Part of Cafeteria Scene Available at MSN

Summit has released part of the cafeteria scene on MSN. Sorry we couldn’t get it up earlier.

'Twilight' Exclusive Clip: 'Your Theories'
‘Twilight’ Exclusive Clip: ‘Your Theories’


  1. andrea leigh says:

    omg! loveeeeeeeeee how rob like magically catches the apple by bouncing it on his foot! OME!
    so happy! november 21st, can’t wait!

  2. OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was SOOOOOOO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aw, his smile is so cute and happy when she says “you’re not”(the bad guy).

  4. awww he is so cute. and I love when she says you’re not the bad guy.

  5. What the heck is Edward saying when he catches the apple? That’s some serious intangible mumbling right there.

    I like the quality of this scene. It’s very clear and colorful lol.

  6. sporty502 says:

    I do like the “essence” of the movie, the color constasting and all,

    but are they really going to flash back and forth like that in the movie?

    Cause that really ruined the scene for me

  7. MSN is my homepage and I saw the video and got so excited! :) It made my day, even though it’s short.

  8. That’s hot.

  9. Anyone know where to find a higher quality version of the fourth Twilight TV Spot:

    It would be great if someone could re-locate me to a better version as the TV Spot looks amazing.
    And I still have until December before I’ll see the movie :(

  10. little bonbon says:

    O M G !!!!!!

  11. he’s not mumbling, it’s his english accent trying to come out lol!

  12. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I got goosbumps while watching it!!
    I can’t wait to see it.

  13. MuseAddict says:

    YAY! Now I’m convinced that Kristen will do a good job after all… I wasn’t sure all the way till now… awww… I can’t wait for January 15th… bloody late german release date… I’ll probably kill somebody… i hate waiting! *attacks music teacher* GIMME MY TWILIGHT MOVIE!… I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!! I WANR IT NOOOOOW!!!! *rips teacher’s head off* huh. I never liked him… he deserved it! :twisted:

  14. new clip of twilight shown in madrid today!!
    Kristen is bitting Rob!! OME!!

  15. Could someone put the new cafeteria clip on YouTube, please? Those of us with Macs can’t see it.

    Thanks a ton to whoever does it! :)

  16. Wandian, he says ‘Bella’. I thought he said ‘got it'(the apple) at first, I had to play it back and I’m English,lol,so it’s not just his accent.

  17. He says “hello” – listen to it carefully.

  18. ynna-black says:

    it was totally “bella” duh

  19. It looks to me like the clip was cut – it’s a promo so no, I don’t think the real thing will have the inserts of them in the forest (since that happens after this scene anyhow) and it really felt like the scene itself was edited – notice how he hands her the apple but when the camera cuts to her it’s not in her hand or on her plate? It feels like they condensed a longer scene to hit the high points for the promo.

  20. Becca Loves Edward says:



  21. Yeah I listened again it was ‘hello’.Lol. Definitely mumbled.

  22. i agree with hdauria about the inserts in the clip. definitely just there for the promo.

    november 21 needs to be here NOW.

  23. MyLove.Mysinger says:

    Oh, my GOSH!!!! That was amazing! Though I had the volume so low, I could barely hear them. ;) But I love how Catherine took those shots of Edward being strong and such, and how they melded it into the lines. So smart!

    I look forward to seeing the trailer on my TV!

  24. andrea leigh says:

    omgg! ; marta! that video! i love how rob says “ola madrid!” ahah!
    loveee the cafe scene. robs smoldering.
    in the name of cullen, HURRY UPP!

  25. I feel like screaming like a little girl!My hands were sweating when I was watching the clip!I really don’t know how to keep patience anymore!

  26. I can’t wait for it to release! I’m so happy that they change the premier in Sweden to November 21 instead of april next year!! yey :)

  27. must…resist…watching…clip…
    GAH i don’t want to spoil the movie for myself…
    it’s so hard…

  28. OME, that was amazing!!!!



    I’ve been watching it since I first saw it earlier today. It has further lowered my opinion of Kristen as Bella but now Rob is 100000000000x hotter, if that’s possible.

  31. OME! I loved that clip!

  32. This clip was the supposed “Exclusive on ABCFam” XD

    I loved this clip though! It’s really great! ^_^

  33. Hey did you all notice Bella’s leafy salad? the lettuce is just 3 leaves sticking up in the bowl. I guess i’ve watched the clip way too much… so i started noticing the food.

  34. awesome!!!

  35. bumblebee33 says:

    haha i think he says Bella. but it’s really good i love it. i love him. hahah. 23 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. natashaxoxo says:

    ‘Your mood swings are giving me whiplash’ haha yeah i hope the inserts are not there…

  37. I believe he says bella when he catches the apple

  38. runswithvampires says:

    hey guys,
    not that i dont LOVE these clips,
    but sooner or later they’ll give us the whole movie.
    and when we all scream and run to the movie theatres, we’ll have already seen it…
    in tiny online clips.

  39. wow, bella is played as one moody bitch there, lighten up a little bells

  40. Danny Chipman says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m supportive of Kristen Stewart as Bella, and I know she can act, but I’m still leery of how monotone and bland she is, portraying the Bella character. Maybe it’s Hardwicke’s idea, or just how Kristen views her, but heaven’s sake, Bella sounds like she needs some defibrillators. All the same, I shall be incredibly joyous to see the movie when it comes out!

  41. I completely agree with you, Danny. I really hope it’s not the case in the movie, but every clip I’ve seen, Kristen does play her very blah and monotone. Yikes…

  42. Katie_Coven says:

    He says “Hello”. I think he does because Bella complained in the scene in the greenhouse during their biology class that he (quotation): ” did’nt even say hi to me”. It would explain that cute crooked smile.

    Damn you Germany for showing it in January!! *big sigh*

  43. Twilights Grace 24 says:

    I loved it, I am so counting the days down to the Movie comes out.

    About the Apple Edward caught with his foot, I heard it took Rob about 15 tries befor he got it right. But it is a great shot, and it ties the cover of the book into that shot as well.

  44. AH! that is amazing! i’m so looking forward to this movie! how long is it?!?!

  45. I think Kristen’s portrayal of Bella is entirely accurate from what I’ve seen. Stephanie Meyer even said that Kristen has Bella’s voice. Plus Bella is supposed to be a pretty subdued and quiet person, only makes sense her voice doesn’t have much expression to it.

  46. i absolutely agree with you Tsumi and only 22 more days!!!!!

  47. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    He says “Bella” listen peoples

  48. silverbells says:

    OME! :dies: i am like, ome, idk! i think this scene is perfect, buuuuut im not a huge fan of the fact that they arent sitting all on their own together like in the book…ah well. AMAZING

  49. Love love love. He says “Bella,” not “Hello.” Doesn’t sound mumbled at all to me. It’s perfect. :) I just watched it 3 times and my heart basically stopped every time when Rob smiles at the end. Ah.

  50. ok i loved the clip, its awesome and it has a lot of the book dialogue in it. and he says bella! not hello

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