Pimp My Ride: Twilight Style

Eyes of Amber had a really interesting encounter yesterday. We’ve been doing this blog for three years, and this is one of those few times that we can say,”We’ve never seen anything quite like this before.” Check out Amber’s site for all the pictures and a full explanation.


  1. WOW i want that carl!!!!

  2. 0.0 i NEED that car!!!! :]

  3. The car is awesome! How did she do it?

  4. NezziLautner says:

    if i was thinking about doing something like that… but you know.. with TAYLOR! and the wolf pack.. and Jacob.. and some more TAYLOR!

  5. There’s a Twilight car in my area too! Kinda looks like that.

  6. fan_pire says:


  7. Well, if it ever gets stolen, they’ll be looking at all of us!

    No offense, but I think I’ll stick to my little Honda.

  8. um wow…kinda weird

  9. I sawww this car when I went to get the DVD it was awesomeeee.

  10. GenevieveCullen says:

    I’m pretty sure my dad would KILL me if I put anything Twilight in or on his car lol.

  11. ScarletRubie says:

    that’s a little psychotic, but very interesting. No one will mistake her for a Jake fan.

  12. that is amazing…I am quite surprised, that’s a whole new level of fan right there!

  13. Interesting… i have a twilight decal on my car window… i think that a car like this should be like an ice cream truck….except selling Twilight merchandise… that’s a bit weird isn’t it…

  14. and my family/friends/coworkers think I’m obsessed..this is definately above and beyond the average obsessed fan lol. I do like the car, but the writing on the top of the front doesn’t look as nice as the rest.

  15. hmmm i may be a fan, but that may be pushing it.. my friend amber agrees. too each their own i guess, but that car sticks out like a sore thumb. i bet too many people get a picture next to it. either cuz they love it or because they think that person is crazy. i would probably agree with the latter. but hey! rock on girl. own that design. WORK that interior decorating! haha :)

    hey amber…. edwin collins. hahahahaha :)

  16. stargazer says:


  17. twilightgurl77 says:

    okay i am so doing this to my car! Maybe not to that extreme but yeah.

  18. That car looks so cool!

  19. WOW! I sooooooooo love that car!!!! I am soooooo pimping my car out like that! Pure Twilight style!!!! And a Twilight merchandise truck is actually a good idea. The owner would be like Cullen rich!!!!!

  20. wow…that’s not embarrassing or anything…

  21. Where can i find the seat covers? Or were they custom made?

  22. This is my car and think what you want for those that think I am psychotic! This is how much I love Twilight and Rob and this is forever! For the comment on the writing on the hood….the sides and back are Twilight font with movie quotes and the front sides and hood are Edward font with quotes from the book. Only a few have made wierd comments, mostly religious fanatics or teenage jealous guys, but most everyone loves the car and wants it! I’m just having fun and expressing my love! Blessings to all!

  23. RenesmeePattinson says:

    OMG!!!!!I think that is the coolest,most awesome,rockin’ car in the history of cars!!!!I REALLY WANT AND NEED THAT FREAKIN’ CAR!!!

  24. Alyson Lautner says:

    It would be wayy better if it was team jacob!! somthing like.. I run with the wolves or somthing..

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