Eclipse One Sheet Poster Revealed

So now that we have seen all three treatments, which movie poster is your favorite? Via Novel Novice


  1. I don’t know if it’s because it’s new but I think I like the Eclipse poster best. I never really cared for the color palette used for the New Moon artwork.

  2. I can´t remember the others O.O

  3. Michelle says:

    Love the new one! my fave.

  4. I think out of Twilight & New Moon, I’m liking Eclipse the best then Twilight and then New Moon.

  5. I really don’t like this one. The colour is great, but it lacks imagination. It’s just boring, any fan could’ve done this. Are they even in the same photo? If they are, Taylor is standing on a box again. ;) I love the NM poster, it’s so beautiful. It said so many things, in this one they’re just standing.

    • I Agree with you, I don’t know but it looks identical to the new moon walmart ultimate edition DVD. I like the quote though and the dark colors but it’s like something is missing!

    • Luisa Ardila says:

      Totally agree. Plus to me it looks like the cover of a cheap paperback.

    • I completely agree. This is really boring. I even prefer the teaser poster, the one that shows the eclipse. At least that had more mystery. This one will not only NOT bring anyone outside twihard fans to the film, it will probably drive them away. Pity. And Eclipse is such a great book too!

  6. I like the dark colors, because Eclipse will be a darker movie.
    Taylor is much shorter than Rob and suddenly they have the same length?! That’s not right…most probably they put Taylor to stand on a box again! Bella seems paler than Edward.
    I don’t know, it’s okay I guess, but nothing spectacular. Expected something better.

  7. What is the second poster? I know the first is just the moon/sky poster, but did I miss the second poster??

    Could someone post a link to it please? THANKS!

  8. I actually dig this one! I think that Rob looked pretty unrealistic in the Twilight ones, the New Moon ones were pretty blah for me because I am Team Edward and don’t really care about Taylor Lautner. I’m pleased so far!

  9. wow i love it ,is sooo cooooollllll

  10. I like this poster. However, it seems awfully close to the Walmart Ultimate Fan Edition DVD cover, except with a different color pallette. This poster gives an appearance that the movie is gonna be darker. The color pallette for New Moon was cool to.

    • I totaly agree with you.. like the color of the poster looks that movie will be darker but still it looks like the same picture of the ultimate fan edition.

  11. Well i do like it. i love that the signal is that bella has to choose edward or jacob but the only thing i don’t like is that taylor needs to be more exposed A.K.A shirtless because jacob has grown in eclipse i think that taylor needs to look more mature other than that i love the poster

  12. I really like this one–the tone and colors are great. I still like the New Moon poster the best though. It had so many things to say.

  13. Nothing new here, Bella looking bland, Jacob looking cute and somehow they have managed to make Rob, one the most beautiful people on the planet, look horrible. The positioning is awful, obviously the people who made this did’t really think at all. Anyone could make this poster in a couple of hours..

  14. Midnight Sun Virgin says:

    Dontcha love how they photoshopped Kristin’s head onto someone else’s non-wig hair? The oval cut lines around her face are a little *too* obvious! Oops! :)

    • i know! it looks like her head is floating.

      also, one side of the hair looks like it was curled with a curling iron, and the other is just a little wavy.

    • YES! Geez! I hadn’t noticed how badly her entire face was photoshopped onto the hair in the smaller version of the poster that was released earlier. (I had only noticed the overall bland layout and lack of flattering posing. Now its awfulness is both technically and aesthetically apparent. :p )

      • She looks funny because the hair is poofed up waaay to high makes its look more unnatural looking and like they really did just place someone elses hair or her hair from new moon ontop of her head in this picture.

    • I was waiting for someone else to notice. LOL

  15. bellas wig looks natural yay!

  16. Im not sure i like this was. Just kinda boaring. I think the first one so far was the best one. Then New Moon and then this one.

  17. Why couldn’t they do a poster with Victoria’s head rolling around on the ground in….

  18. Lorrainebow says:

    I like this one. Kristen looks better here than she did for the New Moon poster. This one is better than the other Eclipse poster too, in my opinion anyway.

  19. It may all begin with a choice but this was a bad one!
    I definitely agree with the comments about the poor quality, bit dissapointed :(

  20. What is up with Rob’s nose? Is it just me or could they have taken the time to pick a picture where the face shadowing isn’t so awkward?

    • His nose is slightly crooked, if you look at other photos of him. What you’re supposed to do, as a photographer, is pose him in a way that doesn’t EMPHASIZE that (as in, straight-on, at the camera, like this!) I would guess it’s pretty difficult to make Rob not look amazing in photographs, but they’ve achieved it here. Same goes for Kristen, she is so beautiful in pro photo shoots, but here she looks (very badly photoshopped and) just plain drunk! Her sweater’s all skewed and her right eye seems just a little more closed than her left… ugh, sadness :(
      And it’s true what someone else said here, too, Bella is paler than Edward!

  21. I think Rob looks slightly more realistic, which could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Kristen looks great, as she always does, & Taylor is growing up right before our eyes (yes, I know he’s probably standing on a box, I’m talking more about his facial features.) I LOVE the coloring & the clothing choice, but that’s it. Could they have at least posed in a symbolic fashion like in the New Moon poster? I mean, come on… it’s insulting to my intelligence as a “Twi-hard” that they think this would get me excited for the film. I think I’ll go watch the trailer again just to feel better & remind myself that there is something to be excited about…

  22. My favorite is definitely the twilight one! Edward looked so mysterious and the golden eyes were better. Team Edward!

  23. Lavinia Cullen says:

    It’s awesomee

  24. catherine says:

    I like new moon! Twilight’s was too crowded and this one is lacking. It’s so boring! But NM was great!

  25. They all look high or something. These Twilight Saga movie posters suck. This one say BLAH!!! They need something more creative yet not COPYING Fanmade. Something Original.

  26. A big “meh” from me. Hell, I could whip that up in Photoshop in minutes, and I’m not even that good at it. Just nothing that’s exciting. Doesn’t matter, not like it’s going to stop me from seeing the film, lol.

  27. okay? this is nothing. It could pass for a New Moon poster. They shouldve made it more obvious its a totally different movie.

  28. this one looks more natural, the new moon poster looked so unreal… can´t wait for eclipse!!

  29. I don’t understand why, with all the money Summit is raking in, it can’t seem to take a picture with all three people in the same room at the same time.

    What’s with all the photo-shopped pictures?

    All the New Moon posters irritated me no end. They were all just different combinations of the same few pictures.

    Are they really this lazy, or do they think the movies aren’t worth the effort?

  30. This is blah. I mean I like it, but it does not do anything for me. People who have not read the books can’t really get much insight from this poster. Yes there is a choice, but that’s not all. Hopefully there will be another poster, more creative and well thought out. Sidenote: Does anyone else find Edward’s denim jacket the slightest bit funny? I have to admit I giggled a little when I saw it, but I guess it’s because the book is set in summer?

  31. New Moon was my favourite for sure, it actually made me more excited about the film. This one kind of looks like it’s been painted, especially Taylor’s face:/ Just been over-photoshopped, i guess.

  32. Lily Cullen says:

    Bella’s hair looks like it was edited in =\

    Eh, the poster is alright, I guess.

  33. Noah Brighten says:

    It should read… “Eternity begins…with a choice.”

    • It can’t say “Eternity” because if she chose Jacob, she would stay human…ie: HUMAN’S DIE..!

    • If I took the picture for the Eclipse movie, I would have had Edward and Jacob facing eachother like they were ready to fight. In Eclipse, they kind of do fight with eachother for Bella. I hope they have the Volturi and Victoria in another poster for Eclipse.
      *Team Jane* all the way!!!!

  34. AmaranthineMoon says:

    I’m not really impressed. When I first saw the New Moon poster I was in shock on how beautiful it was. This one looks so bland and forced. The only thing I like about this poster is the dark tone. Bella looks beautiful but she’s just standing there, I’ve must have seen this pose from her in almost every picture of her. Edward looks like he is about to cry and jacob looks misplaced. With the first trailer and this first poster, I think they are down playing Eclipse for right now. I’m sure once June rolls along, the promotion will be higher.

  35. I think I like New Moon best. It said more about the movie and story than this one does. I know Bella has to choose between Jacob and Edward but couldn’t they make the poster a bit more…substancial?

  36. switzy4ever14 says:

    See, I kind of like it. The whole thing, with like how she’s torn in between, like in the middle of them, like she’s not really sure about the right thing to do. I think it really conveys the love triangle. Like Stephenie said with the magnets, trying to push Edward and Jaocb together…. but then Bella realizes it’s the different parts of herself, Edward’s Bella and Jscob’s Bella that she’s trying to push together, like she’s stuck in between. And Rob looks torn, like he’s not sure if she should pick Jacob, either. And Taylor looks just…. defiant. I think it’s beautiful.

    What is up with Kristen’s hair? It’s so much darker!!! I love it, though.

    99 more days guys!!!!!

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  37. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Ilike this one way better… Nice job

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