Wear Ashley Greene’s Dress

You now have a chance to wear the dress that Ashley Greene was wearing at her recent Saks Fifth Avenue event to your prom. The proceeds from the auction will create grants that the dress drive organizations that are part of the DonateMyDress network can apply for. It will help them run events to collect and distribute dresses to girls who can’t afford them for prom.


  1. Cool, 1st comment!
    Anywho, did anybody else see Ashley Green on E! News last night(Wednesday)?

    It was super cool, she talked about New Moon, and took E! shopping with her!

  2. Cant wait for Ashley upcoming movie. Just hoping my expectations wont be dashed.

  3. That would be cool to buy the dress, but it wouldn’t fit me right and I’d have no purpose for it if I couldn’t wear it.

  4. is the blonde one taylor swift? it KINDA looks lk her but im not suree?

  5. misslelie says:

    OMG, sooo cool- Ashleys dress is gorgeous, and the website has a miley cyrus bcbg max dress in like teal sequine…gorgeous!!! Ashleys dress is wayyyy better though. Its gunna go for like 500$ though i can guarantee, it starts at 200, but there r some crazy(rich) fans out there that wud probably just like smell it.!!!LOL

  6. Ashley looks really cute in her dress!

  7. Rachel A. says:

    I would be all over this if I was still in high school!

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