Variety Adds Fuel to Leak

It was leaked yesterday that Juan Antonio Bayona protege of master director Guillermo Del Toro was in the running for the Eclipse job.

Today, Variety has added to these rumors stating that not only has Bayona been offered the job, but he’s actually landed it. They state:

“Summit, which had no comment Wednesday, is expected to make the official announcement soon.”

Generally speaking Variety, like EW and Nikki Finke, is one of those sources you can rely on.


  1. by eclipse job do you mean director?

  2. :( I hope not. I was hoping they would hire a female director for Eclipse….

  3. Plus I have never heard of him.

  4. It seems like such a random choice.

  5. You guys don’t know what you’re talking about!!!!! BAYONA IS HOT HOT STUFF IN THE DIRECTING WORLD. Go watch The Orphanage, and you’ll see that he is PERFECT FOR ECLIPSE!

  6. Brandi Grant says:

    I so hope he does have the job as director of “Eclipse”. He did such an awesome job on “The Orphanage”. I would love to see how he handles all the newborn vampires.

  7. I think this is a good thing. I’m just glad it’s not Drew Barrymore.

    Now I have NO WORRIES that Eclipse will be done to the very best it can be!!!
    YES!!!! I am soooo HAPPY!

  9. YESSSS!!!!! This is AWESOME. HE is awesome. I’m so happy and I’m really hoping this is true!

  10. WOO HOO!!! LOVE this guy, he’s super rad! PLEASE let this be true!!

  11. This is amazing. Eclipse will be stupendous!

  12. Thank God Drew Barrymore is not directing Eclipse. And I hope her name is not brought up again on the last movie either, Breaking Dawn would be too much for her. Bayona seems great and everyone is just giving high praises for him. Good Job SUMMIT!!!!!!!!

  13. La tua cantante says:

    Praise the Lord he is directing Eclipse!!! ahahaha
    And those of you who are judging harshly because YOU have never heard of him..I suggest you do some research of his work so you can also come to terms that HE REALLY IS PERFECT to do Eclipse!!
    I have NO WORRIES now that Eclipse will be done to the very best it can be now!!! I am even MORE excited! I have a feeling that Eclipse could turn out to be the best one made!!!

  14. Amen izzy. I agree!I actually think that most peopel will be happu with this decision!
    It’s a good one!

  15. Hmm… Interesting. Paul Weitz, Juan Antonio Bayona, and Drew Barrymore. Talk about an ecclectic group.
    I’m not totally thrilled about Drew. She’s a great actress, but her first directing gig isn’t even out yet. Well have to see how that goes.
    Bayona is AMAZING! He would definitely bring a new feel to Eclipse that I believe would work perfectly.
    Paul Weitz would be cool too. He’s got experience and I think that he could gel Eclipse with New Moon really well (being brothers with Chris and all).
    I’m trying to keep an open mind. Man, Woman. As long as they capture the feel of the story correctly, I’ll be happy.

  16. papermoon says:

    please, please let this be true. though i’d still rather have A. Cuaron or G. del Toro, this is an excellent choice.

    BTW- wikipedia already has it that he’s the director. of course, their source is the article above.

  17. How about we find out the rest of the cast for New Moon? This is so stupid, telling us the director for a movie that’s not even filming yet and not telling us the cast? I mean, why are they trying to keep it some big secret? It’s getting ridiculous.

  18. Cappi, it makes sense. Work on Eclipse will start way before New Moon hits cinemas, what with the screenwriting and the newly minted director settling into the role and focusing on establishing a working relationship with Summit and the current crew members.

    He is an excellent choice. If you want some perspective on why his work would fit the theme of Eclipse, watch his 2007 Spanish horror film: The Orphanage.

  19. G. del Toro’s work is gorgeous (did you see Pan’s Labyrinth??), and while I’m not familiar with Bayona it speaks very well of him to have studied under del Toro, whom I privately considered a fantastic person for the director’s chair. I’m particularly jazzed he’ll be doing Eclipse, as it’s my favorite book in the series.

  20. lirael cullen says:

    Wow! I’m trying to keep every information separated from New Moon and Eclipse! From Dakota Fanning being cast, to Bayona directing Eclipse, and lastly to seeing the pictures of them all smoking! O.o I think i’m gonna take a breather for a while.. Extremely happy that Summit appears to have seen the light..
    *still haven’t forgiven them for Solomon yet..*

  21. El Orfanato was great, but wasn’t that G. del Toro?

  22. This is just perfect!!! Bayona is great!!! He’s one of the best directors in his generation, and he learnt from the best, del Toro!!!
    Go watch “The Orphanage” and you won’t be disappointed. He’s the best to give the series the darkness it deserves. He will push the movies in the right direction, because he will open the series to that group of people who didn’t like Twilight because of the too sweet love story.
    Great choice, Summit!!!

  23. Jenee, G. del Toro produced “The Orphanage”. Bayona directed it.

  24. I’m glad he was selected as the director for Eclipse. I haven’t seen his other movie the Orphanage,so I’ll rent that this weekend to familiarize myself with his work. I know the movie will be in good hands now that I found out he’s a Guillmero del Toro protege. I loved Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy II. So I think Bayone will give the film a different look and style visually from the other two American directors for the Twilight saga. It worked for Alfonso Cuaron when he helmed HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban,so seeing the work from a foreign director will give the film a very exotic look. Now I’m really looking forward to the third film,as novel Eclipse was really interesting as well.

  25. It’s not just Variety that’s fueling the’s virtually every online news source out there. Sure, one wrong person can always find a friend, but several wrong people? Like 20? I’m sure at this point, the rumor is true.

  26. Those pictures are great!

    None of my business, but… did Catherine Hardwicke hold her casting sessions in a smoking room at LAX? ‘Cause I knew KStew, Nikki, and RPattz did, but apparently so do Peter, Kellan, Ashley?? Wow… lol


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