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Blast Magazine has an oppurtunity for Twilight Fans in the Boston area to win Dinner wtih Kellan Lutz and Edi Gathegi. To enter, go here and register yourself. The winners will be drawn Friday night and will win a dinner with the characters Saturday night.

MTV has a new interview with the cast that discussses the time it took to get hair and make up done as well as sone of the funny moments that happened on set.

‘It was very awkward for him to squat,’ Peter Facinelli says of RPattz’s first time on the diamond.’

Moviefone has an A-Z guide to Twilight.  Make sure you check out the letter "X"  





  1. chessley_meyers says:

    Ok, did anyone else notice that the moviefone article said that Alice was the only one not changed by Carlisle?

  2. Wow…

    ‘Haor’? What?!

  3. FilDeCuivre says:

    chessley_meyers: That was exactly why I was about to post a comment. It really bugged me! Although that’s not the worst mistake I’ve seen: I’ve heard there was an article like a year ago that said James was Edward’s master! LMAO!

  4. FilDeCuivre says:

    Haor = hair?

  5. Alice wasn’t changed by Carlisle. James explains all that to Bella in the ballet studio. Alice was in the mental instution when she was changed.

  6. mysticpinayk says:

    AHHH everyone check out People.com

    Not only have they added Rob on their 2008 Sexiest Men Alive list, but they also have an article on Cam and a new article regarding Rob’s appearance on Ellen! It is a must read!!!


  7. apparently rob fell off the bed while acting!!! twas in ok magazine, they like them!!!

  8. lirael cullen says:

    bah… i don’t know if i really want to read a movie review.. it might get me a little worried or something.. O_o anywho..

    thanks for the articles..

  9. “Think Happy Thoughts.”

    Haha! Nice. 😀

  10. lirael cullen says:

    for the people magazine articles, and Robert being put on the list, hahah ^_^ i feel like saying, ‘ha! take that harry potter!’ buttt,… i won’t =)

  11. yes, brandi…but jasper was not changed by carlisle either…that’s what they’re referring to…

  12. Brandi, I don’t think anyone was objecting to them saying Alice wasn’t changed by Carlisle, just that she was the only one. Jasper was changed by someone else as well.

    Also they might have meant that Alice is the only Cullen not changed by Carlisle, Jasper goes by Hale.

  13. I think the moviefone article included Rosalie as one of the Cullens instead of as a Hale because they said

    “Edward has two siblings — Alice and Rosalie, and two brothers-in-law, Alice’s husband Jasper and Rosalie’s husband Emmett (who’s also, strangely, one of the Cullen “children”). “

  14. I IS FOR INSANITY….I agree :). And go the Lex, let’s put you guys on the map! Although I don’t think anyone would have seen this UNLESS they were on the Lex first lol. Never mind.

  15. James is who changed Alice!!! That is why she got to tear his head off! Sweet revenge!

  16. FilDeCuivre says:

    Janie: It wasn’t James who changed her, it was some unknown worker guy from the asylum.

  17. Really? Then I wonder how James knew this…

  18. FilDeCuivre says:

    This is what is said at Alice’s bio:
    “James, a hunter vampire, took the challenge of hunting her simply because another vampire desired her. Once it was clear to him that James was after her, he, the vampire who worked in the asylum, freed Alice and changed her before James could kill her. James killed the other vampire instead. She had no memory of these events and was left to find her own way.”

  19. LOL! Time for me to re-read the book! And to think, I’ve been blaming James all along! HAHA!

  20. oh that movie review well i dont like it so much! i do know that its everyones opinion to themselves and what not but blah blah mr chicago times!!

  21. FilDeCuivre says:

    Haha, well, I had to check that from the Lex so I guess I should re-read the book, too..

  22. Joanne Maria says:

    love,love,love the X

  23. somethingblue says:

    YAY for the Lex! Of course it’s listed by moviefone, where would we all be without it?

  24. lol LeXicon – NICE!

  25. I don’t wanna read any reviews bacause i might get worried…

  26. ‘Ashley hit the cameraman with a baseball’ XD poor cameraman hahaha.

  27. Spookybell says:

    that X is awesome!!!

  28. I wonder what terms jackson picked up from going round the english countryside…


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