A Double Dose of MTV

MTV talked to My Chemical Romance about what movies they might consider writing music for. Unfortunately it seems like the band makes the mistake that a lot of people do and think Twilight is a typical fangs, blood, and gore vampire movie. The band is on the playlists for Twilight and Eclipse and has been a fan favorite for years.  Maybe they might want to talk to Justin of Blue October or Matthew of Muse, then they’ll get it.

MTV also has a feature, given that the Oscars are coming up, on the year 1999, which is considered a modern great year for movies, kind of the way 1939 is considered a great year for Golden Age of Hollywood movies. One of the people they interview in their 1999 retrospective is Catherine Hardwicke.


  1. They never did call Twilight a fangs blood and gore movie. They might just feel that their stuff doesn’t fit a vampire movie in general.

  2. I agree with Amanda, on some aspects…
    they never said that that twilight was fangd and blood. as a matter of fact, i think they would prolly jump on to twilight if it was. Because they have done a vampire/werewolf movie (Underworld Evolution). even though that wasnt an original song but a remix that they allowed on the soundtrack.

  3. Yeah I agree with previous posts too. But it’s still too bad! I’m a big fan of their music, and to hear them in the movie would probably complete my (crazy, typical teenage) life. Haha. I love these boys and the music they make together. But if they don’t want to have any part with this, then that’s fine; I respect their decisions. 🙂
    (MCR fan forever!)

  4. Yeah, MCR’s definitely more of a dark, death-blood-and-gore kind of group. I mean, their entire last album revolved around the theme of death. It’s awesome, but not really Twilight material.

  5. MCR has been my favorite band for almost 5 years now, and i back them up 100%. And the twilight series being my other favorite thing, it would be so amazing to hear my boys playing on the soundtrack, but i have a hard time disagreeing with gerard’s decisions. ahaha

  6. Yeh MCR are one of my favourite bands. And I do believe they could write a pretty awesome song that goes along with twilight. although then again i dont think they will be on the soundtrack as they just finished the watchmen video, and they’re working on their album.


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