Dusk, A Twilight Spoof

The latest spoof on the Twilight movie was entered in the LDS Film Festival and won an honorable mention as well as a fan favorite award.


  1. The boy that played the evil vampire kid (James) would make a great Alex with Dakota Fanning playning Jane.

  2. That was just silly… but, it actually made me snort with laughter twice, which is more than any of the other spoofs have done. So bravo to it!

  3. Vamp_angel says:

    This one was quite funny like the last one, but I like how it was different which made it more original. And I agree with what DodieSwan, although it looks like he’d be quite younger than Dakota Fanning.

  4. That was cute..luv tha fat guy

  5. allisonlovesedward says:

    Lol. He was always wearing either sweatpants or pajama pants. I liked the other spoof better but this one was cute. I thought the James kid was a girl at first. It seems like every spoof does the whole ‘Edward gets tired when he’s running with Bella on his back’ thing. I give it a seven.

  6. the James kid was kind of creepy. And I agree, he would make a good Alec with Dakota Fanning as Jane.

    I like the teddy bear part ^_^

  7. Mrs. Cullen says:


  8. Okay, so still not as good as Evil Iguana but still better than the last one. The fat chubby Edward was way silly.

  9. vampiregirlsince1918 says:

    This wasn’t even close as good/funny as the last one.

  10. Yeah, that little boy totally looked like Dakota, and he was decent at acting! This was pretty funny.

  11. I was totally not expecting that ending lol. PS loved that she grabbed his man boobs lmao

  12. Dark Brown Pools says:

    I agree with everyone that said Chase McKnight (evil vampire kid) would make a good James. I love this spoof, but I unfortunately had to watch it with no sound because I’m in a library.

  13. Edwardbitespillow says:

    hahahaha…”how old are you? 45″ hahaha..loved the little boys voice! hahaha! and i agree with everybody about the boy that plays James!

  14. Okay…hilarious!

  15. samihalovestwilight says:

    lol…really funny!

  16. LOL I am LDS and i wonder what all of the girls thought when they saw it. I loved it it was totally funny.

  17. Mrs. Emmet Cullen says:


  18. Love.Bite says:

    This was pretty funny- I definitely laughed at some places. LOL. I give it an 8.5 for creativity and a cute-butt “James”. 😉

  19. I think the eviliguanaproduction spoof is the best, but this one was graceful and funny

  20. Florabella says:

    Sorry this was wack. So slow. And boring. :(

  21. swellbell says:


  22. XtremeTwilighter says:

    NOT funny…

  23. LOL!!!

    Loved the little kid as James…

    Dusk…funny XD

  24. It was okay.
    Pretty creative though.
    My favorite part was when he turned into a teddy…and then killed Bella…she just wouldn’t shut up!!! O________O LOLOL

  25. This one was better than the last one.
    But go youtube and type twilight spoof and go to the 1st one, it really is the best one out there.

  26. LAME!!

  27. SONS OF PROVO!! haha.
    Parts of it were good and others not so much. I liked how James had to stand on a chair to reach “Edward’s” neck. Anyone else out there who’se LDS–that James scene was totally in a cultural hall, and they were using a primary chair, we have the exact same ones at my building.

  28. the other one is funnier… 😀

  29. beccalovesedward, but luvs taylor ;) says:

    bhahaha!!! i luv it!

  30. hey everyone! it’s great reading these comments! we had only 24 hours to come up with an idea, write it out, film it and edit it. and it was freezing cold outside! but a ton of fun! we’re all fans, so we really enjoyed making this!

  31. Hey guys. My name is Spanky Ward, I wrote and directed this for the 24 hour filmmaking contest. I’m glad some of you liked it. We all had fun making it. Could have been a lot better if we had the time to do everything that was planned, but I’m happy with what we got. I just watched the other one, it’s great. I liked it. I actually had no idea there were any spoofs out there until after I made this and uploaded it. I was surprised to see so many out there. Anyway, thanks for watching. Take care.

  32. SingerGuy says:

    I think when you take it in the context of going from concept to finished product in 24 hours for a film marathon, this is an excellent spoof. I got to see it in the theater with a packed audience and they were very entertained by it.

    I love when he finds out she is only 17, and when he plays off the fat stomach to stop the shopping cart.

  33. I guess I should milk it now while I’m still fat. Playing Edward was fun though.


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