What Twilight Items Do You Covet?

MTVs Hollywood Crush is having a little fun this morning by asking fans what they covet most from the Twilight Saga franchise.  With the announcement that a replica of Bella’s wedding dress will go on sale soon, MTV names four more things they would like to have.  The items they name might be on your list as well.  They would like to have the dirt bike from New Moon, Bella’s engagement ring from Eclipse, and the chess set from Breaking Dawn.  Consider that the bikes in New Moon could be bought or replicated, Infinite Jewelry  has been selling a diamond version of Bella’s ring for years while NECA sells a costume version of the film ring, and red and white chess sets have been available since possibly the dark ages, it isn’t unimaginable to find the first three things on their list.  It’s the 4th item on MTVs list that is the real unattainable item.  Edward Cullen.

Not a poster of Edward Cullen. Not an action figure of Edward Cullen. Not a screen-printed, person-sized, strategically-stuffed-to-look-like-a-human-dude body pillow with Edward Cullen’s face on it. We want the real, actual Edward Cullen, and we want him now. NAME YOUR PRICE, “TWILIGHT.”

I think most fans can agree with that statement!  Unless you’re Team Jacob and then you want a real Jacob Black!  So let’s hear it from you – what do you covet?  If you could have anything mentioned in the books or seen in the films OTHER than what MTV has named, what would it be?


  1. if i had the money i’d want a replica version of the cullen house, cos that is one nice arse house, oh and clothes like alice wears (in all the films) cos they lovely :-)

  2. Victoria’s jacket from New Moon…. Can’t find it anywhere.

  3. Hayley Smith says:

    I want Bella’s bed spread the purple one, to snuggle up with my girlfriend in :)

  4. I would take Bella’s truck. And the cottage.

  5. I want my very own Isle Esme.

  6. Gigi Cullen says:

    From the book, I’d love to have Edwards Aston Martin( I’ve loved that car since I got my license & thats was along time ago), Alices wardrobe and definitely the cottage. From the movie, the Cullen house and the land its on, what a view I would have. And finally from both book and movie, the Cullen money, who wouldn’t want that kind of money. Oh the things I could do and places I could go.

  7. Edward and Bella’s Cottage!!

  8. Um, Edward’s clone? I’d like him for a playmate :)

  9. Bella’s wedding ring! Edward(I want him or I want to find my own Edward:)) I also would love to have Bella and Edward’s cottage!

  10. Well besides the obvious, Edward, the ring and Isle Esme, I would LOVE for Edward to make eggs for ME in the morning!

  11. I’d like the cross that Carlisle father carved.

  12. Well besides Edward or carlisle I would have to have Bella’s truck, Edwards piano and music collection oh and Alice’s wardrobe :-)

  13. Well, I have Bella’s backpack from the films. It would be awesome to have my very own Edward, but it would be even more awesome to have in-laws like the Cullens.

  14. I have Bella’s bedspread :) and I have Bella’s bracelet with both charms from Edward and Jacob on them. I want that chess set from Breaking Dawn, the clothes Alice wears( because they are awesome), and if I ever had enough money, the car Alice stole in New Moon the movie( Porshe 911 torbo lxt915 convertable), and the replica of the cullen house. Oh and That mercadies Guardian Bella gets as a ‘before’ gift in Breaking dawn and of course Isle Esme(staff included)

  15. I want it all

  16. Edwards volvo and him driving it:)

  17. Pat Rutkowski says:

    I would like Edward’s wrist cuff with the Cullen crest on it.
    I would also like the stone cottage (but only if Edward would cross the river and come to visit me there).

  18. i would like d cullen house alice’s jwellery n la push wid d medow!!:)

  19. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    I would like Carlisle’s Mercedes S55 AMG for special occasions (I once saw one parked at the mall and that car is SSWWWWEEETTT!!). And, I’d like Edward’s shiny Volvo for everyday. I wouldn’t mind the kids in that. :-)

  20. Mary Masen says:

    Alice, Esme, Rosalie and Bella’s clothes, the contacts the used on set, Edward’s Volvo-s, the Cullen’s house -these last two should be out in mass production ;-). And the cottage, the Isle Esme or just its house…
    I actually want Summit to build a park like the Harry Potter themed park (that’s in Orlando I think), where they have the actual sets and props and it’s like another world!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)
    I would absolutely love that!! No wait, I’d permanently MOVE there! :-) :-) :-)

  21. Carlisle’s lab coat. (:

  22. I would love Alice’s car and Carlisle’s father’s wooden cross.

  23. hands down, Jacob is the one thing I covet most. He’s always warm which is great seeming as I’m always cold. He’s the best friend a girl could ask for, and is always there when Bella needs him. He would die for her, which is a lot more selfless than most people ever dream of being. Not to mention he likes sports and is frickin’ hot! :)

  24. That Isle Esme bed–feather pillows and all.

  25. I don’t want Edward. He isn’t real. I want the man who PLAYS Edward!! Robert Pattinson!!!

  26. I loved Bella’s brown purse with the blue feather from the first movie so much, hunted it down and ordered it for myself.

    Best weekend purse.

  27. Lynne Stringer says:

    I’d love one of Edward’s wrist bands.

  28. I want the mittens Bella wore in the first film, along with the blue dress she wore to prom. But what I really really covet would be the immortality :)


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