The UK Press Covers Twilight

The Twilight movie opens in the UK today, and the BBC talked to Kristen Stewart. who admits she has trouble with the intense scrutiny that fame brings. The BBC also wonders how vampire became touchy feely.

The Daily Record talked to Robert Pattinson, who seems to have picke dup some phobias from Twilight, or at least a sense of his own mortality.

The Daily Mirror talked to Rob on the pressure of fame, the downside of his early days in the business, and his music.

My Park continues its ongoing Twilight interviews here.


Now we know that this isn’t the UK Press, but we were strangely facinated by Edward speaking in French.



  1. Oooohhhh… I love the French trailer.

    Also, it’s reassuring to know that I still understood all of the written article, considering it’s my first day of holidays from school.

  2. dancrkittycat says:

    extra sexiness! i don’t know if i could watch the movie, i watched the trailer in french and i’m all goosebumpy!


    Oh definitely a French Edward is hot! I saw the trailer in German and thought it was interesting (such a brutal sounding language!) but French?? Wow. Hot. Definitely hot.


    Is there a place where the all of the foreign trailers are in one spot? I think that would be cool!

  5. I just got back from seeing twilight for the first time, Im so glad it’s finally out here in the uk i was bouncing up and down with excitement waiting outside the cinema haha. All i can say is wow!!! i LOVED it. it was amazing, Rob and Kristen did an amazing job, and i loved hearing Rob sing in the movie. All the actors were awesome. The baseball scene was one of my fave scenes, Jasper was awesome in that scene. I’m going to see it again monday and then once again on christmas eve.

  6. french is pretty hot, i but would help laughing hearing it… i really hope in the asian countries they keep the english voice’s with the asian subtitles.

  7. wouldntyouliketoknow says:

    Ew. It’s like watching Anime dubbed in English. Subtitles and the original language is best.

    I just laughed so hard.
    The “you brought a snack” translation was so funny in french XD
    The guy doing the voice over for Rob makes him sound like one of those guys who know they’re hot lmaoooo
    Well he is, but yeah.. :)

  9. XD Oh, my gosh!

    I am currently studying French at school, so it was so interesting to hear it, and see the familiar trailer, but to have FRENCH SPEAKERS doing all the talking! And I actually understood some stuff! (But that may be because I partially memorized some of the trailer…X3 )

    …Man, I can’t get over it! French is hot, and Edward is hot, and EVERYTHING IS SIZZLING! -hyperventilates-

    -deep breathe- Eh…good job everyone! XD

  10. Twilight came out in the UK today! Me and some friends went to see it, and at the end of the movie we, and a load of other people clapped!!

  11. that was halarious! i thought it was soooooo funny! ha!

  12. Devon061381 says:

    The French trailer was interesting :) I love hearing French spoken…but in general I hate dubbed anything. I want to hear the voices in their original form. Watching anime has made me appreciate the originals done in Japanese, with English subtitles. It’s never as good, in the style of speaking AND the translation, when it’s dubbed.

  13. Y’know, I love Rob’s voice… but the French dubbing actor’s voice is SO much closer to what I’d hear in my head as Edward’s voice. Much smoother, richer, and sexier. Yum!

  14. OMG, that French trailer! I take French in school, so I was able to understand a lot of what was being said. Awesome!

  15. Edwardbitespillow says:

    OMG Edward speaking French is soo sexy!!!!!! I can’t wait until Breaking Dawn becomes a movie and we can hear him talk in Spanish!! :D!!!!

  16. i know is a very stupid question but…
    does someone know why in the french preview in the very end says:
    Twilight: chapter 1 fascination??????

    uhm i’m not sure if it says chapter, or episode, or something like that… i forgot… LOL

    but… you know… it says something like that!!

  17. Crime Professor says:

    does anyone know the box office totals from the premiere day in the uk?

  18. didn’t know it was possible but french edward is way hooottt! loved that trailer1

  19. renata i was wondering the same thing…

  20. LOL,when i first saw twilight it was all girls in the cinema around the age 13, my sister was basically the oldest there, and she is 17!!!! i have a feeling twilight might rake in quite a bit of money in the uk 😛 cant wait for new moon (next december for us
    …. so long :()


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