The Breaking Dawn 2 Full Teaser What Did You Think

Granted it is just a teaser. It’s hard to really accomplish anything other than your branding and release date in under 30 seconds, but what did you think? Anyone else think the deer thing was a sort of homage to the beginning of the original Twilight movie? Plus is it just me or is the blue dress almost the exact same shade as Bella’s prom dress?

Also, since many of you saw the teaser last night at the Hunger Games, and from our experience most Twilight fans are in addition Hunger Games fans (or at the very least neutral to the idea of the series) what did you think of the movie? *Obviously spoilers in the comments, so don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know!*


  1. Enjoyed THG, thought it was pretty well adapted, As with Twilight, it is impossible to convey the full depth of the storyline in a 2 hour movie, but all in all, well-done. I was thrilled to see the (very, very, very) brief teaser. The audience was “eh”, but whatever. Can hardly wait for next November!! One thing about THG: decent soundtrack…too bad they didn’t put the music in the actual movie. Weird. Seems like they are borrowing the idea of a good compilation CD from Twilight, but not really using the music in the film (where it could have been used very effectively).

  2. Lynne Stringer says:

    It’s very short, but I still enjoyed it, although I hope we get another teaser before the full trailer. Seeing as it’s only March I think it’s possible.

    I have done a fan reaction video to the trailer if anyone’s interested. I’ll post it separately from this so it can be removed if the moderators don’t want videos here.

  3. Lynne Stringer says:

    This is the link to my fan reaction video if anyone is interested.

  4. I really liked the teaser and I can’t wait for more :) As far as THG is concerned I loved the stuff in the arena, thought the build up was good but there could have been more, kinda thought they bombed on the costumes. I think it is maybe because they were so well described in the book and it is just too hard to make them just right

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