Blogger Maggie Is Back With “What’s My Line?”

As many of you know, PHD student Maggie had the opportunity to observe the makings of the Twilight movie last year.  She’s collected her thoughts on line changes from book to movie in her latest blog post.

“Some…lines were straight from the book, some were inventions, some poignant, some hysterical, and a myriad of other adjectives. Some I can see why they were cut, as they weren’t integral to the scene or weren’t necessary, so they could be removed without compromising the scene, others I really wonder why…”

Find out Maggie’s thoughts on why and more here.


  1. I was shocked and disappointed they took the dazzle dialogue out! I mean, it’s on T-shirts and etc., and was so darn cute!

  2. amie (vampwolf) says:

    I hated the script and thought it was awful. It just made the actors look even worse. Stephenie should have written it. She knows how to write correctly, and have good lines. The screen writer is also repsonsible for what actions are written for the actors, so really since alot of people were disappointed, they should just blame the screen writer.

  3. I agree that the script could have been written more true to the book. There were some very important elements left out. For example, how the smell of blood makes Bella sick. Second the dazzle dialogue should have been left in as well. The field trip just didn’t make any sense at all. If other script witters can stay close to story lines, why aren’t the ones for the Twilight saga’s not doing the same. I say lets fire them than hire new ones!

  4. Carol, agreed. WHY did they put the lame field trip in there and take out REAL stuff?

    What about sitting together in lunch and the whole place staring… and the bottle cap!

    What about all the nights they spent together bonding? And the talking in her sleep!

    The dazzling part with the waitress is the biggest part I missed.

  5. Faktririjekt says:

    Most of Edward and Bella’s dialogue and actions were slow-paced, awkward and uncertain, and they made me cringe.

  6. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    I wish they had more of the Quileutes in it. They’re my fave part of the whole thing!
    <3 TAYLOR <3
    <3 JACOB <3

  7. Very interesting, Thanks!

  8. I enjoyed the movie, but the development of bella and edward’s relationship seemed rushed to me, I missed the blood typing scene and the conversations at school! the field trip was stupid and where were all the Cullens??? especially alice!!! she’s one of the best characters in the series! Less Humans more cullens!

  9. behappyhewhispered says:

    My biggest peeve with the movie was that ok, twilight is all about this amazing, wonderful, different family, ie…the Cullens. Through the Readers eyes, we all fell in love with them. The movie, to me anyway, took away from the cullens. I was so much more interested in the humans. Mike, Angela, Jess, they were fantastic. I couldnt halp but love them. But the Cullens came off as just this awkward, pale (but pinked eared), well off family. I never got the vamp vibe. Maybe Im just crazy. And Alice, her 3 lines in the whole thing made me terribly sad. I think we can all agree that Alice is SOOO important and she just comes off as a cute little girl, not this amazing vampiric friend. Ya know?


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