seen them (the effects) onscreen in the entire saga. I love that they added this epic fight scene at the end, but the effects in it look soooo fake. I really hope they clean that up more before the movie hits theaters.

    • I totally agree! :-(

      • especially the very last stunt with bella and edward…yeah…either that was really bad choreography or it’s not the final version…I’m really hoping it’s not the final version. Breaking Dawn Part I’s special effects were so good, I will be very sad if this is all the better they can do

    • I agree as well and I hope these are just rough cuts and it will get better. Disappointing!

    • I agreed. The wolves still look so fake. Bella attacking the mountain lion looks fake. Edward swinging Bella had me laughing so hard and i dont think they meant for that to be funny. I hope they clean this up because this is really bad.

  5. OMG!!!! Totally agree Marie….Condon has done outstanding job!!!!! Can’t wait till November!!!

    • Yeah… With all the Cgi out there I can’t believe how fake the stuff still looks. So insttead of going ohhj and ahhh I’m goggling because it looks fake and silly.

  6. Even though several clips we’ve seen before, to see it all together like this is VERY exciting. Yes, it’s going to be different from book, but suddenly I don’t care. When Edward grabs Bella and tosses her – whoa. Is it November yet????!!!! BILL CONDON for President! :)

  7. Several clips have already been shown before, so it wasn’t as “epic” a trailer as I expected, however, the other parts that we haven’t seen yet looked good.

  8. The best part of that was when Renesmee on jacob’s (wolf) back with her little backpack while a volturi member is chasing her omg! that was so crazy I don’t know why that like touched me. Ugh 70 more days… 10 more weeks…. please come faster!!!!!


  10. wow are they going to have a full out vampire and werewolf v.s volturi war this is going to be awsome kill the volturi

  11. Woot! Woot! I also loved where Edward swung Bella around to literally kick some Volturi…

  12. SOOOOOOO dissapointed!!!!! THEY DO NOT FIGHT! It will most likely going to be an ahhmazing fight but still the point of the lack of the fight at the end of the book was to show how humble the Cullens are.

    • I totally agree!! I am disappointed that they didnt stick more to the book. Even in part 1 they could have added more from the book.

    • I absolutely agree. I don’t mind a battle, but an all out war is not what the Cullen’s stood for. They better at least show part of Bella’s shielding skills. They are such an essential part of who Bella is, to leave that out would be awful.

    • I kind of agree with you. It makes me sad that they didn’ stick with the book. However, I believe that a movie is another kind of media. If it ended the same way the book did… it would be a bit odd, wouldn’t it? It would be kind of anticlimax if they just chat and the Volturi left peacefully.

    • Riverfaerie says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Very disappointed with the obviously altered plot and ending. The book was much more of a beautiful and just win over the Volturi’s injust tactics.

  13. Ergh anybody have a version that’s available in my country?!

  14. That was freaking awesome!!! Is it November yet?! Edward swinging Bella around to kick the Volturi’s ass was the best part.

  15. That trailer was awesome!!! I love the end where Edward picks Bella up and swings her around. The mountain lion scene is pretty cool also

  16. I don’t know…there hasn’t been even one hint of or glimpse of Bella’s powers throughout all these trailers. I have a bad feeling they’re going to edit all that out to make room for a fight that never even occurred…these movies are supposed to be adaptations of the books and Bella’s powers are (I would argue) an integral part of the 4th book, and in fact are the entire reason the fight did NOT occur. I’m surprised no one’s mentioned it yet…do we really want to see one of the major plot points/themes of the 4th book edited out for a made up fight scene? Bah.

    • Just gonna throw this out there…if they did cut her powers out…it’s a little late to complain now. I know it’s sad, but we might as well enjoy what they have to offer us…powers or no powers

    • Wasn’t there an interview posted here back a while which mentions there is a part of the movie where Bella pulls back her shield for Edward to see her mind???? So hopefully some element is there. I agree: a major part of book IV. Fingers crossed!

  17. Oh god I love the ending !!!!!
    Ahhhhhhhhhh! I CANT STOP SCREAMING !!!
    Ahhhhhh. Oh god!

  18. I have a feeling and read a rumor somewhere far back that the battle might just be part of Alice’s vision.

    • I hope so…I mean, it looks bad ass from a film’s perspective but as far as being true to the book…it is definitely NOT. But I did here in an interview from EW that the last half of the film goes in a completely different direction from the book, and the ending isn’t even the same as the novel…

    • I’m also wondering if it could be a nightmare on Bella’s part. Not that she sleeps anymore, but her imagining the “what if’s”. You know kind of like the bloody wedding scene.

    • It can’t be an Alice vision because of the wolves being there. Possible it is someone’s nightmare. Glad that there are others that don’t like the idea of battle.

      • i was about to comment the same as no one but u seems to have commented on the fact Alice cant c the wolves or renesmee so the scenes cant be her vision… which saddens me as i dont want them to change it from the book but it also makes me want it to be November even more to see how much they have changed it.

  19. They are completely changing the whole end! It shows Jacob actually running away with Renesmee! And what the heck is that whole fight scene. It is one thing to alter things so they translate better on film, but completely changing the story is NOT okay. Hollywood had ruined this whole series, I will probably still go see it but it just makes me angry to see something so destroyed by directors who have no respect for the original story.

    • I agree Nikki. Without Bella’s shield powers it doesn’t make sense that Edward can’t read her mind and that Jane can’t hurt her. I doubt anyone who hasn’t read the books would notice, but it’s just a matter of logical continuity…plus just disappointing. I’m going to go see it as well but this combined with R&K’s breakup, lol, attendance is probably going to be way down.

  20. So sad that they went for an actual battle. I am very disappointed. It ruins it. I definitely will not be going to the trouble of seeing it at midnight showing. Sad for the last movie to be so different from book. Sad.

  21. Can’t be viewed in my country? Nooooooooooooo!

  22. Guys in one of clevvertv videos, they said that would have a vision about the battle, they even said that some of the characters would die I think they mentioned Edward, Bella, Carilise, Aro, and someone else I dont know. Maybe it isn’t true but maybe it will be in the movie? Who knows, I just hope that they actually fight and if they do then I hope that it’s VERY short.

  23. Here it is. It’s from a very long time ago though. I hope this is true.

  24. It all looks very dramatic, and the end scene looks like they’ve gone all out. It does worry me how far they’ll go. There’s a scene of Renesmee on Jacob’s back and they’re running away. A vision? Unlikely, because Alice couldn’t see Jacob. So how far are they going to go with that? Are they planning to corner them and herd them back into the field? How will the fight stop? How far can it get with no one getting killed? Lots of questions. I guess I’ll have to wait until November before they’re answered.

    • Good point on the Jacob/Nessie comment. That has to be “real life.” No matter what happens, I think Bill Condon knows how to walk to the line between the fandom and the rest of the universe. He’ll do us proud.

  25. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    AWESOME!! I’m so stoked right now!! :D

  26. Loved the last scene where Edward swings Bella! Awesome!

  27. I’ve done a fan reaction video to the trailer, if anyone’s interested in seeing. It’s here:

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