Hot Topic and This Week’s Twilight Clue

Straight from Hot Topic, let the guessing begin!

“…Don’t forget about our Twilight DVD release party! We’re going to have an Edward Cullen standee at every party for you and your fellow Twilight fans to pose and take pictures with. And like we mentioned last week, we have some super-cool surprises planned. Did last week’s hint help? Well, this week’s hint is “I’m warning you!” Have you figured it out yet?

 Don’t just sit there. Pre-order your copy of Twilight from select Hot Topic stores so you can attend one of our DVD release parties!”

Hot Topic also has a variety of new merchandise out, as well as a restocking of past favorites.


  1. Sandyra says:

    THAT throws me off a little, haha.

    hmm… These are starting to sound like the human emotions that Edward seems to be reconnecting with. He’s never loved anyone before Bella. He wants her to have and enjoy all the human experiences. He wants to protect her so she can.

  2. Definitely seems like Jacob’s presence at prom.. he’s infatuated with Bella, and goes to prom to warn her (on Billy’s behalf..) .. Is it a Jacob standee?

  3. Laura Rosenberg says:

    Well, not Edward as I originally though – it must be Jacob. “I Heart Bella” could be Jacob (though being on Team Edward, I prefer not to think that way). Jacob was at Prom. And he was passing on Billy’s warning. So right now I say the clues are pointing to something Jacob related.

    I’ve thought all along that the clues would point to an in-store giveaway–a trinket or accessory (probably something Hot Topic already sells). So it could be a Jacob button or sticker, etc.

  4. I still think it has to do with Jacob’s VW. Is it a model of the rabbit he restores?

  5. Melanie says:

    something to do with the Volturri? Maybe a t-shirt or a cardboard cut-out of them all! Lol, doubt it. “I love Bella” (or was it “I heart Bella”?) could do with Edward needing to protect Bella from the Volturri. And…I forget what the other clue was..hehe…
    I’m trying to come up with something other than the quite obvious Jacob reference.

  6. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    Ok….Edward & Jacob both heart Bella, they were both at prom & Edward was definitely less than thrilled with Jacob’s presence at prom. It has something to do with them competing over Bella. Maybe they’ll divide us into Team Edward& Team Jacob & making us compete???

  7. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    As for the Edward stand to take pictures with…I predicted that last week Twilight Lexicon…lol!

  8. Twilight Addict 413 says:

    I think it will be Hot Topic’s own version of the Bella Bracelet or perhaps something to do with fire and ice that represents Edward and Jacob.
    #1 They both love(*heart*)Bella
    #2 They both confront eachother at the prom and
    #3 They both threaten eachother many times through out the series

  9. Hmm it definitly has to do with Jacob.. I heart Bella is something that Jake would say as opposed to Edward.. he was at prom and he came to warn her.. maybe it will be a Jake cut-out, or possibly they could be introducing more merchandise that is geared to Jacob in preparation of New Moon..

  10. Aw, man! I already have an Edward Cullen Cut-out! Oh well….

    Jeez, this keeps getting more complicated. Maybe a warning sign for Bella to stay away from Jacob at prom?

    I got nothin’.

  11. It’s definitely something Team Jacob. Little wolf stuffed animals??

    I need to go home and think some more….

  12. I’m thinking it’ll be something like what the E-Prom was.

  13. Hansom Ransom says:

    I think it could also be when Edward tells Bella that he is dangerous for her and that she should stay away from him. But I am leaning more towards something Jacob related…

  14. Cargonza says:

    Ahh I want the earrings!!

  15. jessica says:

    I still think it has to do with prom, maybe a pic of edward belle and jacob in prom attire autographed by the actors?! Maybe next weeks clue will help.

  16. novusluna says:

    “I heart Bella”, “Prom”, “I’m warning you” all surround the Prom scene in the movie. Perhaps they are going to show deleted scenes from this part of the movie or different endings to the movie. Maybe they will make this into some sort of game to play or watch.

  17. VegVamp says:

    I think it is because Jacob did happen to come to prom to “warn” her. He also thinks she looks very pretty and is in love with her and i quote “Yea but she’s already taken”

  18. allisonlovesedward says:

    I agree with Tabby
    “possibly they could be introducing more merchandise that is geared to Jacob in preparation of New Moon..”

    I’m almost positive that it’s Jacob-related.

  19. i think maybe it has something to do with alice?! she hearts bella, she is the one that got her ready for prom, and her visions give everyone warnings?… hhmmm… just trying to think besides the obvious answer…

  20. Josie B. says:

    I think that maybe it is referring to something Jacob related. Maybe some exclusive New Moon merchandise or something else invovling New Moon.

  21. Shadowdragon13 says:

    Okay, now it’s sounding like Jacob’s coming on strong!

  22. Cortney says:

    Wow, this is getting tough. I was thinking something Edward. But “I’m warning you” could be Jacob,even though I hope it’s somthing Edward. It could be both, and something to do with Prom. Maybe the Edward or Jacob cut out?

  23. Something to do with Jacob maybe? Like some people said, Billy’s warning.

  24. It’s Jacob 😀

  25. i agree with tiiina!
    “i think maybe it has something to do with alice?! she hearts bella, she is the one that got her ready for prom, and her visions give everyone warnings?”

    i was thinking that. but i think it might have something to do with the preperation for prom. cuz bella didnt want to go, so it prob has to do with alice saying something to her about that.

    and also, isnt it something that the winner gets? it will prob be merchandice, cuz the winner cant get an actor for themselves like that(but god to i wish!!! if that was the case i would say taylor all the way!!!!!)

  26. Uhh maybe Jacob or Alice?

  27. Could also be something having to do with victoria, maybe because the first clue is I heart bella, not I love bella, the word heart is the actual clue, and Victoria loved james, She blames Bella for killing him, so in a way, Bella ripped out her heart. She was also at prom. and she is a danger to bella, hance the warning you clue. Or the warning clue could have to do with Alice, remember in the book when James told alice’s story, and it wasnt in the movie. Maybe it was and it got cut or something, and the stores are gonna air that scene or something.

  28. Yeah, I def think it’s something from the prom. Most likely something about Jakob because he came to warn Bella for his dad. How about a jakob stand-up.

  29. suzanne says:

    I am still goinh to go with either a miniture of jacob’s car or the wolf charm he made bella because he warned bella at prom and hearts bella

  30. I’m still thinking it might be something with Alice. She “hearts” her and she had to deal with the prom dres. She might warn her about things. but this clue throws me off a bit. I don’t know it can be also Jacob since he send a warning from his father.. So far I have two possibilities a replica of a dress worn by either alice or bella. Or an autoograph signed by Taylor, Kristen or rob…

  31. twilightfan86 says:

    okay jacob went to prom to “warn” bella and he was at the prom. now the i heart bella sounds like the bracelet that jaboc gave her, but the heart charm was given by edwar and they were both at prom and edward does warn jacob many times but im pretty sure it’s something to do with jacob

  32. Candace says:

    I am at a loss! I am Team Edward so I hope it has something to do with Edward. I going to have to think on it for a while

  33. It sounds like it defenately has to do with jocob or edward… maybe it’s a new moon trailer, or mechandise… maybe even a jocob doll or something

  34. misslelie says:

    I’m not sure if it’s about Edward or Jacob-Heres my reasoning.

    1. {Jacob hearts Bella, and the way it’s said “I heart Bella” Kind of sounds like something he would brag about.}[Edward well self explanatory]
    2. Prom, [Jacob was there-his father payed him to go.}[Edward took her to prom.]
    3. I’m Warning You, I’m thinking it’s Edward because he kind of warns Jacob to leave with his eyes when Jacob arrives at rpom and the song finishes.

    Well not sure but maybe something to do with Edward&Jacob. But I got nothing.<3

  35. Could it be one of the wooden things Jacob has, it’s for his hearting Bella, Prom is a time for usually giving gifts, and Edward doesn’t like it so he warns Jacob

  36. I’m changing my mind again.Now I hope I’m atleast a little close.Maybe it has something to do with Jacob because he loved Bella and he had come to the prom to warn Bella to stay away from Edward.Actually I think whatever I said doesn’t make sense.I don’t know…

  37. sherley says:

    I think it has to do with Jacob not Edward!!

  38. Keri Lynn says:

    Finally Cullen Crest Earrings!

  39. I think it has something to do with Alice because Alice hearts Bella (just not in a romantic way), she was not only present at prom but she helped Bella get ready for prom, and Alice has warned Bella quite a bit. Especially in New Moon when they were on their way to Italy. So maybe it’s like an Alice doll or something.

  40. Twilightiscool says:

    hmmmm well i think it could be something like a cool prom picture or a uhh soemthing to do with edward bella or jacob lol

  41. mmm im starting to think it could be jacob?

  42. Stefanie says:

    I def think thats it has something to do with the warning that jacob gives Bella at prom and the tension between Edward and Jacob. I think it might be a deleted scene from prom thats exlusive only to Hot Topic? That’s the best I can think of– this clue threw me off a bit…

  43. sillygirl says:

    This isn’t really helping. It has to be something to do with either Jacob or Edward, I just can’t decide which one. they both love her, both are at prom, and both warn her. I am leaning more towards Jacob though because I think this a Twilight specific prize, and Edward is consistantly warning Bella throughout the series. Maybe it’s a jacob doll. I’ll go with that for now.

  44. Shannon says:

    I think it has to do something with Jacob at prom. Because…

    He “Hearts Bella”
    He was at Prom
    And he came to prom specifically to ‘warn’ Bella

  45. It must have something to do with Jacob. Hmmm…. I agree with Shannon.

  46. It has something to do with Jacob so it could be a Jacob charm, poster, doll, or shirt?

  47. Katy Olson says:

    Well, I guess I was overthinking it:
    Could it be as simple as “Team Jacob”?

  48. Litekeeper says:

    “I’m warning you”is what Edwards says to her when he’s telling Bella that hes not a good friend for her I think it most likley has something to do with Edward. Maybe it’s a special symbol that represents Bella and Edward.


  49. Chloe Cullen says:

    Hmm.. Now I’d say it’s probably NOT something to do with Edward (unfortunately, haha). Although I guess the “warning” part might work, for how he warns her not to become a vampire.. I also don’t think Edward would say I “heart” Bella.

    So probably something to do with Jacob, or maybeeee Alice…. Although still, it has to be something available at every Hot Topic with a party going on, so something from the cast is unlikely. I’d say it’s most likely something to do with Jacob. Ahhh! It’s so hard to know.

  50. I fail to find where Hot Topic has said that the hints are referring to something being given away at the launch parties. Just that you will get a prize if you guess the surprse, am I right? I’ve thought all along that maybe the ‘surprise’ was some special guest.

    Keeping that in mind, all the hints point to one character, Jacob Black. He loves Bella, and was at the prom to pass along a warning to Bella. Makes sense to me. So maybe the surprise is a guest appearance by Taylor Lautner.

    Perhaps a simulcast event at each store, since not even a werewolf can be in more than one place at a time.

    Or maybe I am dead wrong and missed wherever it said the surprise was an actual object, since apparently that is what everyone else thinks.


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