Sneak Peak at Breaking Dawn Part 1 Teaser: Can We Say Wedding?




I’m not sure, but I think Bill Condon is the minister and Stephenie Meyer, Wyck Godfrey, and Melissa Rosenberg are among the wedding guests in the second to last row left side.

Edited: I just received confirmation. It is Stephenie Meyer, Wyck Godfrey, and Melissa Rosenberg sitting in the second to last row right in front of Booboo Stewart.


  1. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!!!! I cannot wait!! Aaaahhhhh

  2. rhiannon says:

    that was so beautiful!! i felt like i was intruding on a personal moment!!

  3. I hate that you can’t see it outside of the USA!!!

  4. AH! The wedding! I can’t wait to see the whole teaser trailer. November needs to hurry up. :D

  5. This looks beautiful! Is that Stephanie Meyer on the brides side in the pink sweater during the wedding scene (about 2 seconds in)?

  6. I think the wedding looks BEAUTIFUL !

  7. anyone have a youtube link? I can’t see this one :(

  8. Fangirl SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. OMG OMG I am out of the states and i can just watch it.
    I want more! I love the tux edward is wearing! and the hair pin! But what looks a bit off is the piece of dress that is visible, in my eyes it looks like a space jumpsuit? Get me? A thight one! LOL :P

  10. I think that’s Stephanie, Wyck and maybe Melissa R? from right to left.

  11. Here’s for non US citizens to watch:


    • Omg!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for posting the link for outside USA to view. Ahhhhhhhh! Tease isn’t the word. Torture more like it!!!!

  12. Karen G says:

    Ok, was that a real preview or fake? Why was the wedding outside? Not in the Cullen home like in the book? I was really looking forward to the wedding like THE BOOK.

    • This is real. From cast interviews & other stuff I’ve seen online, it sounded to me like they changed the wedding from inside the Cullen home to outside.

    • ChrissyB says:

      The wedding was outside in the book…

      • Karen G says:

        The book mentions the flowers and ribbons hanging in the “room”, Bella coming down a “staircase”, smelling flowers from the “hall”. I think the wedding was in the house. But the reception was outside.

      • It was inside. remember the beging of the chapter of the reception hoth it “flowed smothly’ from indoors to outiside.

      • No Chrissy, the wedding was inside and the reception was outside.

    • I agree in the book the wedding was inside the house the reseption was outside. It does look beautiful but just another example of how the keep changing the movie from the book.

      • McKee21 says:

        I was saying the same exact thing and saw that you had posted what I had thought. The wedding in the book is inside, reception inside and outside. Again, changing from the book to the movie. It looks beautiful, but changed all the same. (hate when when they do that)

      • smitten_by_twilight says:

        I swear my heartbeat doubled!

        I had been looking forward to the wedding in the house … but I kind of like it in the woods, the whole primeval place where nothing has changed for centuries. It’s beautiful. Rob and Peter look FABULOUS! I’m truly dying to see more, but I hope this is all I get til November, cause the suspense is really fun.

    • Twi Love says:

      Outdoor wedding? In Forks? Bwa ha ha ha!

      I’m super excited for the movie and can hardly stand the wait until November!

      • Since, the wedding was planned by Alice, I’m pretty sure they had a no-rain guarantee.

        • OshDanLautner says:

          But since Seth was going to be there, and also Jake (as we later find out), wouldn’t most of the wedding have “disappeared” for her? ;)

          • Lynne Stringer says:

            She should have still been able to see the weather around the werewolves!

  13. Bastards, not fair. if you’re not in the us you can’t watch it!!!!

  14. Holy crap!!! Though I admit I was hoping we wouldn’t see too much of the wedding yet. They had better not show more than that of Bella. I want to wait to see that when I see the movie in the theater.

    • I love how much they showed, especially the clip with the sapphires. Gave us readers something special!!!

  15. fdsafdsafs says:

    Ahhh so this is where the Twilight deluded clowns come to gather. The only good thing about this is that it’s almost OVER! Why directors agree to helm such garbage is beyond me. By doing so they pretty much guarantee a razzy.
    You people are ridiculous immature fans who unjustly promote garbage.

    • Thanks for sparing a minute from under your rock to enlighten us. Have a nice day!

    • fdsafdsafs?? I’m wondering… what are you doing here, posting some blabbering on a FANSITE??? huh?? huh?? Jeez!!

    • AliceKikiCullen says:

      More immature is a person who is totally bitter and likes ruining other people’s fun. I pity you. You can’t ruin this for us and you’re just jealous because we have something to love. Too bad for you.

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      fdsafdsafs, why don’t you leave us alone and go watch Transformers 2 again?

      • Lynne Stringer says:

        Don’t you just love trolls?

      • Lynne Stringer says:

        Many, many thanks to the lovely people who uploaded this so those of us outside the US could see it! It’s gorgeous! Edward looks sooooo dashing! There’s more of the wedding than I would have expected this early!!!!! EEEEEEEEEK!

  16. Zobella says:

    Thank you for posting a UK friendly version :D think that made my evening!!

  17. This looks SPECTACULAR! I love the altar!

  18. Holy crow, I’m tearing up!

  19. OH I am getting so excited.. Cant wait will set the tivo right away… YEAAAAA!

  20. can i get pregnant from this?!/?!

  21. MeyaRose says:

    Awww… Rob is so cute as a groom Edward!

  22. i just died a lil inside AMAZING

  23. just joan says:

    That gave me goosebumps. Honest to god shiver down my spine goosebumps! And the cameos?!?! BLISS!

  24. AliceKikiCullen says:

    *still freaking out* OMEOMEOMEOME!!! Man, that man looks soooo awesome in a tux (Rob of course lol). I cannot wait!! I kinda really hope they don’t show her dress just maybe bella’s face. I wanna see that in the theater too. The beginning of the end!! :S

  25. switzy4ever14 says:

    who is up front with carlisle and esme? the denalis? i can’t figure it out.

  26. roseanne says:

    i just died, i just died…i just i just DIEED!!! oh my gooooddddd thAT is FUCKING AMAZINNNNGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. radiowidow says:

    Cue up the Pointer Sisters: “I’m So Excited!” (Yes, I’m giving away my age, oh well…)

    • I was six years old when the Pointer Sisters made that so. So you’re not the only one. My jaw went through the floor last night when I saw the little snippet they gave us. Some people have the nerve to say Twilight is loosing it’s steam?! This little clip alone sent the fandom into a frenzy and now we really can’t wait for Sunday night to get here. Plus Rob,Kristen and Taylor have been confirmed to present the clip. So it’s going to be one big party for the Twilight universe and I can’t wait!!!

  28. ahhhh!!! must…not… watch… must… wait… for…the…movie!!!

    my will power is going to crack just from reading these comments. And from seeing EDWARD IN A TUX! AHHHH!!!

    • CullenCoven says:

      From seeing all the cullen guys in tuxes (is that how you pluralize it?) You could scream. Gosh its like…. idk. Something really awesome. Twilight. Lol. No, uhh, fill in the blank (I still say Twilight. It it rly awesome).

  29. OMG – I just saw this while I was watching the Real World. I loved it. I screamed! It’s going to be amazing. I love that they only showed Bella’s hair and veil. Oh I can’t wait for Sunday!

  30. Jean Brown says:

    Edward looks gorgeous. I am concern about Bella’s dress. Just that little bit that i saw does not look the way it was describe in the book. They had the wedding inside the Cullens home and now it looks like it is outside. Why cant they stick to the book.

    • Maelina says:

      They can’t stick to the book because it’s way more cinematic and beautiful to have the wedding outside. I think the wedding looks perfect from what we saw in the clip. Still, I hope they won’t show more of it until closer to the movie’s release, I’d hate to see everything before November.

      • CullenCoven says:

        I hope they realize that if they screw this up in ANY way, they will get hunted down and horribly mauled by a bunch of screaming teenage girls with pitchforks and torches. I have my pitchfork ready just in case.

  31. Stay-c D says:

    I am in australia and saw it on another site called ‘bellas diary’ ..but on my laptop . I quite enjoyed it ! Will they show more at the mtv awards? I am hoping for more than tht.. Well i was anyways .. Stil great tho and yeh been reading fanfiction about life afta BD on the site i mentioned above its pretty good too!

  32. Stay-c D says:

    I am in australia and saw it on another site called ‘bellas diary’ ..but on my laptop . I quite enjoyed it ! Will they show more at the mtv awards? I am hoping for more than that Well i was anyways .. Stil great tho and yeh been reading fanfiction about life afta BD on the site i mentioned above its pretty good too!


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