Stephenie Meyer Up for Galaxy book Award and Heidi Cast

Stephenie is up Author of the Year for Galaxy British Book Awards and Breaking Dawn is up for the book of the year.  You can also see an interveiw with Stephenie here.




MArk Malkin is reporting that Heidi has been cast!

 I can exclusively reveal that Canadian supermodel Noot Seear has won the coveted role of the beautiful human bait in the Twilight sequel.

I can already hear all of you saying Noot who? Check out all the details here.



  2. Very cool on the Stephenie front, but I the whole, “Who plays Heidi?” mystery I just don’t get. She’s a blip in New Moon. Gianna had a bigger part in NM than Heidi.

    Can someone explain to me why everyone is going nuts on who plays Heidi?

  3. Rachel A. says:

    The only thing I cared about as far as Heidi goes (as Freakin Loon pointed out, it is a very small role) is that they chose someone beautiful (because she is a vampire, so…yeah they are supposed to be supermodel worthy). This chick looks great. 🙂

  4. Freakin Loon-
    Two words… AnnaLynne McCord. If it had never come up that she was in the running (or hopeful) for the role, than no one would care. However, it did come up and, thus, people are salivating, particularly because she supposidly can’t take the role because of scheduling conflicts.

  5. I thought Heidi was supposed to rival Rosalie as far as beauty is concerned? I don’t think that chick comes close to fitting the bill…. Whatever, its a bit part and doesn’t really matter.

  6. ummm….sure….i guess shes alright…lol not as pretty as anna though 🙁

    she looks like she really needs to eat something…um like NOW!!!
    what is with all these super duper skinny models? ug….annoying!!!

    i will have to wait and see what she actually looks like in make-up and stuff but so far…i am not convinced…definatley not what the book described heidi to be….

  7. Nooo! please don’t date rob!! He is mine! haha jk!! Shes ok, but between her and annaLynne, I would have chosen AnnaLynne! To me she looks kind of odd and she needs to eat something!

  8. girlvampsfan says:

    I was never too concerned with who played Heidi… come on we’ll see her for what 2 minuets? If that! SO to sum it all up good for her on getting the part but I really don’t care as long as they look better than Fredie Kruger (please tell me u all know who that is). And since she meets my one requirement, she’ll do.

  9. Annalynne looks better. She would have been the perfect Heidi, but since it’s such a small part it doesn’t matter as much.
    I just want to see who’s playing the big Volturi parts now (Alec, Aro, Caius, Marcus).

  10. Rachel A. says:

    @ Ashley (I mean this respectfully), don’t be hatin on thin girls. Just because they are thin doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. Super models are supposed to be thin, have perfect complexions, they are taller than the average girl, etc. It is pretty much in their job description.

    Second of all, I also think Anna is prettier than this new girl. And I agree with you that she (Noot) doesn’t exactly fit the description of Heidi in the books, but which of the characters cast so far really do fit the description (maybe Jasper)?

  11. Rachel A. says:

    @ Lucy, yes! Bring on the Volturi cast!

  12. I’m more excited about who will be the Volturi.
    But wow, a supermodel? Wow… lol

  13. @Rachel A


    i kinda meant it as a joke………….?

  14. Noot looks fine and I am glad they picked a relative unknown so they won’t be tempted to distort this small part into something big for a big sized ego.

    But I have to say who decided that models should be tall and unusually thin? These are standards that need to be loosened up so that at least the impression is given that all young girls can be beautiful which is true in my book and is also an attitude that would sell.

  15. @ CW…I AGREE!!!!

  16. Rachel A. says:

    @ Ashely, I did not mean my above remark to be catty or disrespectful, sorry if you misunderstood.

    @ CW, perhaps it is the designers who select the super model standard. The designer is the one who chooses which models he/she wants to use. I agree with you that there that are many sizes and shapes to beauty.

  17. Actually there are some pics that are not very flattering for her but others that she is just beautiful. This will just heighten the rumors for rob, because we all know that whenever there is a beautiful woman in any area close to rob they will automatically be linked together whether its true or not. Good Luck to Noot, i wonder if she knows what she is getting herself into. but i also agree, that part is soooo small i was wondering about all the hoopla too.

  18. Uhh.. “Let the Noot and Rob romance rumors begin!” How sweet, Noot and Rob! I think not. Just kidding… (kinda). Why does the writer sound so hopeful? Does he want to crush millions of fangirls’ fantasies??

  19. Even though I am a Twilight addict my oldest child is a son who is just a few months younger than Rob. So I am around that age group guy a lot. It seems to me Rob is a guy who has his head on straight and I don’t see him having a public affair with a publicity seeker. But really wouldn’t you like to see him fall for a girl who is NOT from Hollywood. I think a nice Canadian girl would be good for him.

  20. Now that the Heidi stuff is finally out of the way, lets get to the real show – WHO IS PLAYING ARO!?!?!?!

  21. Uh, I prefer AnnaLynne McCord. That girl looks anorexic.

  22. “I can exclusively reveal that Canadian supermodel Noot Seear has won the coveted role of the beautiful human bait in the Twilight sequel. . . . Seear’s manager could not confirm the casting, but tells me, ‘She has auditioned and is in consideration with the studio for the role.’ ”

    sounds real conclusive.

  23. I think it was smart of them to cast a model considering the role Heidi plays, but couldn’t they have at least hired a model with just a little more meat on her bones? I googled some more pictures of Noot in order to prove some of these people wrong, that she has the look of Heidi, but all I saw was a lot of pictures of this disproportionate too long and skinny, like she was stretched in a taffy puller from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, typical supermodel.
    Give Heidi some curves!!

  24. Media men believe models are “leaders among women”. They don’t ask women what they think because they don’t care (of course this is why media so often fail to connect with women) and that is the reason they picked a “super model”. That and they likely have a product placement to pull off and whoever paid for it has a say over who is in the product placement. Frankly I will be very surprised if Heidi has not been sold out to some lingerie firm who is sending in their model to be seen in their product. In fact if Heidi is not turned into a cheap Victoria’s Secret ad I will drop dead from shock. Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to see the “!Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!” with a vampire theme and one hunky vampire. Tasteless? Yes! But I can easily picture it. But let’s hope I am wrong.

  25. So she’s not super gorgeous, but I think she can pull it off. Plus its not like she has a huge role, so no need to worry. If they lighten her hair a bit then she’ll be fine.

  26. FilDeCuivre says:

    I’m actually glad it’s not AnnaLynne McCord(sp?) who’s playing Heidi!

  27. Rachel M. says:

    @ Susan
    Agreed. Heidi has like, literally two lines in the book. Why all the hype over her? Aro and the rest of the Volturi play much bigger, more important roles!

    I don’t really care who plays Heidi, as I said above, she won’t get much screen time anyways. In any case, she looks fine to play her.

  28. stargazer says:

    This girl is gorgeous and a much better choice than a 90210 D-lister IMO. If Rob ends up dating her, good on him, lol!!

    CW-Re your comment: I have to say who decided that models should be tall and unusually thin?
    I am neither tall not unusually thin, but the fact remains that clothes do look best on tall, thin people. It is partly a business and marketing decision. If people bought magazines with plus sized models things might be different, but they don’t.

  29. maybe they are making such a big deal about her because she has a bigger role in the movie….HOPE NOT!!!

    they better not change anything like that…..!!!!!!

  30. Stargazer, people can’t buy magazines with plus sized models because there aren’t any. Fashion world is run by gay men who chose androgynous looking women for models because they personally aren’t drawn to women. I would guess that will change soon since so many magazines that want to appeal to women have gone out of business and with the internet, distribution is not an issue. So any group of women can start a magazine and soon I bet they will. Still I bet the hype about Heidi, really a non character and one that women never did “get”, has to do with the fact that she is now an advertisement. If so you will be paying to see an honest movie about a topic you love and instead you will be getting a type of advertisement you go out of your way to avoid seeing shoved down your throat.

  31. I think she will make a good heidi.
    As for how they said..”let the Rob and heidi rumors begin.” It seems weird to me. Rob from what i have seen of him doesnt seem like he would be interested in dating a supermodel.
    I think he would make the cutest couple with Natalie Portman though.

  32. stargazer says:

    CW-I could be a chicken/egg scenario. Things like focus groups exist for a reason though. Business responds to the demands of the public, there is nothing more to it, money drives all sadly. The ‘green’ movement is a good example of this.

    Fashion world is run by gay men who chose androgynous looking women for models because they personally aren’t drawn to women.
    Wow-that is a loaded statement, and wrong, Anna Wintour for example is not a gay man.

    But, back on topic, I think the hype over Heidi is more because twilighters obsess over everything associated with this saga, LOL!

  33. stargazer says:

    woah-are my comments being censored. Why?

  34. Hey guys!!!Once again i dont understand why they are even casting heidi.I still feel they should be casting for leah.They should consider putting her role in as well.I am sure who ever plays heidi will do it well.We better brace ourselves for all the new crazy romance rumors.The poor cast will never be left alone….

  35. GenevieveCullen says:

    IMO, I thought McCord was an excellent Heidi, but if she’s not and Seear is, well that’s fine and dandy. I think it’s safe to we are more concerned about the rest of the Volturi.

    As for Seear’s figure, leave the poor girl alone. Just like when everyone was analyzing every inch of Christian Serratos’s model photos, some people are just naturally tall and thin. IT’S A BODY SHAPE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER. If designers choose that shape to display their art, it’s their choice. If you want curvy models, start your own fashion line. Pick on the artists, not their canvases.

  36. Rachel A. says:

    @ GenevieveCullen, “Its a body shape like any other”…good point! Thank you. 🙂

  37. thats just what robe needs to stop dating rumors…a supermodel. Do you realize how many people are going to start talking about them being together. just because she’s super pretty and he’s suepr sexy, people are going to be rabid with this. i dont have anything against her….it’s just that i know what a hard time the cast(especially rob and kristen) is having with publicity and rumors. I mean…i’m sure she’ll do a great job as far as acting goes….but i really think this is just going to put even more weight on rob’s shoulders.

  38. switzgal says:

    Really.. what is this fascination about who will play Heidi??? It’s such a small role. Who cares??!!

  39. I am glad they picked someone who isn’t known, it is what made the Twilight movie so great and i’m also glad its a canadian 😛 tho i hadn’t heard of her lol

  40. I guess it doesn’t really matter who plays Heidi.She’s fine for the role.But now can we just get to the main roles please.All this waiting is killing me.

  41. what the heck is everyone talking about?!!!! who the heck is heidi?????????!!!!!!

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