Vanessa Hudgens…One More Time With Feeling

So we are about as tired as all of you are on the Vanessa Hudgens did she or didn’t she audition.

Yesterday her management ,when asked by Just Jared, said no. They also linked to a casting call showing the part is not currently being sought. We figured Just Jared had it right because our gut instinct, based on a number of factors, said not possible.

Today Access Hollywood said yes and stood by their source 100% when questioned. 

So we thought, OK who would know the answer, and might be willing to give us a quote on the record?"

*Lightbulb…screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg*

So we asked Melissa if Leah Clearwater appeared in her script, because in the novel Leah is barely a blip on the radar. She’s in the spaghetti dinner scene talking on the phone.  It seemed to us that they probably wouldn’t be introducing Leah this movie given that fact. 

So…drumroll please…according to Melissa Rosenberg, "if Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Leah, she’s written her own pages to read, ’cause I didn’t write ’em. "


Furthermore, EW, is now backing our what we have been saying.


So for the sake of our sanity, let’s save the Leah obsession for Eclipse where it actually belongs. The main female character that we all want to know about in New Moon isn’t a werewolf at all. It’s a pint-sized vampire with a hell of a wallop named JANE!



  1. to havrvinn thanks cause i wasnt actually sure if it wasnt or was. it was confusing from from the lexicon wrote so yay thank god thats not tha ctual script either cause they messed up half of it. and THANK GOD NO VANESSA ! disney needs to stay in its own little land.

  2. harvin* sorry i type to fast when i get excited lol

  3. Still think Leah should be introduced in N.M. ut not Venessa playing the role. Q’oriaka Kilcher would be the perfet Leah. but oh well. Hope to see her in Eclipse. It does make me wonder now though about how much detail Melissa has put into N.M now though. I’m a little worried.

  4. woohoo! I can sleep a peaceful sleep tonight 😀 Thankyou dear Lexicon!

  5. I hope Vanessa is NOT playing any other characters
    in the saga!

  6. Ciao Ciao says:

    Here Here!

  7. uh-uh, don’t be relieved yet… she could be JANE, or HEIDI, or EMILY, GIANNA. ugh… (shuddering) is this a confirmation that she didn’t audition AT ALL?

    i hope it is.


  9. almost a bella says:

    I think I could see Dakota as Jane.

  10. Thanks for clearing this up. My sister and I have been so anxious about this since the rumor began spreading the web. But now that it is over we can relax. The only thing I regret is now my sister and I can’t start the anti-Vanessa mob we we’re planning lol.

  11. You guys are awesome, thanks for clearing this up. As for Jane, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dakota as her – she fits the characteristics.

  12. i dont know why people are going on and on about leah since she is barely in the book! why would a well known actress be someone who is barely mentioned in the novel.. and probably was not gonna be in the movie.?
    and i dont think shes that important to be introduced in the movie because she doesnt turn into a werewolf until eclipse..

  13. I totally pictured Dakota Fanning while reading…

    I’m just sayin…

  14. Twilight Nymph says:

    I’m just happy that Vanessa is not Leah. On the other hand, I agree Dakota Fanning would be a good Jane. If they can’t get her, just don’t get a Disney character.

  15. Amen! Jane is who I am waiting for! :)

  16. la tua cantante–

    OMG I totally agree a/b Q’oriaka Kilcher!!! She is my Leah 😀

  17. YAY!! Way to get the TRUTH!! You guys are freakin AMAZING and i’ll never get tired of saying this!!!

  18. Okay, seriously, I agree that we should put leah off for another year and a half. Im REALLY curious about the whole Volturi though. I aways imagined Jane as Dakota Fanning, even though Dakota is a bit old. Still, she has that creepy attitude that would be perfect.

  19. I can breath easily now.

    I wonder if there is going to be auditions for the role of Jane. You know, for people who aren’t already famous. Some Twilight Mom’s might be interested in getting their girls to try out for the part.

  20. eye.on.volterra says:

    who’s auditioning for jane? it’s a really big part. as a fan i’m a bit nervous and anxious to see who fills this and other volturi roles.

  21. IrritableGrizzly says:


  22. YEAH! I love Melissa! Thank god!

  23. if Vanessa Hudgens gets in the movie..
    let me tell ya how many people would be disappointed..if she is in the movie than the movie wasnt worth making.

  24. if vanessa is in the movie than alot of people would be disappointed if she is in the movie than it wasnt worth making..

  25. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says:


  26. lirael cullen says:

    Yay! Glad that was cleared up, Thank you Lexicon, Thank you Melissa Rosenberg, I bow to you… ^_^

  27. thank you for actually going to a source we could trust and knows what they’re talking about, and i totally agree, we should be focusing on JANE not leah for all the obvious reasons, does anyone else realize that we’re going to actually know the whole cast in about 3 months when they start filming, how awesome is that?!

  28. u realize that because of this post the media is going to have a mass craze over Jane, right?

    let the debates begin…

  29. Now, I’m worried.
    If there are no pages in the script that talk about Leah, then that means that there’s no mention of Sam’s relationship with Leah. If they don’t mention that in New Moon, then it’s going to be hard to understand Leah’s angst in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

    ..I love Leah, I hope they don’t take her out of the movies altogether. She’s such an important character :/

  30. NO VANESSA!!!! Jessica Szohr is a good choice

  31. dancrkittycat says:

    What’s so terrible about Vanessa H? She could be auditioning for Jane for all we know. She is petite and her facial features (i think) are very pretty, and doll like.
    make up does amazing things (hello! Dr. Carlisle is played by a very tan brown haired man)
    Be positive, leave the casting to the professionals- heck! at this point they know they can’t please everybody.

  32. twilighter 2009 says:

    What about Emily in New Moon?

  33. YES!!! NO VANESSA!!!! she would’ve just killed the movie

  34. kessie1122 says:

    YAY!! i think they’re totally right about obsessing over jane instead. lol.

  35. I think if Vanessa Hudgens touches any of these movies, I might just die a little inside.

  36. THANK GOD!

    thats me saying thank god in every language i know! im so glad Vanessa isn’t Leah that i used IRISH!!
    thats excitement!
    seriously, how could she go from happy-happy-smiley-smiley HSM girl to angriest person ever? c’est impossible!
    whoever started this rumour gets the Volturi treatment as far as im concerned!

  37. I can’t wait to find out who plays Jane! When are we going to find out?! Isn’t filming starting pretty soon?!

  38. =( I was rather excited to have Vanessa possibly in the movie! Not to mention, her presence could have brought a whole new round of fans who would not have normally gone to see the movie.

  39. omg thank you so much i am so glad no offense to vanessa but she can’t pull it off sorry! lol.


  41. thank you god i don’t think Vanessa would be good for the role!

    You can have everyone else…………but Jasper Hale is MINE!

  43. Yes I am the daughter of James and Victoria!
    (the nomatic vampires.Who are called EVIL,but i dont think so!)

  44. Oh and i have a sister!!!!!!Her Name is……….Jictoria!I know I know!Weird right!

  45. OMG! Thanks so much for clearing this up! I was really mad when I heard she was auditioning for the part, and I’m very happy to hear its just a rumor! Now we just have to find someone for Jane!

  46. Eternity+17 says:

    Thanks guys, u r amazing. But, the reports said that Vanessa DID audition for a part, just not Leah. She might do well in a part but… this job is just a little too much for her fragile polished shoulders to handle. Lexicon rocks!I hope she’s not in the movie because that might just ruin it for me. Does anyone know how nuch of the script she wrote already?

  47. YAY!!! I hate that disney wanna be. No affense to anyone who likes her!! she just wouldnt fit the part of a vengeful girl that hates the leader of a werewolf pack!! Ok then…so who is gonna be playing the little phyco jane??? Thta girl is EVIL!!! she hurt edward lol

  48. Melanie Cullen says:

    When are they doing casting for new moon? I desperately want to know who Jane will be. They arent putting leah in new moon? are they even putting in seth? They’ve GOT to put in seth, he’s one of the best characters and if they put in seth they should put in leah.

  49. Thank you for clearing that up. I’m so glad that Vanessa Hudgens will not ruin the Twilight name. Whoever came up with that rumor needs to be slapped on the wrists and sent to time out.

  50. JANE…and Alec…YES!!! Bring em’ on!!!!


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