Vanessa Hudgens…One More Time With Feeling

So we are about as tired as all of you are on the Vanessa Hudgens did she or didn’t she audition.

Yesterday her management ,when asked by Just Jared, said no. They also linked to a casting call showing the part is not currently being sought. We figured Just Jared had it right because our gut instinct, based on a number of factors, said not possible.

Today Access Hollywood said yes and stood by their source 100% when questioned. 

So we thought, OK who would know the answer, and might be willing to give us a quote on the record?"

*Lightbulb…screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg*

So we asked Melissa if Leah Clearwater appeared in her script, because in the novel Leah is barely a blip on the radar. She’s in the spaghetti dinner scene talking on the phone.  It seemed to us that they probably wouldn’t be introducing Leah this movie given that fact. 

So…drumroll please…according to Melissa Rosenberg, "if Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Leah, she’s written her own pages to read, ’cause I didn’t write ’em. "


Furthermore, EW, is now backing our what we have been saying.


So for the sake of our sanity, let’s save the Leah obsession for Eclipse where it actually belongs. The main female character that we all want to know about in New Moon isn’t a werewolf at all. It’s a pint-sized vampire with a hell of a wallop named JANE!



  1. Jadedbelle says:

    I’m glad she isn’t doing it either. I don’t think she can pull it off, nothing personal to her but she doesn’t seem like she could play and angry girl werewolf.

  2. R Cullen (for edward only) says:

    I seriously want to c who plays JANE and ALEX!!!!!!!!!

  3. So did she audition for any of the character roles? She is not a good actor & this movie is too BIG for her, she is disney material.

  4. Thank goodness…I think Vanessa’s a cute girl and all, but she’s Disney. She couldn’t pull off Leah who’s an angry native american werewolf. Vanessa just isn’t the type of person to do it

  5. OMG!!! I really really really hate it if Vanessa even get a part or a background in the movie!! But what if she auditioned and got the part for jane?! i mean if she’s in there, she’ll just ruin the whole movie and everything!

  6. cant’t wait to know who will be JANE…

  7. I think Vanessa will be nice if she plays Leah on Eclipse…

  8. twinkljiawenni says:

    what if vanessa auditioned for jane’s part? she looks italian enough to me. hahaha. whatever. she just looks so sweet. i don’t know if she can pull off a tough character. we’ll have to see for us to believe, right? there was this girl on smallville before. i forgot her name and which episode it was, but that girl also played some wolf girl there or something, if i’m not mistaken. my memory sucks but i guess she can do leah clearwater better than vanessa or some other sweet-looking actress. :)

  9. Andrea L. says:

    i was really looking forward to seeing who leah as going to be played by v_v oh well… at least it’s not vanessa hugdens!!!
    now for the volti casting..

  10. I’m glad she won’t be in the movie! I like the fact that all of the characters weren’t super stars before twilight! They should stay on that road with the new characters in new moon. Besides leah doesn’t really become a huge character until breaking dawn ! She has a few parts in eclipse thought!

  11. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I’m happy I was a little worried.

  12. seriously people are so dumb. I’m sorry, but the fact that you judge someone so harshly on a performance that has not happened yet proves that people are so blindsided by what they think a character should be like instead of what an actress can really do. I hope she does get it and proves to everyone she can take this role on.

  13. 4everklutzy says:

    Vanessa Hudgens has talent, but I think that she’s just too light weight to be Leah, or any of the characters. I’m really happy she’s not going to be Leah, but I hope that she’s out of the running for any of the others too.

  14. vanessa???! noooooooooooooooooooooo! blabla! w Robet and Kirten!!!!!!! love it!

  15. AAAHHH! What a relief!!!! Vanessa Hudgens in the role of Leah Clearwater??? I don’t think so! Sorry Vanessa, this is not High School Musical 4. I liked Melissa’s comment about the audition, that is funny!!!!

  16. this girl on my bus wants SELENA GOMEZ to be leah that would RUIN the entire move 100%.Vanessa is a good actress but she doesn’t look native american enough.but selena is H O R R I B L E no offence to any fans but she can’t act one bit!!!!
    EW!sorry,i just had to say

  17. I am so glad that she is not going Leah, but i am going to miss that there will be no Leah Clearwater but the movie still has too be good duh… Edward and Jacob….. yummy!

  18. They could still be casting for Leah Clearwater. They are shooting New Moon and Eclipse back to back.

  19. irunwithvampires says:

    that’s great!i wouldn’t have been able to sit through the movie if i’d been imagining Leah bursting into song the whole time.Now what we really have to worry about is the casting of the Volturi.

  20. Bella Priya says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that they even THOUGHT that V Hudgens would stand a chance… I mean, I don’t even like her in Disney Channel movies!!! Let alone TWILIGHT!?!

    but, i am sad that they arent even gonna put a small bit of leah in. o well, we’ll wait for next year! 😛

  21. Oh my gosh! Im’s so glad that Vanessa isn’t going to be playing Leah Clearwater. Leah is my favorite character in the series. And I would have been disappointed that they aren’t really looking for a full Native American. That’s what I want. Q’Orianka Kilcher would be okay, but they should make an attempt for a FULL Native American. Not one who’s like 1/4 or 3/4s Native. I’m full Native American and it kind of bugs me when people say that.

  22. that’s a relieve!! :)

    Thank God Vanessa isn’t goin 2 b in New Moon!!
    What a great news!!

  23. ashley-obsessed-twilight-fan says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! IM SO GLAD VANESSA ISNT GOING TO BE IN NEW MOON!!!! im sorry but she’s not meant for twilight she is a disney character and will ruin twilight FOREVER!! please dont let her be in any of the twilight movies!!!! I wouldnt want the movie if she’s in it….. im absolutely obsessed with TWILIGHT!!!! thanx so much for clearing than up…. YAY NO VANESSA!!!!!!

    if she was in new moon, i would have some words for the casting director.

  25. yes vanessa should be on new moon it would be cool if she was a werewolf

  26. ????

  27. I hope the second movie hints at the bond between Bella and Edward more. I feel as if the stills showed more passion than the actual movie did. I liked the movie, but some of the film could have been better portrayed.

  28. I agree Vanessa Hudgens is not right for Leah, even in Eclipse. I think adding a big tween name to the mix will overshadow the others and make it cheesy.

  29. I would love to play one of the vamps in Breaking Dawn. I loved the Amazonians or even playing Jane would be cool. All star gazing aside being a part of these projects would be awesome even as a creative mind.

  30. omg thank god… da vanessa isn’t in new moon or any of dem lol i hate vanessa hugnes i will cry if she is leah plus she is to much of a bitch/slut to be in it lalalala take da .. if she goes in it i wont watch it/…

  31. Vanessa could not put of leah! toatoally im so glad its not true

  32. valerieee says:

    omggg. i absolutely LOVE leah.
    pissed if vanessa got the part.

    thank god. she didnt. (:

    i really hope they put leah
    in the new moon movie!

  33. noni Tuliao says:

    Why not give Vanessa a chance. She is a good actress. If she made mistake while she was still young, well kids make mistake all the time and I know she had learn a lot on that mistake she made. You People who hates her should learn to forget and forgive and try to move on.


  35. vanessa could not poll it of be she can’t get in to character at al so does realy matter.

  36. twilightlover says:

    OMG!!! thank god Vanessa is not in new moon….i would hate for her to be in ANY!!!!!!Twilight series movie….she should just stick in high school musical



  39. OMG. I CAN’T WAIT TIL THEY CAST JANE!! [yes, I’m kinda Team-Jane LOL :D] Hope they cast a good actress for Jane! AND ARO TOO! <3

    And uh, NO THANK YOU. Disney moneymachines, should stay away from the movie!

  40. Actor for Aro*
    ..but eh, you know what I mean! xD
    😀 <3

  41. NO VANESSA! she gonna f*ck up the movie! none of the books have anything to do with DISNEY! she should just say wit disney and her loser bf. GOD these loser disney people tryin to stink-a-fy the twilight movies! God! NO ONE WANTS YA’LL HERE! LEAVE!(you to dakota!)

  42. Personally, I think Leah should be reserved for an actress who can portray internal pain and suffering over a lost love. And sorry to Vanessa, but falling in love with your co-star in your first major film doesn’t really mean much suffering. Secondly, people shouldn’t stress about the ethnicity of Leah. There’s a bunch of people in the world who look American Indian, but aren’t. You can’t base anything really on skin color now. It just adds to the biast perspective of the world. So stop worrying about what exactly she’s going to look like and focus on more if the actress can play the part.

    But thanks a ton for clearing this up! I had friends who just about freaked when I told them. One actually spit/sprayed her dr. pepper all over me when I told her.

    One last thing – can you guys post info about auditions like dates and places so we can expect when to know who’s going to play what?


  43. I think that Vanessa could play Leah, and she could do it well but she’s not the best option available. There was a list of possible Leahs and I think that Kristin Kreuk would be the best Leah. If anyone has seen her in Smallville, you’d see why I say that.

    I’m so glad that this rumor has been cleared up! There is so much going on with New Moon that just the filming is getting so much news, can’t wait for the movie. I hope that the script is as good as the one at…and that Chris Weitz does it justice.

  44. ughh..thank God she’s not in the movie! I’m so tired of dumb and not too talented people getting auditions for important movies like this. Like Audrina from “The Hills”, are you kidding me? I think she can bearly read and she’s “studing the book”?. I’m praying for people that have real acting talent to be casted

  45. Vanessa is way to well-know to play in this movie. They need to get more not so famous people out there to play roles in movies. I mean Vanessa is already portrayed as a sweet, smart girl in love with Troy Bolton. I mean seriously.

  46. yeah! this movie needs some fresh faces

  47. yay vannessa is not going is there any chance there might be a kid in the scene [unexpierenced of course]

  48. please email if there is cuz im kind of hoping i dont know if not i dont care just as long as you comment me back

  49. I don’t know about this. It seems like Vanessa is to nice to play the role of Leah I mean even take her voice for example she is so soft! How could she pull of a mean voice even with a mean voice she would still sound light at some point.

  50. Yeah so none of us wanted Vanessa to play Leah but why take Leah out of New Moon completely cuz that means that my audition was for nothing. :(
    I was hopin that auditions wouold continue and the producers would add a small part if they found the perfect Leah. Its sad, really cuz Leah is mentioned in New Moon and this is like leavin somethin out. Even tho it was a small part, i think they still shud have added her. :(


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