Rachelle and a Robert Pattinson Interview

We want to send our congratulations off to Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria) who’s reoccurring role ended this week on Boston Legal.  You can see Rachelle this May in the film Fugitive Pieces(Please note this film is rated R.)   She is an amazing talent and we wish her all the best in her career.  To read our interview with Rachelle click here.

Also the amazingly talented December from our message boards has unearthed a hysterical interview with Robert Pattinson early on in his career.  It’s a wonderful read and gives you a glimpse into the humor behind those garish good looks.


Pattinson’s role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been garnering standout notices, although he bridles, with endearing embarrassment, at the label ‘heart-throb’. ‘I read the Variety review and their only comment was "rangy". I thought it meant from the range, like a cowboy. But it just means tall and lanky.’

To read more of the Telegraph’s interview click here.

The Official Twilight Youtube Channel has added the Teaser trailer to its video log.  Be sure to subscribe to that channel to get the latest updates.  We are getting many reports that the Twilight teaser trailer is poping up on movies all over the country.  So you may be in for a treat the next time you head off to the box office.

Our beloved Mike/Mike Updated his blog on myspace.  And so did Christian Serratos (Angela), keep checking back to Christian’s page for photos she took behind the scenes during filming!



  1. ehh here there is a spanish girl who is come from crepusculo-es.com
    i love your webside!!

  2. Holy crap!!! Really???? I shall read it!!!

  3. FINALLY!!! Whoo Hoo!!


  4. Jennifer R says:

    I saw the midnite showing of Prince Caspian last night and the first preview was the Twilight Teaser!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost hyperventilated!!!!!!! I’m from a town close to Houston, TX.

  5. Rpatz is seriously the most adorable person ever.

  6. Haha–I’d take Rob even if he were from the range!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I think its funny that he went to the drama school to meet girls and now he has millions of girls wanting to marry him!

    I guess you got your wish Rob!

    Great Interviews!

  8. OMG!!!
    my fam and i were deciding wat movie to see…and if the trailer is in prince caspian…I AM GONNA SEE THAT MOVIE!!!!!
    wat about other movie’s?
    we are also thinkin about iron man…is the trailer in that movie also???

  9. omg!!! i cant wait to see the twilight trailer on the big screen!!!! those sounds should not have to be downgraded

  10. lauren (hi kayla!!!) says:

    …… (soz about the cut off) by the computer version…… i cant wait till it comes out in movies!!!! even thou it will be my brothers 18th birthday

  11. Bahaha… Rob is utterly hilarious. I love his sense of humor…

    Heck, I love HIM! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Hey this is out of topic but… it it true that some (crazy) Harry Potter fans (I’m one of them but no AS crazy!) want to postpone the release of the HP movie two weeks after twilight? Wtf? Are they crazy? Jealous? Can anybody tell me if this is true? It’s almost hilarious!

  13. twilightislife says:

    HAHA good stuff!
    Tanit, maybe they want that so that both movies get good box office statisitics. OR, they want Harry Potter movie to get the full extent of its possible glory by pushing it AFTER Twilight. so they get more viewers……maybe?

  14. christina says:

    LOL yay for the teaser trailer and hilarious rob interview!


  15. MelodysSong says:

    That boy is just too adorable for words!

  16. Fatimeh says:


  17. The article says he’s 18. The date on the article is 11/27/05. He would have been 19 in 2005. That’s really bothering me lol.

  18. where is robs interview at? please help me!! i really want to read it!! please answer me!

    Click the link under the quote that says…"click here".  ~Admin

  19. TeamRobert! says:

    Aw, I read that Robert interview a few months ago, he’s so adorable!
    I love the last bit:

    He will, however, have to curb a few of his errant English ways. ‘In England if you want to look rough, you go out and get really drunk and come in looking really hungover, but if you do that in America, it’s like, “Have you got a drinking problem?”‘ His publicist nods. The boy is learning fast.

    Ha! That explains why in so many pictures of him he looks so drunk!
    He’s a cutie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. OME! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? THE TRAILER IS IN THE PRINCE CASPIAN MOVIE?!?!? YAYAYAY! I’m going to be leaving in a few to go see it! YAYAY! (Hahha I’ll be the girl who starts screaming in the theater!)

    Alice: I went to go see Iron Man last week- the trailer wasn’t there sadly. =[ I was looking for it too! Hahahah… but it might be different depending where you live.

    I thinK I am going to not tell me sister just so I can annoy her by screaming AHHHHHHHHH

  22. icky vicky says:

    I feel the same way about my ipod as Rachel does. I only say what she said in the highlights because my computer wouldn’t give me acsess to it and it said there was an error on the page!!!!!!!!! UUUUUUUUURRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think she WILL make a perfect Victoria, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. does she play as Victoria icky vicky?

  24. lol Holly

  25. haha the comments!

    VampGirl said Victoria is scary looking lol

  26. Lirael Cullen says:

    Yes!! I shall go see Prince Caspian!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great article by the way i’m glad somebody dug that up =) the Telegraph should interview him again!! That would be so awesome!! Thanks for the articles! And keep them coming!!

  27. I LOVE ROB!
    duh who doesnt?!?

    ๐Ÿ™‚ =)

  28. Lirael Cullen,

    is it shown on Prince Caspian?

  29. well i guess cuz everyones talking about it

  30. Yeah, the British are very much like that. Extremely modest and the opposite of Americans in a lot of ways.. I miss Britain)’: ( sorry. that was random(: ).

  31. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I going to read right now.

  32. silverbells says:

    oooo i love rob so much! amazing in HP, even more so in Twilight. wooty woot i love him!!! ach!

  33. lmfao “If you wanna look tough in England, you get drunk and come home with a hangover, but do that in America and people ask ‘Do you have a drinking problem?” lmfao. That dude is too funny. and too cute. =)

  34. I went to see Prince Caspian and the Twilight trailer is on.
    It was awesome, I freaked out, since I had no idea it would be playing.:D

  35. haha, that’s a great interview of Rob. They need more interviews with him like that. I keep getting more and more in love with him for Edward.

  36. I was already excited to see prince caspian. (you know so i can take some time off from my obsession. lol like that’s possible.) but if the trailer really is on now i’m dying to see it!

  37. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I have to see the the first movie then i’ll see prince caspian.

  38. Grrr…. I just got back fromm Prince Caspian… IT WASN’T THERE! *sad face* I had my hopes up too…

  39. ill get started reading all that

  40. Jennifer R says:

    I saw Prince Caspian again tonight (its still good the second time) at a different theater than last night, and the trailer wasn’t in the previews…..BUT THEY HAD THE POSTER IN THE LOBBY!!!!!!!
    It looks SO GOOD!!!!

  41. HAHa the Roberts interview was great……………..omg i would have went to a Drama school souly to meet guys

  42. I loved the “i told everyone i was 24 and a famous actor who just got back from south africa.” He’s so cute.

    On the Harry Potter Goblet of Fire DVD there’s an extra about meeting the Champions and he’s on there and he’s so funny. Just a regular down to earth guy working on a massive movie series. I’m just remembering the stunt where he has to get pulled backwards and then he’s talking about it later and he says he made an involuntary “urgh” noise and the director was like “a little more manly” or something like that. He’s great though. Really charming.

  43. Melissa says:

    Garish good looks. HAHA. Wishful thinking.

    If Robert Pattinson had good looks, maybe this movie would actually be a success.

  44. whose*, not who’s, in the first paragraph

  45. Does anybody know what happened to Everglow Edwardandbella.net? ๐Ÿ™

  46. ‘No he doesn’t,’ pipes in his publicist, silent up to this point.

    ^^ Classic ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. OMG…..he is just freakin adorable….i first read the interview without looking at the date n i was like ‘????’ but then i saw the date (27th november 05) n stuff started to make sense.

    i cant imagine why he’d have to join drama school to meet girls…he looks like a god anyway….but i’m really greatful he did join, or we would never even have heard of him….LOL
    but honestly, can u imagine how terrible that would be?

  48. haha I saw the Chronicals of Narnia and me and my friend almost got kicked out for getting overly excited when the twilight teaser trailer came up! lol! We were getting yelled out! oh well

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