Sundance Report

MTV names Kristen Stewart a Sundance veteran. They later get her behind the scenes.


Kristen Stewart talks New Moon to E!.




Just Jared Just Jared calls it Kristen’s Sundance adventure.



  1. R Cullen (for edward only) says:

    New Moon!!!!
    i actually really cant wait!!!
    I just soooooo hope it is more lik th boook….i really hope so….
    coz they only lok good when it is done lyk it is supposed to……

  2. I am about to watch the vids you posted- I sure how Kristen “surprises” me and doesn’t’ act pissy about her involvement with the twilight franchise.. but, I’ll be honest, i’m not expecting much.

  3. Okay, I watched the video and I think she’s really shy. I still think Ellen Page would have been a better Bella, but I’m starting to get Kristen a little more.

  4. I LOVE Kristen S!!!!
    I think people have her all wrong,just because she isnt all hyper and chatty non stop doesnt make her bitchy. She is different and seems very independent. I am so sick of people dissing her.

    Its funny cause some people say that she didnt show enough emotion in the film.hmmmmmm i clearly remember in the Twilight series that Bella tried to hid her emotions quite a bit from and Edward most of the time. have we forgotten that?

  5. I think Kristen is shy…totally not prepared for the flight of fame that befell her.

    With that said, there is something to say about stage presence in front of the camera. Her interviews are compeletly shot down. She has a hard time with eye contact and fidgeting. Half the time she was looking away from the interviewer and barely answering questions.

    I get that she’s 18. I think there still needs to be professionalism — and we haven’t seen that she’s getting to that point. She has done countless interviews for Twilight and now Adventureland and it seems like her professionalism is still on the same level as her first interview. There is no growth and I think that is what fans are getting frustrated with the most.

    There is a lack of professionalism, a lack of interest. A hint of boredom and a wave of being unprepared.

    Of course she’s 18 – I totally get that. But she’s also an actress. Can’t she act her way in front of the camera? I just wish she would show a desire to improve.

  6. Go over to Hello. All our votes paid off. Rob won! Yes!

  7. I am an older Twilight fan and Kristen totally lets me down during interviews. She needs to stick the gum to the roof of her mouth, stand up straight, and act like she cares about her projects. It seems like I feel more connected to her projects than she does. Her mannerisms are insensitive to her many fans. We expect more! I think it is time that she ditch the shy routine. She isn’t a little girl anymore.

  8. I think Kristen is a good actress, that has potential but I just hate HATE her attitude. I don’t buy that shes young excuse, Selana Gomez, Miley, Demi Lovato, Dakota Fanning are all younger than her and maybe perhaps more famous and they give decent interviews! They sell their movies, music without acting like they are agravated to be there. its not like Kristen didn’t know Twilight could potentially be big, or what would you think when ur signing up for a triology, obviously sequels only get done when the movie is big, and if she signed up for 3, she had to know twilight could be big. I hope she can have a better attitude bc shes dissapointing me as an actress.

  9. does anyone else think it’s weird that none of these interviewers are actually focusing on the movie she has at sundance? especially when she has a costar sitting/standing next to her looking bored? don’t get me wrong, i’m totally interested in hearing about what she thinks about new moon, but it seems kind of inappropriate to make that the focus of the interview.

  10. I think she needs to broaden her horizons. I get the feeling she’s obsessed with her work and that’s made her not very socially skilled. I don’t actually dislike her, though. I have seen her give good interviews where she’s personable (mostly when she’s with someone else, though, such as her costar).

  11. LOL I love that she had to spend her entire ‘not twilight’ interview talking about twilight. way excited for new moon!

  12. Rita, I agree with you it was rude to talk about Twilight when she’s there to promote Adventureland. I can’t understand why people are always complaining that she’s not grateful or excited enough when talking about Twilight. What do they want her to do jump out of an airplane to declare her love of Twilight. Please. Give the girl break, if you don’t like her don’t watch her inteviews simple as that. She doesn’t to change for anyone because she couldn’t possibly make everyone happy. The fan girls will still hate her for being Bella, be jealous of her or think that they can do a better job at playing Bella.

  13. Edwardbitespillow says:

    okay…i love kristen…but get another word! umm, like, well! UGH!!! sry i had to say it

  14. sillygirl says:

    I too am an older fan and have grown so tired of Kristen’s attitude. I agree that it’s not cool to be asking her questions about Twilight when she was there promoting another movie. But that’s how she acts consistantly when talking about Twilight. I get it, she’s 18 and wants to slam any fad that’s out there to make a statement. I did the same thing at her age. Then you start to realize if you want to be looked at like someone who is intelligent then perhaps you should start speaking intelligently. She needs to lose the facade and start acting like a real person.

  15. sillygirl says:

    Wow, that sounds mean. Okay, here’s my disclaimer: I like her as Bella, she is a strong actress. I just wish she would show more appreciation for the opportunities that she has been given, and not look like her life is so full of burdens.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Yeah, I think I have to disagree with everyone here. She is an actress. She is promoting Adventureland. The guy was a dumbass for leading the interview by saying “it must be great to be promoting something other than Twilight”. Then he follows up by asking a question about New Moon? He’s the one who needs to work on his professionalism.

    Kristen and Robert are getting a lot of slack for their attitude and mannerisms but truth be told – I would to the same thing. They aren’t looking to be right in the spotlight like Lindsay Lohan or Brody Jenner (first celebs who popped in my head lol).

  17. ashley_119882004 says:

    I agree with Eliazbeth I dont think shes one to be in the spot light. As long as she does good in the movies then it really doesnt matter to me how bad she is in a interview. & Im happy that Rob won the contest!

  18. I need to stop watching Kristen’s interviews. I really don’t like her that much.

    I get that she must be shy, but she got herself into a business that demands a lot of face time and interviews, and she needs to start acting like she kinda enjoys it.

    Where is her publicist?????

    Oh, and now that you mention it, Ellen Page would have been a GREAT Bella. A little less tortured and intense…

  19. Hey guys…check out TMZ to see Kristin Stewart (Bella) smoking pot!!!

  20. The links for E! aren’t working!!

  21. haha the “E!” interview was hilarious!!! he went on and on about how happy she must be to promote a movie of hers OTHER than twilight, and alllll he did was ask her questions about twilight!!!! wow great interview buddy!

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