Despite reports from various sources (one in particular which paid so much attention to detail on their supposed inside story, that they have Bella falling in love with another vampire in New Moon) there is nothing new on the sequel front than has not already been previously reported. Various outlets are just putting a slightly new spin on old news:

  • The actors initially agreed to three movies should the film do well
  • If the film does well, Summit wants to do at least the next two, and depending maybe the 4th (they’d have to pay everyone some big bucks on the 4th because it wasn’t in the initial agreement)
  • Catherine Hardwicke has said that she is interested in continuing with the other movies
  • Screen writer Melissa Rosenberg has said that she is interested in continuing with the other movies

So, do we think the next two movies will be made?  Yes, we do. Is it official? Not Yet.


  1. i was kind of irritated with the “…sending Bella into a depression and a friendship with another vampire.” from the article in the Yahoo!News. Can’t they do some bit of research before posting their article?Gah.

  2. i am really positive that they are going to do the sequels.
    i live in germany and i am going to watch the movie in the czech republic cause it’s coming out there earlier and it is in english. and although twilight isnt that big in germany.. the cinemas in the czech republik are almost booked out. and it isnt coming out there for about 2 weeks.
    so its quite popular everywhere. they are going to make so much money with this movie.

  3. I hope they make sequels.
    And, I do think they’ll make enough money to continue on to New Moon,
    because I think Twilight is pretty popular in a lot of places.
    So, I think it is looking good for the sequels, but, that’s just my opinion.:D

  4. “should the film do well” To be honest, I doubt there’s a place where it WON’T do well. fanaticism is a-catchin. :)

  5. I just wanted to share that in honor of the movie release next week, I have created a full kit of digital scrapbook supplies based on twilight. I will be giving it away as a freebie in parts all next week.

  6. I most certainly think they will earn enough to continue with the next movies. On MTV movie blogs, it said that they will start. Again, just false hope? or truth? I hate speculation-even though I know we’ll be seeing New Moon soon.

    What’s this about Bella and a new vampire? Huh? Haven’t heard that one. Guess I missed that. probably a good thing, though, because I’d be so mad if I saw that!


  7. Edward Cullen is Smelxy(smells good and sexy) says:

    They can NOT have Bella fall for another vamp! She has to somewhat fall for Jake! *sigh*

    Wellll. Melissa Rosenberg is writing the screenplay for New Moon and Eclipse. Two shot anyone? :O

  9. i imagine that new moon and eclipse will be filmed back to back— but released a year apart, there for money made buy New moon can Fund Breaking dawn and it would probably be filmed even before Eclipse is released— All theory of course! NOTHING SET IN STONE.

    but for the people thinking newmoon and eclipse are going to be Movie Combo- stupids- why would they do that??? you make more money off two movies than one. If anything Breaking dawn will be two movies- just like the last harry potter– makes sense because Breaking dawn has two Major Plots
    meh! we will see won’t we!

  10. I know–I’m the debbie downer but I don’t think they are going to make enough to make the sequels. Let’s face it, although the fans are very loud and we are intimidating when together, we are only a small part of the demographic. I would LOVE to eat my words after Twilight is released but I’m a glass half empty girl when it comes to this movie–basically I think it is going to be bad and therefore I will be delightfully surprised if it exceeds my low expectations.

  11. i honestly believe they’ll be able to make the sequels. i think they’re going to make a lot of money off of this. most people i know that are going to see the movie, myself included, already have their tickets! the rest are all very determined to see the movie even if they can’t go to the midnight showing. i plan on seeing it more than once.
    Even though i believe it will do good, i’m not getting my hopes up high, but i am still hoping. i want this movie to be good and i want them to be able to make the sequels. but i don’t want to get my hopes up really high, just to have them shot down if it doesn’t do as well as we all would like.

  12. I believe this will be a movie franchise. A trilogy where they combine NM and Eclipse and BD is the third. Between Bella’s inner dialogue and the lack of Edward’s presence in NM, those two factors alone make it easy to combine the books into one movie. It might need to be a 2 or 2.5 hour movie, but it could be done. BD is stand alone as the third movie. Summit isn’t going to renegotiate and pay higher salaries when it can be done within the three movies they are required to do in their contracts. And they need to film back to back in order to keep some kind of continuity in appearances. It’s the HP effect and people do age.

  13. ”we are only a small part of the demographic.”
    Dude… we’re HUGE!

    I’m pumped for this movie and have been since Stephenie announced on her website that they were considering it…

    The other morning I was listening to a local Morning show (Alice 107.7 Little Rock, Ar.) and Dc (morning show host) just mentioned Twilight and they instantly got THOUSANDS of emails and the phones were ringing off the hooks with people so stoked for this movie and they’ve read all the books etc. etc. etc…. Now that’s just here in Little Rock… Imagine that EVERYWHERE in the U.S.

    I can’t WAIT!

  14. can someone please tell me the age limit for this movie?

  15. ^^ Not only in the US my friend! I’m from the UK, and I remember going to get Breaking Dawn. I was the first in line (naturally :)) but so many people turned up!
    And I know people all over the world, from Germany. The Phillipines. Australia. Finland. France. Sweden. Switzerland. (Sorry if I miss anyone)
    Literally, from pretty much EVERY country you could think of.

    Don’t lose faith. my little fanpires! I really do think that the movie will make TONS of money, and will probably get the series more on the map than it already is. Seriously, we’re everywhere.

  16. Natha – I know it’s PG-13 in the USA, but for other countries I’m not eniterly sure what that means, if it helps. :)

  17. And about filming back-to-back, I reckon that’ll be even more necessary, as vamps don’t age. At all. But it will be incredibly difficult for the actors.

  18. I would love for them to do NM and E but if they do and they do moderately well, I’m afraid they’ll leave BD hanging and that’s the most pivotal book. I’m a little worried about NM and E as seperate entities. Half of NM is about the break up.
    They might want to look into doing NM and E together and then doing BD as the third.
    Just a thought. It might work.

  19. I’m thinking (more than likely) that they’ll prob. stop at nm, because of elements like the weather and well.. rob’s AGE. lol But it’d be great to get one more year of all this fun stuff. :)

  20. Maddie Cullen says:

    Rob’s age?
    hello have you ever seen how much time it takes going into make-up and hair… that man is gonna stay sexy for years to come! lol

    and I think they’re gonna make way more money than thety even planned to get
    Enough for New Moon and probably enough to pay actors for Eclipse…
    and hasn’t anyone else seen the merchandise going around???
    Some of that has to go to summit right?

    maybe I’m wrong, but i think if Catherine does great on New Moon and Eclipse her type of personality will just have to get out there and make Breaking Dawn

    Let’s all cross our fingers!

  21. I hope they make the sequels but spend more money making them so they’re amazing. And I just don’t know if the lower budget film company (Summit) is up to that. Does anybody know how much they’re willing to spend in the next two???

  22. I do hope that there will be sequels!! I would love to have all parts of the series turned into movies. And I think, with so many fans, it might just be possible that we create a success big enough to enable them to make sequels.

    Fortunatly, I don’t have to leave the country to watch them in English, ;o) since in the city where live (in Germany) there are theatres that show original versions of the movies. And I’m also looking forward to the DVDs, hopefully also with lots of bonus material!!

  23. I am confident that there will be sequels…I think that this movie is going to do so well. They have to make what, like $150 million to do the sequel. They’ll get that, I’m sure.

    As, for Bella with another vamp, what the heck? That doesn’t even make sense. It has to be about Jacob in New Moon for the whole story to continue on in Eclipse. That’s stupid! What other vamp could there be? Everyone else wants to eat her, except maybe Carlisle and he’s taken!!

    After seeing all the clips and the trailers for Twilight, I am sure that I am going to watch it at least 4 times!!

    Is it going to be on IMAX by any chance? That would be awesome to be surrounded by Edward’s face! haha

  24. Maddie Cullen says:

    LOL claire, yes it would be awesome being surrounded by Edward’s face.

  25. I agree with allison, I’m just not sure they’ll have enough money to make a sequel. I’m definitely hopeful, I want to see it as bad as everyone else, but I’m just not sure it will be there. There ARE a lot of Twilight fans, but basically that’s the only group that these movies appeal to. In my experience, most people who haven’t read the books aren’t too keen on seeing the movie. And most movies appeal to a wide variety of age groups, genders, etc. Generally, Twilight really only appeals to teen girls. I know there are TONS of older AND male fans, but they are vastly outnumbered by teen girls. I just don’t see the movie grossing as much money as necessary to continue the trilogy. But god, would I love to be wrong and I’m praying I am!

  26. Of course it will make enough money, I don’t know about you but once is NOT going to be enough Edward viewing for this Twilight Mom. they will probably have to ask me to leave the I agree make nm and eclipse one movie but please bring us bd, that has to be made. Have faith twilighters , the movie is going to be HUGE!!!!

  27. This doesn’t really have to do with anything, but I didn’t know where else to post it – they have the cast members’ chosen playlists on iTunes which I think is really indicative of their personalities. Just go to Soundtracks, then Celebrity Playlists, and it’s under (quite obviously) Cast of Twilight.

  28. The opening weekend figures will probably decide the contract for the future movies. Once the numbers roll in that Monday November 24th, I’m sure phone calls will be made and contracts will be written. Like they say, “Money talks.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that within seven days of the movie’s release that office word will come out about the remaining three books. (I try to be a glass half full girl myself, along with intuition.)

  29. I REALLY dont want them to make more movies. I’m already pertty sure Twilight won’t be very good, and I’d like to keep the damage to a minimum, if possible.
    But of course, in the world of money, if it works, you do it. So my opinion counts for nothing *sighs*

  30. AriLovesEdward says:

    Yahoo! news is idiotic, they always get info wrong

  31. I admit that the rumored story of Bella falling in love with another vampire could be interesting, but New Moon is all about Jacob.
    As of now, I’m just really excited that Twilight is coming out Friday and that there is a chance the 2nd & 3rd books will become movies, too.

  32. im thinking whoever said bella was going to fall for another vamp was either misquoted or didnt actually read teh second book and mistook jake for a vamp. Im thinking stephanie would not allow such a huge change in her vision. im sure it will make enough money for a sequel, and if it dosent atleast we got to see twilight on the big screen!

  33. I really hope that they make a sequel. I really really want to see New Moon because I wonder how they’ll manage it with Edward mostly away in that book. It’ll hurt sooo much to see Edward leave, but I’m such a masochist sometimes.

  34. Having new Moon and Eclipse as movies would fantastical, but for some odd reason can,t see Breaking Dawn made as a movie…

  35. I think sequels would be great, although granted maybe my mind will change after I see Twilight. However, I trust that everyone did their best on Twilight. Anyway, I wonder how they’ll handle New Moon (with Edward away) and as Stephenie Meyer said herself Breaking Dawn would be tough to film. How could you possibly get an actress for Renesmee? You can’t. She’s always changing/growing it’d probably have to be CGI.

  36. Devon061381 says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t worry about “Bella falling for another vampire” – it sounds like a fact-checker got paid for not doing their job and they screwed up and typed vampire instead of werewolf. Nothing to worry about at all.

    That’s interesting, whoever above posted about NM and E being combined into one movie…I hadn’t thought about that before. Hmm. Might work if they made it a really long movie, otherwise, there would be too much going on in one movie – the Volturi, and then all of the newborn army stuff, and Victoria showdown? If they do that, they also risk slashing too much of the books out and condensing stuff that may or may not please us. Personally, I’d rather see each book have it’s own film, with BD possibly getting 2.

    I’m totally fascinated with the idea of BD as a movie. It would be off the hook if they did it RIGHT. Of course, they would probably have to tame down the birth (so as to keep it PG-13), and I’m sure play up the final battle with a little more action before resolving it properly with the “mental maneuvering.” I’m really nervous about BD as a movie, but it could be so completely awesome if it’s done really well. I sincerely hope we get to see it.

    Right now, I’m just so psyched to see Twilight, and my hubby is actually really excited to see it as well (he just finished reading BD about 3 days ago, read it in 2 days!).

  37. Oh, but they must! As painful as it was to read NM, I have to see a shirtless Taylor on screen. Obsessed? Me? NEVER. 😉

    I garauntee that Twilight will do well (I’m planning on seeing it on the Nov. 21, and on Dec. 11, when it was planned on coming out), so NM is looking good!

  38. Excuse me? ANOTHER VAMP? And Bella falls in love with him? No. I think not. Save that for the fanfiction. But it is completely 100% Edward and Bella. If you’re going to do something, do it right.

    I mean, it would be an interesting “what if?” side story, but PLEASE save it for AFTER NM, E, and (hopefully) BD.

  39. At least someone is with me and think its crazy for bella and another vampire. when i read it i was having a freakin heart attack i was like omg wtf! no way! i didn’t even like the bella and jake thing (but i still love jake :) people are saying that the bella and vampire thing would be interesting *gasp*! im all bella and edward<3 can’t wait for this movie soo excited and i want NM and E and BD to be movies too and im sure they would have lots of money because i prob will see it about 10000000 times so they will have enough :)
    ~Twilight <3

  40. i always assumed that they would make them all. considering the fanbase, they would make millions! but my friend and i were talking the other day and we wondered…
    wont the actors/actresses be too old by the time they make the movies to play 17 year olds (in case of edward cullen)??
    we were hoping that they make them quick enough, so that they dont replace the characters.


    That says that Twilight Franchise has the green light and the company has acquired rights to the next three novels… it has this info on too, but I thought it depended on how the movie does.

  42. I want them to make the sequels but I hope they don’t change much from the original.

  43. lirael cullen says:

    aha! how exciting!! i don’t doubt that a sequel will definitely happen. I’m headed to the midnight premiere and my sister did research and she said that Albuquerque and El Paso were already sold out hahah!! 150 mil opening weekend!! I see it already!! ^_^

  44. Ok… Bottom Line… They said they only needed 150 mil to make the next movie. Well I just looked up the totals for the world wide totals and ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan’ grossed over 200 mil so I’m thinking its pretty safe to say that the next movie will be made. Plus there is no telling how much has already been made in pre-sales. Also last weekend USA weekend reported that New Moon is already in the works.. As for getting them made before they get to look to old for the part… Don’t think that will be a problem.. I’m 22 and sometimes get asked if im 16 plus Hollywood makeup artist are amazing so I don’t even see where that could be an issue unless they wait 10 yrs to make them and there has been many atime where 20+ year olds are used to play high schoolers (hello high school musical ashley tisdale is 22)! Yay for the Twilight Series and I can’t wait for Nov. 21st!

  45. oh and as for keeping the movie close to the book… don’t think that will be a problem either… stephenie meyer does have say so.. and catherine hardewick seems pretty hardcore with going along with the book as much as possible!!!

  46. Lol, when I say yahoo posted “Bella falls in love with a new vampire” I almost flipped. I’m major team Jacob, and I figure they could have done something as simple as look on Wikipedia.

  47. they need to do the sequels
    cause wow!! the twilight movie was great!!
    anyone knows how much money have they made on their premiere day??


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