Bree Tanner Is Finally Here!

BreeTannerSo what did you think of the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner? Head over to our forums to discuss it, or leave a comment below. Obviously these links will contain spoilers, so click/visit at your own risk!

We’re also going to do a little article on the new book and fan feeling from what they first thought/felt when they heard about it and what they thought/felt after reading it. If you would like us to potentially use your feelings, put your commentary below. Please cover the following in addition to whatever else you may want to say:

Approximately when you first read Twilight
What is your favorite book in the saga
What is it about Twilight that captivates you
What is it that drives you to an online fansite
Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella


  1. Got mine about an hour ago and I’m loving it so far!
    I actually screamed as I ran down the stairs after it was posted through the letterbox;L
    good times …

    • Vampire-girl says:

      Well my lovely postman knocked the door and personally handed me mine and I knew what it was, oh my book I said he just looked at me odd

    • Vampire-girl says:

      I don’t follow book sales or lists so it wasn’t until seeing Twilight that I came out loving it, my bloke got me the set of books and I loved them. My favourite is Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn. Twilight as it sets the story and the love and I like eclipse as it shows just how much they put aside their hatred of each other for Bella to protect her. I enjoyed the novella and I liked how towards the end how the quotes were worked into the story. Bree reminded me of Bella -she was different she didn’t just believe everything that was told to her like the other vampires, I could see her being a different human like Bella. I kind of agree with the others although sad that she died it is for the best as she had lost her soul-mate although she didn’t know of that term, so much she didn’t know and understand. Fred’s power was really weird, and I hate his name so just so boring. It was nice to see the more monster side of the vampires just the way they were hunting no descretion.

  2. Got this this morning at the breakfast launch in O, Connell St got some great goddies too. Gonna enjoy every page :)

  3. Twihard says:

    I just finished it and its so good. it brought back my first twilight experience that I missed. The only problem I have with it is why can’t it be longer! Anyways, thank you Steph and it’s so great that you took time to write an introduction about why and how you came to write Bree Tanner and I love how you said that you wished you conclude Eclipse differently. Everyone, buy this book because it truly is amazing and addicting!

  4. I love this film so much
    it’s wonderfull film

  5. Megan Mc Dade says:

    I read Twilight in Jan 09 and others shortly after. My fave book in the series is Eclipse closely followed by Breaking Dawn. Hows does Twilight captivate me? It’s just an amazing book well written and has amazing characters that you can so easily fall in love. The story lets you get away from daily life and just be in Bella’s world of vampires and werewolves. I love to going to online fansites. Ever since I read the books I love reading everything about the series. It like a family a community of people who all love the seem thing and can discuss it without being labelled as a crazy fan :). I was so excited to hear Stephanie was going to do a story on Bree as we dont learn much about the newborns in the books and as stephaine says they are so differnt from the vampires in the twilight series they are like tradiontal vampires. I have just started reading the book and am loving it. Bree is so easy to love as a charater. I wish now she hadnt been killed by the Volturi and had joined the cullen clan :)

  6. i hate steph for killing bree.

    • Alexa, you are awesome. And delightful. I bear no grudge against Stephenie for it, but your comment… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Thank you.

      So, now I commented and need to answer the questions :)

      1. Read Twilight (and the rest) after spending hours with my kids at a midnight release of the Twilight DVD. I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the large crowd, curious about the books, and blown away with the story and meaning within it. I listen to the audiobooks while I work. Over and over. And the Host. Just great.

      2. My favorite was Eclipse for a long time — it’s a perfect story — then, lately it was Twilight. Still is. But now, I’m leaning toward Breaking Dawn…

      3. At this point, I love the characters. The realistic elements. The humor. More, I enjoy the rich metaphors throughout the series, and the meaning they have for my life. Twilight is a very rich experience for the careful reader who is willing to ask what the meaning is behind all that Stephenie writes. Wonderful.

      4. To find out the latest news. To learn about how other fans feel about the news. To discover what meaning others are finding from Twilight, and how it enriches their lives.

      5. Wow. Amazed. Pardon me for going off here. Just a few days ago, I interviewed Steve Walker, Stephenie’s fave professor from BYU, and John Granger, author of “Spotlight,” elsewhere and we talked at length about how Edward and the Cullens represent angelic, godlike beings, who Bella is filled with desire to join with, to become like, to “see as she is seen.” As pointed out elsewhere, Twilight is very much like the myth where Psyche pursues her godlike love, Cupid. But to be with him, she must become more like the godlike Edward and the rest of the Cullens, saving him (many times) as he saves her, so that she can earn the right to be one with him eternally. There is a religious metaphor at work here, that many can relate with.

      Yet here, in Bree Tanner, we have a contrasting scenario. Unlike Bella, Bree finds herself frequently unable to choose her own path. She barely begins to discover love, and through it the beauties of life, along with her own godlike, glowing potential. Yet she fails to choose to overcome the world — its lies, pain, fears, and limits of time. It is tragic, like Alexa suggests.

      I am amazed to discover an additional allegory within the text that, whereas Bella discovered a celestial, eternal family to emulate and join, Bree finds herself in a false religion as it were, built upon constraining lies instead of ennobling truths. Specifically, lots of hellish fires are threatened throughout.

      With her partial “enlightenment”, when Bree discovers her leaders (parents? priests?) are incorrect she asks some wonderful questions such as, “What can we do when we don’t know what’s happening?” Is her father/priest, Riley, lying or mistaken? Does the Creator assent to this deception? And what should Bree do about it, either way?

      Many of us find ourselves misled by those who claim to care for us. And then, we may find ourselves in the same quandary as Bree. Yet if we hesitate, in fiery fears or dark thoughts of revenge, or we cling to the wrong people — the congenial Diego over the godlike Fred — our time and opportunities may run out, and we may find ourselves burning, perhaps metaphorically, perhaps not, in a hell of our own making. So Bree finds herself consumed in flame after being somewhat overcome by her fears for the very same thing. Incredibly rich story.

      Thank you, Stephenie.

    • couldn’t agree more. the book made me fall in love with bree. her death was so unnecessary too. she meant no harm :(

  7. IOnlyPlayBaseballWhenItThunders says:

    1. Approximately when you first read Twilight- right after I lost a bet with my friend because I didn’t want to read Twilight. I was so stupid. Anyway- that was probably around January.
    2. What is your favorite book in the saga- Eclipse
    3. What is it about Twilight that captivates you- the way Edward has a drive not to hurt Bella. It was really romantic-knowing he could kill her but because he loved her so much that he didn’t, that was really special.
    4. What is it that drives you to an online fansite- Um, to know anything that’s going on with twilight.
    5. Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella- Haven’t read it yet- but I wish too.

  8. Fanpire says:

    I began reading Twilight May of last year. I went through the entire series in a week. Since then, I have read the books over countless times. It’s so hard to choose a favorite book, so I always say that they are all my favorite. I love The Twilight Saga because of the wonderful plot, amazing character personalities, and, of course, Edward. Shortly after reading Twilight, I came across the Twilight Lexicon. I found out about it from Stephenie Meyer’s website and have since read every post and checked it every day. I love getting Twilight news quickly, as soon as it comes out. This drive possed me to head out at midnight last night to get The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. At the store, the books were well hiden and there were only three registers open. i had to spend fifteen to twenty minutes finding the book. After that, I waited in line for another ten minutes. While walking out of the store, I realized that I was charged for two books, instead of the one I bought. I had to wait in line again to get my refund. although I was out until quarter to one, I feel it was worth it to recieve the new book. I stayed up reading at, and loved the new perspective on the story I already knew so well. (Spoiler Alert) I was shocked to find that the Volturi had visited Vicortia and Riley, wishing them good luck in their fight with the Cullens. I was also amazed by Fred’s ability. After reading The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner, I wished that she could have become a member of the Cullens. This book completed the story of Eclipse, and it was well worth staying up half of the night to read.

    • It’s nice knowing I’m not alone with my “obsession” as it sounds like you are too. I agree with your thoughts, especially Bree/Fred. I wonder if Stephanie left Fred out there somewhere in case she goes back to our favorite twi-world, hope so!Are you an “older” twilight fan, as I am, and it makes me feel better knowing I’m not crazy for loving all things involving the saga given my age.
      Enjoyed your post.

  9. Just read the excerpt online. I need to go buy it now!!!

  10. Approximately when you first read Twilight- Shortly after seeing the movie Twilight – I’m not much of a reader but I kept passing the book in the store thinking I’d like to read it, picked up the first one and was hooked. It’s actually turned me into a reader.

    What is your favorite book in the saga- Eclipse followed by Breaking dawn, Twilight & New Moon.

    What is it about Twilight that captivates you- The idea that you can be born evil/doomed/cursed and still make a conscious effort to over come that and be good.

    What is it that drives you to an online fansite- I love the story/movies enough to keep up with any little tidbits we might get. It’s funny though, I’ve NEVER felt this way about a movie/book, ever.

    Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella- Waiting for my book to come in the mail, really excited to read it!

    • Steff, me either! I’ve always read, and loved certain books, but never like this. Now, I’m not only obsessed with all things Twilight, but I’ve become like an online “groupie” with Rob Pattinson. Love him and his other work too.It’s freakin me out how I’m so enjoying it all, especially given I’m not a teen, oh no, I’m old enough to be Rob’s mother, go figure! Loved your post, makes me feel better knowing there are others like you/I so invested in Twilight and enjoying every minute.

  11. I just finished it…BRILLLIANT. It made me so happy to read a new Stephenie Meyer book…poor, poor, Bree. ALTHOUGH, I thought it was interesting the way she left it open-ended about Fred. I’m trying to think if there was any mention of anyone who could do that in Breaking Dawn, but I can’t think of anyone at the moment. Maybe he’ll show up in a future book if she writes one?

  12. I loved bree’s story just finished it.:D Thank you so much for writing this extra story stephenie. I was always wondering about what happened to bree before she got killed off. I understood how bree felt it was just great. Also I felt so sad when I realised that diego was murdered, he was such a sweet boy. Ninja power.:D

    I first read Twilight when I discovered it in the library, I was hooked from that moment. I went online and found out it was a serie and there was already a second book. I ordered Twilight and New Moon in dutch. Than I was waiting for Eclipse to come out in English so I could read it. Eclipse came a month later i suppose.. So I’ve been reading the books a while now. My absolute favorite is Eclipse I think it is the danger of Victoria always just out of reach that gets me. And Edward and Bella are coming even closer. Jacob is annoying as always and he bugs me a lot, but it wouldn’t be right without him i must admit that. What captivates me about Twilight is the love it just is so full of romance. Also the tension that the cullens could kill Bella if they just slipped for a moment is always there that keeps me reading. I always liked books with vampire’s were wolves, witches etc. twilight has that too, but it is different then most stories. It’s one of a kind that also appeals to me. What drives me online is that I have absolutely nobody to talk around here about Twilight! Only my mum is open to it but she isn’t a fan although she enjoys the movies a lot! Half the people here don’t even know what twilight is.. Hello did you life under a rock the last few years???? Pretty annoying and all the others are against it.. So I come online to talk about it with people who do care. I even got some of my online friends to go read the books because I was always so enthusiastic about them. I love the books and I am happy about the new Bree book.:D

  13. I first read Twilight in December 2009 because my , then 11 year old daughter was reading it. I had heard it was a love story, and I wasn’t sure it was appropriate for her to read. I was immediately sucked in and have read everything Stephanie has written multiple times since. Eclipse is my favorite novel because it really shows the depth of the affection between Edward and Bella, as well as the strong relationships between all of the vampire, werewolf, and human. I am so captivated by the series because the relationships are so real. The books are so much better than the movies because the movies do not show Edward’s humor, Jacob’s fun recklessness, and Bella’s depth. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies, but the books are still better.
    I just finished Bree Tanner, and not surprisingly, I loved it. I wasn’t surprised by the Volturi’s visit, but it does reinforce Jane’s jealousy of the Cullens. I really liked the part where Bree noticed Jane’s anger toward Alice. Jane hates the idea that someone could be more powerful and thus more important to Aro.

  14. Adrielle says:

    Approximately when you first read Twilight: Back in late 2006, I guess. I was random picking up books in the library and got attracted by Twilight’s glossy black cover and excerpt.

    What is your favorite book in the saga: Eclipse. Because it balances the romance and action parts real well.

    What is it about Twilight that captivates you:
    For me, it is original and a fresh read, partly because I never read any vampire-related materials before. I do love the vivid descriptions and characters development as well.

    What is it that drives you to an online fansite: I think I was just browsing around for more twilight news at that point of time when Twilight was still relatively unknown. I found the Lex and stuck with it since.

    Any comments/thoughts you have on the Bree Tanner novella: I feel stupid for not pre-ordering it when I had the chance. But I’ll read it asap! I have a good feeling on it though.

  15. lolly12 says:

    Still waiting for my book to arrive, ordered through Amazon so it won’t arrive until June 9th (Very disappointed about that) :(
    I first started reading the Twilight Saga at about the time Eclipse was released. I had just finished reading the final Harry Potter and read an article that stated “Eclipse takes a bite out of Harry Potter”, that was the week that Eclipse book sales knocked Harry Potter off the #1 spot. I had to see what this was all about so I went to the store and found out that there were 3 books in the series and that Eclipse was the last. I purchased Twilight finished it in about a day and had to literally run to the store to pick up the next book in the series New Moon. Once I finished New Moon and then Eclipse my thoughts were, “No I need at least a chapter or two more”. That is when I discovered the Twilight Lexicon and that there was another book to be written in the saga. I couldn’t have been more excited to learn of Breaking Dawn’s future release but very sad to have to wait a year for it. During that year I read everything Twilight, every post and interview with Stephanie Myer on the Lexicon and even got into reading the fan fiction.
    My favorite book would have to be Eclipse followed by either Twilight or Breaking Dawn. I loved New Moon but it would fall in last place for me.
    I’ve read reviews for Bree’s story and can’t wait till my copy arrives in the mail.
    All this from a 40 something year old Mother of Boys.

  16. NatoshaL says:

    when will it be online?

  17. Scarlett says:

    Like NatoshaL said, when will it be online? My parents won’t buy it for me and I’m not sure if my cousin is gonna buy it.

  18. I got my copy…. now the BIG question, how many dozens of time do i read it while waiting for the Eclipse movie to hit the theatres?

    • Now that I’ve read it …. for the 2nd time already… I think Stephanie definiately needs to write another full book, complete with chapters…

      And I think Fred needs to meet the Cullens one day… since Bree mentally let Edward know all about him……

  19. Jennifer says:

    I read the whole series thru for the first time in March of 2009. It was Spring Break and, tho I am an adult and had to work too, I finished the series in a week. I love Twilight & Breaking Dawn best because they are the happiest with no one REALLY hurt (except Irina, of course) and everyone gets their happy ending..

    I like the series so much because you really feel involved with the characters. Stephenie Meyer does such a great job of getting you into the story, her plots & plot twists are great (including The Host), and everything works out in the end…I’m a sucker for happy endings. Which of course, made it kind of hard to read Bree’s story, because you already know how it’s going to end – kind of like watching the movie Titanic, but you can help it. I’m excited for anything Stephenie writes because I enjoy ready her work so much.

    I want to know everything I can about all the characters. That is what drove me to first, her website, and then to Twilight Lexicon. It was a GREAT recommendation that she linked your site on her FAQs page. When I found out there were OTHER stories, PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE with the AUTHOR?!?!?! I was in heaven!!! I have read all – and I mean ALL – the stories, the outtakes, the answers to the questions, multiple times. I love it all and never get tired of it. Now, having read Bree Tanner’s story, I just want to go read the whole series again…

    And UGH! UGH! UGH! It’s just as good as I hoped and expected it would be. I actually cried at the end. I wish, like Stephenie, that she had ended Eclipse just a little differently, that Bree could have survived. She, Stephenie Meyer, is so good at making you care about the characters SHE cares about. Which is why I love Jacob so much; I always wanted Bella to end up with Edward, but I’m really happy that Jacob got his happiness too, in the end.

    Great job, Stephenie! Keep doing what you do so well, because, I at least, will always love your work!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      I have to add that I had heard of Twilight but had not seen the movie. I was skeptical about the books…I did not want to just jump onto the latest trendy bandwagon. But I loved the Harry Potter books and have a friend that does too…more than I do. And when she told me how great the Twilight books were I decided to read them. And of course, I LOVE them. I still hate the movie – I think it’s terrible and they leave out too much – the way the movie goes, it doesn’t make sense that Bella & Edward love each other so much – the movie just doesn’t explain it well enough – not to mention the stiff acting. yikes!

      Say what you will. I’ve watched Twilight three times and still hate it just as much as the first time. I know, I know…it’s supposed to be “indy, and Catherine Hardwick, etc, etc…” Whatever. At least now the franchise is making enough money that the studio can practically THROW money at the directors & producers so they are done well. Don’t like everything about New Moon but I understand it has to change for the screen. At least the acting is getting better…

  20. Vanessa says:

    I am praying that this means Stephenie is hinting towards another book in the series. Wonder if she is bringing back Fred, and then going to announce that Diego didn’t die as Bree thought…

    • dtbvampire says:

      I think Diego’s gone. One thing I find about Stephenie’s books is that her characters seem to benefit from her omniscience a little too much. Like when a character makes a guess, estimate or has a hunch about something, they always seem to be EXACTLY right on the money except in the cases when when she WANTS to character to make an incorrect assumptions. Or characters will draw the correct conclusion from too little info to be natural. I especially noticed this when we see writing in other character’s points of view. (Jacob in BD, Edward in MS and now Bree), we’ll see two characters perceive something exactly the same way or one character will guess at what the other is thinking and it matches with Bella’s POV.

      If Bree has decided with certainty that Diego’s gone, Im pretty sure that’s Bree AND Stephenie talking.

  21. I loved it!!! Got my copy at midnight last night, devoured it in a couple of hours. I thought Stephenie developed the characters in this short novella just as well as any in the Saga. There were definitely some plot twists (with the Volturi) that I was surprised about, but loved every minute of the book! I’ve got my whole review (spoiler free!) up on my site.

    You should definitely grab your copy of the book today or read it online starting June 7!

  22. Wow!!!! I need this book!!!! Right now!!! LOL!!! :P Mmm… I start to read Twilight on the raw winter of 2005… I remember that gray rainy day… I was living in London. The book was the last one, almost hide… nobody give so much attention on that time…hilarious, isn’t it? So I have started & I couldn’t stopped… year passed year wainting anxiously 4 the next one… Awwww… it was a really good time, where u could really run away from reality & have ur particular world. By far my fav is New Moon, ‘cuz we can c Bella’s growing personality, like the saying: what doesn’t kill u makes u stronger… this is what I saw in NM. So, I was so compeled by this saga that I have to find any place on the web… by my good fortune I’ve found u guys… the Lexicon! Since then, I come over daily only 2 have something good 2 know ’bout thia amazing saga.

    What I really like in this saga is the weakest turns out the strongest… just the matter of believe in urselves.

  23. I read Twilight some time before the movie came out because my sister had read it a year ago and said it was amazing. I usually don’t believe her but decided to give it a try. I don’t really have a favorite because I love them all for different reasons. Maybe New Moon is my favorite, idk. I was captivated by Twilight because at the time Twilight came out, not many books incorporated both vampires and werewolves in a modern love novel. Now I guess it’s very common but Twilight is different. I go to Twilight fansites because they offer more in depth comments on the books/movies. If you go to an entertainment site they have to give a brief summary and the discussions are mostly twilight haters saying it’s a dumb movie or something similar. I haven’t gotten the novella but I’m gonna get it later today.

  24. Lisa G. says:

    Just read the excerpt online and I can’t wait until the whole book will be available. Then, next week, I am going to order the audio from Audible to add to my Twilight Saga playlist on my MP3 player.

  25. Hello! I ordered my copy and I waiting for it…I hope very soon..
    I first read Twilight on march 2009… late, but as we say in Italy “late is better than never”. I “fell in love” with the story and I read all the four books in a very short time. My favourite is Eclipse, I like it very much and now I’m so curious to see the film. I’m not a teeneger anymore so I think that what attracts me in The Twilight saga is the idea of eternal love, and the way of loving another person in such pure and unconditional way. Maybe it reminds me how is to fall in love when you’re so young…. I decided to look for fansites about the saga, because I wanted to share my passion for the books with other fans.

  26. mek mek says:

    I am not a reader of things for pleasure because im in college and have to read in order to learn HOWEVER, I am an hibutual movie watcher and when Twilight came out on DVD I was hooked. So I first read the book about two months after Twilight came out on DVD. I read all four books plus Midnight Sun (on the internet) in about a week an picked Eclipse as my favorite book. In the whole saga you know Bella loves Edward completely however shes still a little shaky but in Eclipse in the end all shakiness is gone and she is sure to her very core that its just her and Edward til the end. Epic! I love the Twilight Saga because im a romantic at heart and the story is about a love that doesn’t seem to exsist in todays times as it did for my great grandparent and those long before me. In todays times when things start going bad people usually catch out quickly and so its nice to see people can stay together even if its just a fairytale. Its a fairytale that can give you hope and inspire you to be worthy of that kind of love. I come to online fan sites just to read the thoughts and ideas of other who are as engrossed in the saga as I am and to get the latest information on all things Twilight. The Bree Tanner novela was excellent. I got my copy this morning at the local Target which they didn’t even have out yet. I was the first one which I was very excited about. I read it farily quickly and completely fell in love with Bree, Diego, and Fred. Im glad to know that they all had a since of right and wrong, lies and truths and they wanted to be good. However I know some of yall might not like this but im glad that she didn’t become a Cullen because then should would have benn the odd man out like Edward was until he met Bella. I know Steph says she wishes she would have changed the ending to Eclipse but to me if she did that the only good thing would have been to keep Diego alive too. So im glad it worked out the way it did Bree found love and learned of a better way but in the end like Edward and Bella since Diego was gone there was no need for Bree to stay. That was her other half which as you read, death was exactly what she perfered.

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