Twilight Tuesday

This week’s Twilight Tuesday is an interview with Anna Kendrick

MTV: Give us your take on Jessica Stanley.

Kendrick: Well, I always feel like if you read the books a little while ago, maybe you wouldn’t remember my character. Jessica is just, well, a friend of Bella’s. But she is human; she is a chatterbox and really insecure, and she basically is jealous of all the attention that Bella gets. I think she likes Bella, but at the same time feels a little threatened. She wants to keep her as close as possible.

Anna also asks MTV if they have heard any good gossip.

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  1. After reading this interview I have a feeling that Anna is going to be much more likable as Jessica than the Jessica I have in my head from the books. She just can’t help it, she’s so exuberant and likable anyways…I wonder if that’ll be an improvement from the book to the movie or not?

  2. Ah Jessica. Whatever happened to her, I wonder? Did she and Mike ever get together as I so often dreamt?
    JK. But seriously- did she slip off the face of the earth or what?

  3. She’s cute, I like her. I thought the church giggles analogy was funny.

  4. is the movie only going to be in certain theaters or like world wideee??!?!?

  5. StinaCullen says:

    Gahh! I think she’s gonna be a perfect Jessica.. Although she sure does say ” Ugh” “Ummmm” and “Ya Know” about every 5 seconds!!!! ( exactally like I picture Jessica in my head though)

  6. genuinesmile says:

    is there something wrong with the video? i tried to watch it but when i go to the page, the video doesn’t show up and then when i try clicking on the video link under ‘related videos’ it simply brings me to a ‘Not Found’ page =\ oh well…i’ll try later.

  7. youtubing the video??

  8. Twimoonilipsing says:

    She sounds sooo much like Jessica!

  9. mradrz4evr

    wasent she at the wedding with mike?
    i think they did get together…ah poor mike!!=(

  10. I like Anna.I’m sure she’ll make a great Jessica even though she sounds more nice.

  11. genuinesmile says:

    She does use “Uuhh” and “Umm” a lot…anyways, cool interview!

    “…to really play up that googly eyed, dazzled thing felt really funny.” lol I enjoyed that story. Rob’s “charming smile” is capable of giving most of us the “church giggles” 😉


    I think she’ll be a good jessica she even sorta looks like her from where stephenie myers explains her in the books

    ps:is there any new news on midnight sun im so anxious to read it

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