So What is Their Favorite Twilight Book

book-stackWe’re going to start digging through old videos and Tweets to get the answers, but if you can find the answer and link us let us know. We are keeping a master list of what is each actor’s favorite Twilight book.


Ashley Greene
Elizabeth Reaser
Justin Chon
Edi Gathegi

New Moon

Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson


Peter Facinelli
Kellan Lutz
Taylor Lautner
Chaske Spencer
Tyson Houseman
Mike Welch
Jackson Rathbone

Breaking Dawn

Christian Serratos

***Note stars have changed their minds in some cases after rereads or just in general. So what we have done is gone with date coding and their most recent answer. For example, there are interviews of Chaske Spencer citing both New Moon and Eclipse. Peter has said “whichever one I’m rereading.” We have gone with the most recent answers.


  1. first post!
    I thought that Robert said that his favorite was New Moon!?

    • I did see/hear Robert Pattinson say that NEW MOON was his favorite books on several occasions. Mine is Eclipse ..cant wait for June.

  2. I can’t remember the exact interview (I think it was with MTV), but I seem to recall Robert Pattinson saying his favorite was ‘New Moon.’

  3. Yeah, in the New Moon DVD interviews Rob said his favorite was New Moon?

  4. Lavinia Cullen says:

    This is cool ! I like all the books ..i can’t say that i have a favourite one ..i love them all :X:X:

  5. Kristen and Robert: New Moon

    Taylor: Eclipse

  6. I thought Peter’s favorite book was Eclipse, i swear i heard that in a interview somewhere…

  7. Peter said Eclipse was his favorite book
    here is the link:

  8. Ashley Green says Twilight and Kellan Lutz says Eclipse in this interview:

  9. Peter have said that his favorite book is Eclipse. :)

  10. I posted 2 links already and i can’t find anymore

  11. My fave was Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, with New Moon being least fave. New Moon had to much wolf for my liking. Really enjoyed the chapters of Midnight Sun that I read on Ms Meyer’s web page the best of all.

  12. I started out with Twilight as my fave but the more times I read Breaking Dawn, its now my favorite, especially the chapters when Bella first opens her eyes.

    • Agree, my favorite is Breaking Dawn also. There is so much awareness and growing for Bella. First, there’s the honeymoon where she doesn’t know what to wear to go meet Edward at the water and realizes there is nothing to be afraid of and she sheds her clothing. Then her pregnancy where she is fighting even Edward for the child. Of course your point of when she first opens her eyes as a vampire and her transformation to get there. And lastly when she realizes her strength as a vampire. Amazing book!

  13. MrsCullen28 says:

    My favorite book is eclipse! My favorite charpter is when bella punches Jacob and breaks her hand! Can’t wait for the movie. From what i have read about it it has all my favorite scenes in!

  14. Elizabeth Reaser said that twilight is her favourite in the New Moon DVD release Q&A. I don’t have a link though

  15. My favorites are:

    1. Twilight
    2. Eclipse
    3. New Moon
    4. Breaking Dawn.

    I’m a Breaking Dawn hater. UGH. Despised that entire book. It should have been written as TWO separate books. That way more attention could have been given to the wedding/honeymoon/birth and change. As well as Bella and Edward’s adjustment to parenthood.

    The junk with the Volturi…I could have lived without.

  16. Rob and Kirsten said New Moon

  17. My favorit is Breking Dawn hehe:)

  18. I loved them all but New Moon was my least fav. I missed Edward even though that was the whole point of the book.

  19. Eclipse is totally my favorite, and I’m mostly Team Jacob, so I’m glad Taylor picks Eclipse. I remember him saying, way back when they were filming Twilight, that his favorite line by his character in the series was “So, does my being half-naked bother you?” from Eclipse. I hope he says it in the movie!

  20. Mine is ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!!! Love, love, love that book!!

  21. Brittanylovestwilight says:

    The first time I read New Moon, it made me so depressed! The second time around, I found that I really enjoyed it! If Edward didn’t leave, we wouldn’t have gotten Chapter 23 – “The Truth” – quite possibly the best chapter in the entire series.

    For the other books, I LOVE the epicness of Breaking Dawn, the love triangle mixed with a ton of action in Eclipse, and the beginning of ExB’s relationship in Twilight. Each book is special in it’s own right. :)

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      completely agree with the second part. I can’t choose a favorite book because they’re all their own story and each is special in a different way.

      <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  22. Breaking Dawn was my favorite book and I cant wait to see it in movie form!

  23. Eclipse was my absolute favorite book, so GO PETER, TAYLOR, and KELLAN!! Everything came to a head in that book. I also like a good balance between action and romance in books I read. A close second would be the excerpts I read from Midnight Sun. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Meyer completes the book. I loved reading about events from Edward’s point of view, and it would be great to flesh out the Cullens better and read more about their perspective on things.

  24. one of our readers said that Justin Chon’s favorite is Twilight! They asked him when he was in Gothenbourg two weeks ago :)

  25. Mine our-
    1. Breaking Dawn- Could care less what people think about it because I loved every page.
    2. Twilight and Eclipse are tied.
    3. New Moon- Even though I read it all the time.


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