DVD Release Parties

E! talks about how a Saturday release for a DVD is unusual. Normally DVDs release on Tuesdays, but a Saturday release means a Friday night release party.  The last time we remember a store planning for a midnight rush was back in 1997 with Titanic.

We know Hot Topic has release parties planned. Their DVD will contain features exclusive to Hot Topic.

We will shortly have more info on other retailers planning the same.



  1. R Cullen (for edward only) says:

    yes …i cant wait for it to release!!!!!
    i mean OMG!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YAY!! I can’t wait for the DVD to come out but why does the Hot Topic DVD have extra special features!!? That’s just cruel!!…but I CAN’T WAIT!! 😀

  3. allisonlovesedward says:

    i pre ordered mine on amazon the day i found out that you could pre order… and now i find out that hot topic has “features exclusive to hot topic”?! ugh…

  4. What about borders?!

  5. I wish they’d give more detail on these “Exclusive features.” Like is this just a free poster inside the plastic wrap, or is it additional scenes or what? I think they’d get better business if they were more clear. :)

    I’m planning to just buy it at a store, Hot Topic is at least 4 hours away from me, and I don’t know if the extra features are worth it.

  6. I’ve called 5 Borders within 20 miles of me and none of them are planning a midnight release at this time…Seriously?? How is that possible?

  7. Wait, WHAT’S this about extra features on the Hot Topic DVD? Please elaborate, I need to know if I need to enter that godforsaken store

  8. Well i ready order mine throught barnes and nobles and now i am going to order the “Exclusive Features” twilight dvd through hot topic. Most you are right hot topic should say what the exclusive features are. I am really want to know what differece they have between all the other stores.

    I am waiting to order the dvd through hot topic online. I hope that they will have the Exclusive features dvd online. If there is no differce i will probly stay with the one the i have already pre-order.

    Try to order the dvd through hot topic online then going to the stores.

  9. Kiki Alice Cullen says:

    What the heck? I doubt they will have any extra scences probably will be like a poster or cullen crest but still it would be nice people to know what the extra is…sigh.

  10. It’s too bad that we can’t have all the “extras” without having to buy the DVD 5 times. I know it’s a money maker, but seriously people!

  11. What!? Fine, make me buy two copies of the Twilight DVD. Why can’t they just have all the special feautures on one DVD? I know that I’m going to buy both DVDs but how annoying for us fans. But you gotta admit thats its genius to get more money, us Twilight fans will do anything for extras.

  12. Ive been to enough twilight parties…i think i’ll skip this one Lol. plus, i already reserved my copy at F.Y.E…

  13. YEAH!!! It’s gonna be a party like it’s Nov. 21, 2008. <33333333333

  14. I’ll just be buying my special edition DVD copy from target or something like that.

  15. ashley_119882004 says:

    I so cant wait for it to come out!

  16. I know Target is notorious for always having a bonus disc with most of their DVD’s, they did with Order of the Phoenix, it was production stuff for Half-blood prince and one of the scenes they were shooting. Sine New Moon is still in pre-production they don’t have anything like that. I’m suspecting it will be tour footage. That’s the only thing exclusive to Hot Topic. I’m surprised Borders doesn’t have their own exclusive “special DVD” because they do have all those interviews they did with the cast and Borders, besides Hot Topic is the only order store with official Twilight stuff.

    I pre-ordered mine from Barnes & Noble.com. I have their membership (so my starting price was $20.10), plus they gave me a 15% coupon so I ended up paying $17 for it. Plus, I bought a book with the DVD so my order came up to $25 (pre-discounts) so I get their free 3 day UPS shipping.

    I’m thinking abut pre-ordering another one from Hot Topic (if they do online pre-order because there’s no HT in NYC), but I do need to know what’s going to be so special about their DVD.

  17. I wonder if the Hot Topic DVD will be in Blu Ray? I definitely want the Blu Ray, but I also want the special features that I will only watch once and never see again. I’m probably looking at buying two copies also. These movie studios really know how to suck the money out of the fans.


  19. There was an article saying that Best Buy and Target would have the Blu-ray exclusively until May, and after May all the other stores will get it. So if you want the Blu-ray version go to Target or Best Buy. Here’s the link for Target.com, but there not taking pre-orders yet.


  20. Miranda D'Solei says:

    I alredy pre orderd it from Amazon.com… just make me buy two copies will you! grrr.

  21. I just called Hot Topic. They said they should start pre-orders for the twilight dvd on Feb 2nd. With the pre-orders they are giving away something really cool.Even if you order from online, the Store or place your orders over the phone..I wonder what it is.

    They also said if you recieve newletters through email or have a account with Hottopic you should get more information through emails soon… i am still going to order from Barnes and Nobles and Hot Topic….

  22. The Hot Topic “specialness” is an Edward film-cell. Authentic and numbered. There are some odd number of ones that are being released so not everyone gets the same thing. That was the only thing in the email I got.

  23. the only feature im aware of is that it comes with one of a kind stills in the dvd case, if you go to the store theyll tell u, its on their sign

  24. Kristen says:

    I like the target 3-disc deluxe edition.

    This exclusive edition includes an iTunes download of the film and bonus content including a conversation with Stephenie Meyer and Edward’s piano concert
    Features Robert Pattinson on “Becoming Edward,” Kristen Stewart on “Becoming Bella,” Catherine Hardwicke’s vampire kiss montage and Bella’s lullaby remix music video
    2-Disc Special Edition includes commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, 5 extended and 5 deleted scenes and introductions
    Also includes a 7-part documentary “The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen” and music videos by Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park
    Also includes a Comic-Con fandom piece, a Comic-Con NY sneak, 3 trailers and a Penelope sneak


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