Eclipse: To IMAX or Not To IMAX That is the Question

With apologies to The Bard, is Eclipse in IMAX the way to go? One reviewer from ABC gives the IMAX experience a thumbs down talking about how it magnifies flaws not seen on the smaller screen, and in that regard, ruins a bit of what could be called “movie magic” making it harder to suspend disbelief.

” I couldn’t help but notice that IMAX is very unforgiving. So much of “Eclipse” is close-up shots, meaning that Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson , Taylor Lautner and the rest of the cast had their faces magnified to the point where they were two stories tall. And, uh, it didn’t do such great things for them.

Kristen’s hair was so obviously a wig and it was driving me nuts. Really, would it be so hard to give that thing a part? Then it wouldn’t be so glaring. Ditto for Ashley Greene—can’t they use her real, gorgeous hair rather than that hacked-up wig? Homegirl looks like she cuts her hair herself with pinking shears.

Speaking of the Cullen clan, Edward and crew didn’t look pale; they looked like they had pan makeup congregating in the corners of their mouths. And they didn’t look like their eyes were crazy colors; you could actually see their contact lens lines.”

The admin team had both experiences and we are mixed in our reactions about the IMAX experience.  If you saw it in IMAX, did the story work in that format, why or why not? Also are you a regular IMAX viewer if you saw it in that format?


  1. Jennifer C says:

    I have seen it in both and REALLY liked IMAX better. If nothing else simply for the sound quality. I could care less about “flaws” any of the actors may or may not have. I just love feeling like I am a part of the movie.

  2. I just saw it in IMAX and I have to say I really liked it. There was only maybe one time where I was like “man her wig looks bad”. IMAx just made everything look 10 times better, sharper and clearer. I can understand it would be off putting if you were sitting in the 3rd row but from where i was it was awesome!

  3. Darnell says:

    I totally agree, the close up shots did not agree with the imax

  4. Gennifer says:

    I saw it in IMAX and I must be a truer Twilight fan or something than the writer because I NEVER noticed any of those problems. For me, I was just happy to be in the theatre watching the stories that I love. And I was sitting in the very back, because I can’t handle sitting very much closer than that, it hurts my neck.

  5. Gennifer says:

    Also, it depends on the movie as to whether I see it in IMAX or not.

  6. KSmithGray says:

    I loved Eclipse, but I really disliked my IMAX experience. The shots were so close up and the IMaX screen was so big that I actually had to turn my head in order to see the whole face. When I see it again, it will be in a regular theater. My first time disliking a movie in IMAX!

  7. SpringTxTwiMom says:

    I have seen it in IMAX, XD (extreme digital) and the regular screen. XD was by far my favorite because it was so clear and vivid. Even in IMAX, i felt some of the colors were washed out a bit and the high speed scenes rushed by in a blur. However, the snow scene looked fake even on the regular screen.

    Dear Summit, you put this director on a budget, full knowing you have more than enough money to make this film look real. Mr. Slade needed more time and money to complete this film. Shame on you for limiting his abilities.

    The snow scene was one of the most phony ones I have scene in a while. Seriously. Eclipse is my favorite of all the three but the wigs, make-up, and snow scenes really ticked me off. And by the way, it was on the regular screen, not IMAX or XD, that I noticed Elizabeth’s and Ashley’s stunt doubles. Finally, what about Jacob’s scene when he was rolling on the ground in pain? Um hello? Bad editing again because one second he had shorts on and the next the shorts are “gone.” By no means do I blame Mr. Slade. He was rushed to get this film out. He at least brought some of the cast back to do reshoots because of K’s wig problem but really had not time for anything else. I believe more mistakes could have been corrected if additional time had been allotted.

    Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now. :)

    • christine says:

      I agree with you 100%. I hated that these gaffes were so easily noticed, especially because they had to know what a killer box office revenue the film would bring in. I don’t even know why KS was wearing a wig when there are such good extensions nowadays.

  8. bookworm says:

    I saw it on both and the one thing that kept being in my face was their blood shot eyes. And I don’t mean there RED eyes. I could actually see the veins in their eyes Alice’s and Edwards more so. You could really tell that the contacts where bothering them. And then all the flows on Kirsten’s face at a certain close up scene when she’s in bed. I felt really bad for the eye. But you got way too close up to their faces this time around. On the regular screens all the is gone, you don’t see the flows.

    Good movie. Book is always better.

  9. Alice’s hair is supposed to look like its been hacked-up with pinking shears.

  10. Jules Christenberry says:

    I just saw Eclipse on the IMAX on Saturday and it was fabulous!!! Don’t let anyone’s opinion sway you one way or the other. If you want to see it in IMAX then you should. I noticed none of the flaws mentioned, except for possibly Bella’s wig, but it looks like a wig on the small screen as well. But the picture and sound quality were excellent and well worth the extra dollar we paid to see it in IMAX. We are already planning our next trip to see it again! David Slade, I wish you were directing Breaking Dawn, because you are the director who FINALLY GETS IT!!! What a wonderful job on Eclipse, it was the best of the Saga so far, by miles and miles!

  11. oh my gosh, Danielle, I know right?! they change Jasper’s wig EVERY MOVIE. it drives me nuts! but I digress. I still love Jackson rathbone and all his civil war Texan-ness in eclipse. I saw it in regular at the midnight showing and while, yes I do criticize the flaws, I found the picture quality and color superb. I wanted to see it in IMAX, but now am reconsidering. I don’t want to ruin it for myself :). I would reccomend that you see it in regular first, and if you can handle all the little (or big) flaws, try out the IMAX. I’m probably going to just give in and go to the IMAX myself.

  12. Arcadia says:

    Now we’re blaming this FAILURE of a move on IMAX, Kristen Stewart’s wig and the obvious clown paste makeup that was applied to all Cullen family members (except for RP, who’s good looks compensate for the better makeup job that he obviously demanded (and got).

    Look, after spending hours of reading excellent commentary on TwiLex (and re-playing it in my own mind) blame should be squarely placed on one person — DAVID SLADE. Little things like the wig, the makeup, the tight camera shots make the sum total of this movie a monumental failure, not a misunderstanding. With the MILLIONS of budget dollars that SUMMIT has it all comes down to a wig malfunction. Wow!

    • KSmithGray says:

      I respectfully, and completely, disagree. David Slade is the first of the directors to take the movies and give the fans what we’re looking for. We finally got romance. We finally got action. We finally got a well put together film. We finally got away from the droopy-wrist-cutting mood of the former two. This film is only time we’ve seen Jacob as anything more than a little onlooker. David Slade has got it. Melissa Rosenberg… not so much… Although, I did appreciate the comedic relief in this film. It kept things fresh and flowing.

      What’s more, and in my opinion, the most important, David pushed our actors to ACT! I knew Kristen could make more than one face, and she sure showed it on this movie. If I’m not mistaken, she SMILED!!!!! Rob did more than his drippy self loathing. Taylor did more than be naked. They, for the first time in the entire saga, WERE their characters. Kristen WAS Bella. Rob WAS Edward. Taylor WAS Jacob. The chemistry that was captured on screen was pure and real. I was surprised to see how much I believed the kiss between Jacob and Bella. That can only come from actors who trust their coach, their director.

      I tip my hat to David Slade.

  13. I saw it in IMAX last week and I had to travel 80 miles out of town to do so. It was worth the extra expense and I was blown away by seeing it on an even bigger screen. It did feel like you were in the movie with the characters and the sound and picture quality was like being at a outdoor concert. I highly recommend seeing Eclipse in IMAX,then again I recommend seeing the movie anyway,because it’s really cool!

  14. Jaqueline says:

    Well, here in Brazil we just had the conversional exhibition. So, we’re really sorry for this… anyway we loved the movie… the best adaption from the series yet…

  15. cynthia says:

    saw it at the imax… the wigs bothered me tons but i think they would have anyway. the large screen was overwhelming especially for the first scene with riley, all the running, and all the rain. i thought i’d get dizzy.

    i noticed that it was a lot of close-ups, too, so yes, their faces were way large.

    i probably wouldn’t choose imax for the next installments. but over all, i’m just glad i saw it. :)

  16. just saw it yesterday on a ‘small’ imax screen….loved the booming sound and noticed (could hear) a lot more of the awesome soundtrack….but the wigs are truly awful on both kristen and ashley…don’t they have a wardsrobe dept that NOTICES that stuff onscreen…also a lot of lipstick-corner-of-the-mouth bleed…you could really see it on that humungous screen. overall a good experience. we had already seen it 2x prior. midnight show plus opening day in the evening.

  17. I’ve now seen it in IMAX twice and 35 mm once. I must say I prefer the IMAX experience. Yes there are flaws…. every movie has them, but are you going to the movie to pick out the flaws or to enjoy the film? If your a true fan of the story, like I am, you will overlook the flaws and just enjoy this film. I think the flaws stood out more in New Moon than Eclipse, which again… was in 35mm. It’s the best of the 3 films so far….. so just Enjoy!

  18. I have seen it on an IMAX screen and a regular screen, and I really enjoyed the IMAX more. The sound and the picture made it seem like you were there.

    Yes, I think that some of the wigs used are horrible, like Jaspers, but I do not believe watching it on IMAX made it worse.

  19. I saw it in IMAX and loved it. I would totally recommend it. Yes, the wigs looked bad, but they looked just as bad in the regular version. the picture is soooo much sharper that the IMAX is way worth it.

  20. I couldn’t stop looking at Dakota’s eyebrows! I get what your saying about being a little too close.

  21. I saw it in IMAX yesterday and in regular cinemas last week. I agree that regular was better, because the action scenes in IMAX were all blurry and the action was just a little too close, it was hard to follow the story. I did LOVE the huge robert in front of me!! Still I think it was a little too dizzying.

    I’m going to see it tomorrow in Xtremescreen (cause I already booked) I wonder how it’s going to look…I think Xtremescreen is a little smaller than IMAX but bigger than regular…maybe it’ll be a perfect inbetween…?

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