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Melissa Rosenberg talks to TV Guide on the pressure of being the Twilight writer.

Jacksonville, Florida is not just famous in the Twilight Saga as the location where Renee and Phil settle down. It also happens to be the hometown of Ashley Greene who got a warm welcome on her return. No worries about her family letting stardom go to her head, they’re still making her do the dishes in this report from First Coast News.

Variety gives its First Look at Rob in Little Ashes.


  1. Alice Cullen says:

    First Comment!

    I really think he is going to do a good job in Little Ashes.

  2. This is awesome for all of the Alice fans out there! Like me and one of my bffs.

  3. raybanlover says:

    aaahhhh, i live jacksonville. other than humidity (which bella talks about in eclipse), it is pretty great. she did a great job as alice.

  4. I’m not particularly interested in seeing Rob play a homosexual. As much as I wuvs my gay friends, such plots always deliver a level of incommunicable discomfort in me that totally distracts from any artistic delivery or larger encompassing message the movie tries to convey. It is either so forced between the two actors and it’s insulting, or it is too convincing and I am officially and for always creeped out by the thought of either actor. Beyond that, bad period pieces are a dime a dozen, so I am always weary.
    Rob will always be my Hufflepuff Edward…until a movie comes out where I can safely add another tag onto that label for him.

  5. i support rob for getting this job… its a different and serious side to him

  6. JulesCullen says:

    According to first coast new New Moon begins shooting in February- can anybody confirm this for me?!?!

  7. Crepusculo says:

    I think Rob is like the next Johnny Depp actually in some ways. I He can fo very many different roles.
    as for Rosneburg. I thought she did good but i wish Bella would havde called out edwards name wheen she was sleeping.Thar wouldnt have been hard to put in and i wish in the meadow scene Edward would have said, I don’t know how to be close to you and Edward would have put his leaned his ear against Bella’s chest and listend to her heart beat. ANd i wish the La push scene would have had the campfire. I alwasy picuted everyone around it with Sam staring out when he said,The Cullens don’t come here. But i’m sure the weather that day was too bad for a fire. oh well.

  8. Wow. I just watched that Little Ashes clip and now I can’t wait for the movie to be released. I’m so lokking forward to it.

  9. Little Ashes is going to be a breakout role for Rob, saving him from being cast forever as Edward. Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight, and he did an amazing job, but I’m really excited to see his abilities spread across different genres, where he can show how amazingly talented he is. How To Be was great, if you get a chance to see I it, I recommend watching it.

  10. did anyone notice the blogging about “the joke that is twilight” in almost every comment on that link?!? it upsets me…

  11. those ppl that wrote that in the blogging were seriously ignorant to everything that is twilight… it upsets me as well

  12. Sarah Marie says:

    Oh my god! She’s in Jacksonville right now!?!

    Man! That’s so cool! I wish she’d do a public appearance or something. Or I’d see her somewhere.
    Wolfson’s actually my neighborhood school/the school I’m supposed to be attending right now and I always get take out from the Mandarin Ale House!

    I wish I’d see her somewhere, but I doubt I’d be that lucky.
    Aw man. It’s cool, but it sucks.

  13. It’s really great that Ashley lives in Jacksonville.It’s such a big coincidence.

    I don’t want to offend anyone but I really burst out laughing when I saw Rob with the moustache!

  14. Sunrise Star says:

    Ashley seems like a really cool person. Very sweet and down-to-earth. I’m glad she’s taking everything so well…I’d probably be freaking out.

  15. Is he…gay?
    I really feel sad, that…he’s playing a homosexual.
    To have Robert play Edward Cullen-the fiction character who holds a place in my heart- makes me sad and a little upset.
    He seems like he will do a great job, but i hope that it doesn’t do well.sorry.

  16. Alice Cullen says:

    I agree with you Safina. I think she is handling everything very well and isn’t portraying the Hollywood stereo type actors and actresses. Also, apart from Edward, Alice is my favorite character.

  17. Ahhh i live in Jacksonville.

  18. Alice Cullen says:

    Hey Emma since you live in Jacksonville, have you seen Ashley Greene?

  19. Alice Cullen says:

    And if you have met her I’m so jealous.


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