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Billy Burke, everyone’s favorite police chief, will be appearing in several episodes of The Closer this year. According to promo clips being shown, Billy is in Monday’s episode. So, set those TIVOs! TY to Jen for the heads up.

Media Blvd talks to Dakota Fanning about Coraline, Push, and her New Moon hopes.

Robert Pattison gets a mention at Times of the Internet comparing the UK to the USA.

There’s a new CD that has a bonus DVD in the works. No specifics on what exactly is on this DVD. Now on the other hand, this one is pretty cool. It’s a string tribute to the Twilight soundtrack. We are picturing lots of YouTube fan vids featuring this in the future. TY to Stacey for the heads up.

According to E! Anna Lynn McCord has auditioned for the role of Heidi in New Moon.


  1. i can see Anna Lynn McCord as heidi

  2. Twilight Lover says:

    who’s heidi again?

  3. cullen princess says:

    So I’m not the only one who doesn’t remember a “heidi”…What’s wrong here? Why can’t I remember?? lol. Gonna buy that new soundtrack w/ the dvd for sure. How/when can we get that string tribute though?

  4. I don’t remember a Heidi either. If she’s that forgettable have an unknown do the part.

  5. cullen princess says:

    Ohh, I looked it up. She was the “bait” to lure all the humans to the Volturi. Just forgot her name

  6. Alu Rathbone says:

    Ummm Mel, Twilight lover, and Cullen Princess reread New Moon again if you can’t remember… Heidi was walking into the Big Room with a bunch of tourists… Heidi is like Rosalie… gorgeous… aka… Vampire Bait… lures them in with her beauty and then … well you know what happens…

    She is clearly in there… and fyi… an unknown should also play Jane with your mentalities.. cause Jane isn’t a huge major character…

    But I want Dakota Fanning in the film… she’d do awesome.

  7. hmmmcullen says:

    heide is part of the volturi. sbes the one that comes back with all the humans as edward bella and alice are leaving. she is gonna be in the movie for like a second

  8. eh, I’m not sold on her playing Heidi…

  9. Alu Rathbone says:

    She is a small character… Heidi is… lol… I didn’t mean to sound crass in that first posting… i was just suggesting…

    I’m digging my self a deeper hole… i’m sorry. Please don’t hate me!

  10. Hmmm, she could work. She is dating Kellen Lutz too, I believe.

  11. i have NOTHING against Anna, but i just dont like the idea of big name actors playing roles, especially small rolls such as heidi, in the movie. it takes away from the MYSTERY of it all. i mean, getting these less know actors to play these roles would be really beneficial. its way easier to beleive the already unbeleiveable: that vampires are real. and i think using well known actors would kinda hinder the ambience of the films…. i dunno. i mean, the cast of Twilight has already gotten so popular, adding more fame to the mix makes it more of just another movie and less of an actual story. the story should make the movie…
    i mean, the idea that vampires are real, it is in reality a frightening aspect. to make the actors who play them even more unreal is to make them unfamiliar, unrecognizable, that creates a more terrifying reality for the viewer. the idea that you dont recognize the danger. keep it very subtle and intimidating. familiar faces don’t create that type of feeling. it becomes less likely to the viewer and loses the thrill of what is the mystery of the Twilight universe. the same idea goes for the other cast memebers to be added on in later movies. even the wolf pack and their families. if Weitz was smart he would take to that philosophy….

    anyone agree?

  12. Alu Rathbone says:

    To be perfectly honest… i have no idea who this anna person is…

  13. shes on the new 90210.. and shes in the new movie “Fired Up!”.
    shes blonde with curly hair.

  14. I really hope she didn’t get the part. I know she’s supposed to be dating Kellan and all and that she’s got some big fanbase on 90210 but she’s just not right for the part.

    I mean the good thing is that even if she does get the role, Heidi is in the book for about a minute and doesn’t have a major role in any of the other books from what I can remember.

    I think these new members of the New Moon cast really need to be chosen carefully. The studio shouldn’t hire someone for trivial reasons. There was a certain level of acting ability in Twilight and some of the names that have been mentioned in the last few weeks just are not at par.

  15. I tried to read the article on E! , but it wouldn’t let me. Is anyone else having that problem?

  16. Nothing against ALM personally but I hope they don’t cast her. Even though she looks really old for 21 (REALLY old – she looks more like 41 and I guess I did get personal, oops!), I hope they cast an actual adult in the role of Heidi — Not someone who plays a teen on tv.

    I agree with Cynthia, paragraphs 1 and 3.

  17. Not sure if you’ve seen this one before, but The Vitamin String Quartet does a Twilight music tribute, too. For the few songs they do on the CD, it’s pretty good.

  18. lirael cullen says:

    hahah for some reason i was picturing Megan Fox as heidi… she can be the whole seductive come here and i’ll show you a good time. *teehee* oh by the way i mention she smell sooo good?? hahah any ways.. hmmm yeah thumbs up for Anna Lynn..

  19. I would love Annalynn as Heidi. She was my original Rosalie before Nikki was cast and Annalynn was on 90210. Fingers crossed!

  20. and I would hardly call annalynn mccord a big name. She’s no bigger than Ashley Greene. I would say elisabeth reasers better known

  21. Anna Lynn wold be great as Heidi!! I actually think they should have got her to play Rosalie instead of Nikki Reed…

  22. I think Anna would be fine as Heidi, she looks beautiful and as a vampire (in my mind) should look. Most of the vampires in Twilight are attractive people, but I would not do a double take if they walked past me (well, now that I know who they are I probably would, but not because of how beautiful they are). Anyway, I wish they had cast drop dead gorgeous people in Twilight, I am a big fan of the peeps who played Alice, Jasper, and Emmett though.

    Enough with the wanting no-named actors in the roles. Can we please all agree that we just want people who can act? That is what really matters. And I have never heard of this Anna girl before, she is no A-lister.

    Megan Fox would have made a Grreat vampire, she is drop dead gorgeous! I think she is at least in the top 5 most beautiful people.

    I trust Chris Weitz’s casting ability much more than Catherine’s. Not to bash on her, but I know I could have done a better job casting certain characters. I also think I would have done a better job dressing the people. Skinny jeans should be made in size 4 and under. And please, no more boy clothes from the thrift store to dress Bella in. I know that they had a tight budget…but honestly!

  23. i think anna would have made a better rosalie shes more like i pictured her.

  24. as rosalie? really? its not taht she isnt pretty, but it took me several episodes to finally think she was pretty, and Rosalie is supposed to be BAM in your face beautiful. i will keep my blunt opinion to myself, but ya i dont know…

    AND new face actors can act just as well as well known actors. i merely suggest that they find the talented actors who are under the radar and give them the opportunity to participate in a high profile movie. if we didnt have new young actors who could act we wouldnt have a lot of movies. Lots of people can act, its not about the acting, its about the essence of the movie that i am more worries about., i wrote about it up top….. but it donest matter in the long wrong. its more of a thought. what i say or what you say or what anyone says wont change what the director chooses we will just have to get used to what he does choose…

  25. I would just like to point out:
    There’s always those Twilight fans that have something to complain about (regarding casting). No matter how small the role is.
    LOL, I remember when some people were worried about “Mr. Molina” the biology teacher.

    I’m glad that we’re informed about casting, but I’m also dissapointed in the level of maturity of some of the people being informed.

    Anyways, I’ve gone off on a tangent. I don’t really care who plays Heidi. Just like I didn’t really care who played Tyler, Phil, or the waitress.
    I’m just glad that we get updates on New Moon 🙂

  26. I agree with cmomma!!!! I don’t care who plays who I just want good actors and updates!!!! and Jessica I can’t veiw the E! article either they probably have some problems with it.;>

  27. xemolicious says:

    wait, isnt anne lynn mccord kellan lutz ex girlfriend?? O:

  28. xemolicious says:

    isnt annie lynn mccord kellan lutz ex girlfriend?? O:

  29. ashley_119882004 says:

    The link didnt work for me either. I really dont care who plays Heidi shes in it for what less then 30 seconds.

  30. me either, but id you google her you can find pics. i love google.

    may i clarifly, i dont care who is in the cast, i ve been through enough harry potter movies to worry about who gets casted as what. its a movie that with time passes by. you all remeber the twilight DRAMA with casting. people acutally had the audacity to go out of there way to write Rob about who they dont think he is right for the role. i mean COME ON people it is just a movie.

    more than anything, i just like to hear other peoples ideas, and understand what they are thinking. but i dont think, in the end, it is fair to still criticize. everyone is entiltled to their opinion. in not a big deal at ALL to me. 🙂 i just like to see peoples opinions.

  31. The link is all retarded
    it says:

    “http : // www. twilightlexiconblog .com / You have given me new life. You have given me my family. You have given me my reason to exist. Everything I have and everything I am is a gift from you. A gift, but one which you get to keep, as well. I am, and will always be, yours.”

    how werid…

  32. you can't see me kay? says:

    i’m tired of all these actors we’ve already seen.
    i want newww people.

  33. OMG. Please…I’ve never heard of Annalynn…She looks the part…she’d be on for a second…STOP WHINING!!!

    Whats the matter w/ being known? Isn’t it more importaint that they a)look the part and b) can ACT?

    Dakota for Jane XD

  34. I also don’t like the idea of big name actors playing roles in the film. It would be so much better to pick unknowns who actually fit the roles. And another thing, have you seen the New Moon trailer? What is the deal with Bella dressed in a white gown jumping off the cliff? Do they have to do that crap? You knew as soon as this thing hit it big they would crap it up with gay camp moves like that and Hollywood types who don’t fit the roles they are playing.

  35. She would be perfect for that part.

  36. fleabernal says:

    What New Moon trailer?

  37. I agree entirely with kp~love! Funny, I knew who Heidi was but not this Anna Lynn McCord. Not into 90210 (I was obsessed with the original) Ok I just dated myself…

  38. dancrkittycat says:

    THIS GIRL SHOULD HAVE BEEN ROSALIE!!! i think she’s gorgeous and she would have been a better Rosalie.
    She is going to be great as a temptress luring vampire if she gets the part.

  39. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Whats with people, why do you guys want unknown actors? I think Anna should have been Rosalie. She could make a good Heidi, but I’ve always seen Heidi as a brunette. I don’t know how she’s suppose to look i forgot.

  40. Lissete, that’s what it says for me too! That’s so weird. Did the lexicon get hacked?

  41. Ru, I don’t know! It’s funny though. Where is that from? The books?
    The Lexicon needs to fix that link.

  42. By the way CW,
    I’ve seen that trailer and it’s NOT REAL. It’s a fan made trailer, so stop spreading rumors please.

  43. Gianna is cool 🙂

  44. Argh. I really don’t think Dakota Fanning would be right for Jane. It hust doesn’t fit.

  45. Twilight Lover says:

    Ohh lmao! I totally forgot about her… lol

  46. i wonder who’s playing flex and that other guy um…????


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