Vancouver Welcomes New Moon Filming

The Vancouver Sun has an article on how the New Moon movie is the talk of the town. They give all sort of suggestions for filming locations.

They have suggested Swan and Cullen homes to even ideas on which movie theater should be used for Bella’s “date” with Mike and Jacob.

“After the breakup, Bella goes to the movies, where the film reminds her that she has become an emotional zombie (who incidentally hangs out with vampires and werewolves). The closest theatre to Forks, Wash., where New Moon is set is in Port Angeles. That little box with its low marquee to me resembles the Dolphin Theatre in Burnaby. It looks about as small-town as it could be. The added bonus is that the producers would not even have to change the name of the theatre, as dolphins are common in the waters around the Olympic Peninsula.”

Check out the whole story here. TY to Stacey.


  1. Wooo! Go Canada! Haha

  2. …Because the US economy is doing SO well that there’s no need to employ US film crews. And, well, screw shooting ANYTHING in actual Forks, WA. I’m sure the movie will turn out fine, but this sort of upsets me. The first movie was great, they kept under budget, and that was filmed in WA and OR.

  3. Sterling Snow says:

    Umm, I’m ok with it as long as all the houses and the school and stuff look the same. Just so long as it doesn’t look like the town of Forks all packed up and moved to Canada. That’d be hard to explain.

  4. I’m also confused on the move. Money and such aside, I don’t see how anyone ever gets the idea that changing set things part-way through a series is a good idea. I’m hoping that the constant director shift doesn’t break the Saga up and leave the movies looking disjointed.

    I have faith that New Moon will work out (after the letdown of Twilight and Catherine, it won’t take much to impress me the second time around). Thanks for keeping us posted on the movie happenings, Lexicon!

  5. I’m kind of wondering why the location of filming was moved to Canada? Maybe your blog already touched on this and I missed it…but if you haven’t posted anything yet, would you care to take a stab at it?

  6. The theatre suggestion is a great idea.And I think that house looks pretty much like the one in Twilight.

  7. Is that the house from Twilight or the suggested one? And I totally didn’t realize they would have to change house locations. That stinks. I loved the Cullens house in Twilight.

  8. geez… why isn’t anything being filmed on location?

    in twilight (the book), the high school was dif. from the one in the movie, but only cause they switched it for the actual Forks High School (am i right?)

    it seems like for new moon everyone’s just itching to go backwards– quit tryin to get your town in the story! it’s too late! the book’s written!

    (unless they can’t afford the real location-that’s understandable…)

  9. I hope they film at the Dolphin theatre since I live literally 5 minutes away from it! But then again I doubt it since it’s on a very busy road/area.

  10. Dolphin Cinemas? Ew, no.

  11. lirael cullen says:

    What?? New Cullen and Bella houses??? ugh, no way…

  12. I’m not sure if it’s Twilight, but there are major rumours going on around my work and house, that they are filming on my street. It’s amazingly exhilarating to think it might be them. There are tons of movie trucks and security. Rumours. You’ve got to love them.

  13. I just wish they did film it in Forks Wa…. that’s all I have to say……

  14. Taylor Lautner Lover says:

    Omg I am so happy the are Filming it up in my city. All the actors did amazing in twilight so i hope they will make us proud with new moon!!TAYLOR LAUTNER I LOVE YOU

  15. So I’m pretty sure that the reason they moved the filming locations is because of the weather problems they had while shooting twilight. What I read was that they will be doing some scenes (probably the houses and stuff) in their original locations but most of them will be in Vancouver. I trust the cast and crew to work it out so that it blends well with twilight and the new moon book.

  16. Jacqueline says:

    hey Canada isn’t a bad place for filming
    Vancouver is a great place to shoot the movie!!
    don’t underestimate Vancouver!!

    P.S.I live in vancouver so I would would know

  17. OMG! Im soooo happy! I live in Vancouver and i really wanna know where there filming

  18. I heard that it moved to Canada because it’s cheaper to film up here. With a limited budget.. it will allow for the extra CGI effects needed. Just watching the DVD.. the highschool wasn’t Forks anyway. They just stuck a sign in front of a school in Port Ang. or somewhere. I think most of New Moon takes place indoors or on the reservation..which wasn’t shown in Twi. So location can be moved to what will work best for the budget. I’d love to know where they are filming… just to see the set. I’m not one to hang around for the actors. I might be tempted to give my 2 cents on how much I can’t stand stuttering lines. 😉

  19. New Moon will be awesome in Vancouver! Most of the movie is on the reservation but they are actaully filming right by where i live!! I went by the set and tryed to play it off like i was lost but they deffenitly knew i was a fan. The cop told me i could turn around near her car and as I did i saw Kristen Stewart!, And the house they are using as Jacob Blacks with 2 motorcycle’s parked in front 😀 so stoked.

  20. Madison Littlejohn says:

    omigosh, Lrobs where do you live?

  21. ya.. Lrobs, where do you live..?LOL

  22. Hey all read all your comments. I’m so jealous of you in Vancouver. I’m in WA but I would love to have sneek peek at the action and the actors. It must be so exciting to be that close. See all that you can see just don’t get caught and be safe. I’m living through your eyes!

    Thank you

  23. where the hecky is the new moon beeing filmed next!!!!

  24. selena jose says:

    OMG arent we canadians so lucky to live here god gave us this.LOl LOve twilight want to buy the whole series of the movie and books,!!!!

  25. small business owner says:

    I you ever tried doing business in the state of washington you would understand why they left for Vancouver.

  26. Ptfilmaker says:

    I worked on twilight in forks port ang for two weeks weather wasn’t much of any problems. It was our director, look at her prev titles not fx films, directors with no fx directing tend to have a hard time seeing the way it will be. I’m on second film for 4 days van gibes bigger kick backs the us dollar can strecth further and that’s that. It’s biznezz nothing more. I’m no fan just a film maker I never read the books nor scripts so let’s see if we can stick with our new director.

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