Tina Fey a Rob Pattinson Fan?

Last night on Jimmy Fallon’s show he had on Tina Fey. Tina decided to mention Robert Pattinson a couple of times.  According to Lexiconer Kate:

“..On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy was interviewing Tina Fey and they talked about her being in attendance at the Oscars. She was explaining that she tried to keep a serious look on her face when she knew she would be in the background of a Mickey Rourke closeup. They showed a still shot of what she was talking about and Rob was also in the shot. Fey said to Fallon “Who is that other guy? Is that the devil?” and Fallon responded “That’s the ‘Twilight’ dude.” She responded by saying “He is one sexy devil.” Later on in the same interview, Fallon was mocking one of Fey’s past looks. He said that she resembled Dracula. She replied with “That’s not me. That’s Robert Pattinson.”

If you want to see it yourself the episode is available here.


  1. FreakinLoon says:

    30 Rock is my favorite show and if she REALLY wanted to see some ratings, she should have Rob on the show. He doesn’t even have to speak, he could just be walking the streets of NY.

  2. papermoon says:

    i saw that, i almost choked on my drink when she asked if he was the devil!

  3. HAHA that’s hilarious FreakinLoon 🙂 But it’s just so true.

    Comment about Rob @ about 14:25
    Then the Dracula comment @ about 20:00

    And I think Fallon also agrees “YEAH, he’s a sexy lookin devil.” LOL
    You can tell how bored Robert was Lmfao ^_^

  4. shavei7 says:


    sexy looking devil indeed!

    Does Fey know that Pattinson finds her sexy? lucky girl! wo0t!

  5. R Cullen (for edward only) says:

    first i thought tht she actually liked rob….but then it turned out to be wrong…..i dont really get this…..if she didnt no tht rob was in twilight….how could she say tht..’dracula is rob’

  6. @ R Cullen:
    She probably didn’t recognize his face because she’s not that into Twilight; who knows if she’s even seen it. But when Fallon said “oh that’s the Twilight guy” a light bulb must had gone off in her head like “Oh, you mean that Pattinson feller!” and then she said it out loud later. 🙂

  7. Twilight Nymph says:

    HA HA “Is that the devil?”. and the “Twilight Dude”. That’s funny. Yet, i didn’t find the dracula one as funny. Yet I have to admit, Tina Fey is right, He is one sexy devil. LOL. Lissete, Jimmy Fallon did agree by saying “Yeah, he’s a sexy looking devil.” LOL. Oh, and I agree Rob did looked bored but pensive all while being a sexy devil at the same time. LOL

  8. aww i missed it and nbc won’t play it cause of my location…damn you nbc!!
    lol but rob is no doubt a sexy devil, good cal tiny fey!

  9. If Rob’s the devil then I want to go to hell!!

  10. NOOOOOO!!! 🙁
    I’ve missed it too!!!nbc won’t play it because of my location…damn you nbc!!
    Can someone post it in youtube??? please!!

  11. I saw the Oscars that night and he did look like the devil. But just as I was begining to think EVERYBODY knew who the Twilight characters were she has to ask who Rob is. I mean even if you don’t know about Nikki Reed (Rosalie) or Elizabeth Reaser (Esme) you should know who Rob is come on. I bet she wasjust joking.

  12. now he going to be known as the Twilight Dude? LOL!

  13. after the oscars (or was it before?) rob was asked which role he’d love to play and he answered that he’d love to be the devil.
    so I guess she’s referencing to that?
    I can’t think of another explanation for that.
    but I gotta admit that she’s right,although he looked a bit bored. XD

  14. I think she knew who he was–she was being funny by saying “is that the devil?”

    But who knows. I actually didn’t recognize him at first when I was watching the Oscars and saw that bit with Mickey Rourke. He did look sort of satanic. I think it was the tux. 🙂

  15. Tina Fey is so funny, she got it right, he sure is a sexy looking devil.

  16. Haha, thanks to the Lex for the link. 😀

  17. FreakinLoon says:

    Okay, after sleeping on it, I COMPLETELY changed my mind. Tina should have Rob on the show, but have him play The Devil. (Maybe torturing everyone on the Tracy Jordan set yet scared of Jenna.)

    Am I the only one curious to know how Rob would do in a comedy?

  18. i smile at silver volvos says:

    oooo Tina Fey dissed Rob! well, in my opinion, Tina Fey is cooler than Pattinson anyyway

  19. dazzleme says:

    Earlier this year Rob told a Canadian magazine that he thinks Tina Fey is quirky and sexy . Here is the link: http://www.showbizspy.com/article/181557/robert-pattinson-tina-fey-is-sexy
    I would love to watch him on 30 Rock with her, or better yet, as a guest host on SNL!!!!

  20. GenevieveCullen says:

    I love Fey in SNL, especially during the Sarah Palin campaign. And I agree with FreakinLoon, I think Rob is HILARIOUS just being himself.

    If Fey’s crushing on Rob, that’d be cute. Waaaaayy better than Paris Hilton :S

  21. Tinay Fey is really good in impersonating Sarah Palin. Great Comedian.`~;

  22. i guess Tina Fey is pretty too aside from being a good comedian:;:

  23. Tinay Fey really looks a lot like Sarah Palin.,-

  24. i agree! tina Fey really looks like Sarah Palin**’

  25. i think Tina Fey is also pretty, she is a great comedian and i like the way she acts `**

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