A Twilight Lexicon and Borders Exclusive

We recently announced that the Twilight Lexicon had entered into a partnership with Borders. First Borders brought you midnight release parties. Next, they wanted to know what you wanted to see happen at those parties. Now…drum roll please…

Borders has allowed The Twilight Lexicon to debut almost 30 minutes of 4 exclusive video interview segments with Stephenie Meyer. Set against the backdrop of the Arizona desert, Stephenie talks about The Host (mild spoilers), what it means to be human, her fans, the upcoming Twilight movie, and Breaking Dawn.  These videos have been exclusively given to the Lexicon.  We welcome any other website to link to this post. 

Thanks again to Borders for allowing The Twilight Lexicon to debut this footage which will later be distributed to Borders members. We can’t wait to see what other things Borders has in store for us in the months to come.

You can discuss the video on our message boards here.

Also don’t forget to check out great sites started by Lexiconers  The Host Index and The Host Library.


  1. omg! cool!

  2. Zephyrus says:

    This is going to be so cool!

  3. awesome!

  4. Vampireloveaholic says:

    awesome! watching it right now!


  6. zomg!!! coolio

  7. christina says:

    stephenie meyer ROCKS!

  8. midnight_fix says:

    ahhhh…she looks so pretty.

  9. NenaCullen says:

    The best interview I have seen of the host. I can’t seriously wait for the book to come out. Stephenie is great at giving answers without spoiling much. Nice job Borders/Lex!

  10. yay…thank you lex!!

  11. you are the BEST.

  12. I think that I just might explode from excitement!
    YAY. ok, I’m done.

    I love Stephenie!

  13. It’s great Borders is recognizing us fans this way! The interviews are wonderful, just feeds the excitement & anticipation!

  14. I am excited for the Host and what I am sure will be many, many novels by Stephenie to come. However I do feel a bit sad and reluctant to let the vampires go. Stephenie said in her tour in Germany that she was somewhat tired of them, and even though that is perfectly comprehensible, I know that four books about them will not be enough for me. There will be other books concerning forks and its superhuman inhabitants, but they will not be the same, at least not for me.

    Alas, goodbye must come for everything and everyone, but that does not mean that when the time comes, it will be any less sad.

  15. Yes, Stephenie, your writing is keeping me ALIVE! I wish there was more stuff about Breaking Dawnonline, but I guess I have to wait till it gets closer to August. I keep having nightmares about Breaking Dawn being terrible (like were Bella leaves Edwward or something) and it’s freaking me out!! I just cant wait til AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I am SO greatful for this interview because one of my worst fears for “Breaking Dawn” would be that either Bella or Edward dies (Gasp! Don’t wanna think about it!) but when Stephenie said she didn’t want a sad ending and that there were more stories to be told about the characters, I felt a huge wave of relief. Especially when she hinted “I want to keep everybody alive,” or something along the lines of that. I’m not completely sure if she was talking about the readers (lol) or the characters, but I’m all for a happy ending.

    Thank you, Lexicon!

  17. Thank you so much!!! This was extremely wonderful. The videos are about 17 minutes, though, not 30, unless I missed one somewhere? I watched them all.

    Thank you SO much!!

  18. Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou, Pel & Alphie & everybody else on the staff!! I’ve been having NIGHTMARES about a bad Breaking Dawn, and I just got this huge sense of release and relief from these videos. The Host sounds amazing – when it comes out, I’m definitely getting it.

    Two books back-to-back! Go Stephenie!

  19. Twilight Lexicon Staff
    you are my heroes!
    thank you sooooooooo much.

  20. yay so exciting!! thank you guys!! you do soo much for us!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

  21. ahahaha, stephenie is so funny. i loved the part. when she was like ‘people will keep flipping the pages, and eventually they’ll stop and say ‘where’s Edward, and throw it away” (i am paraphrasing.

    I LOVED the interview, and i am so excited for the host. WOO!!

  22. oh by the way, the interview was only almost 18 minutes. i thought it was 30?!!??

  23. Woot! Go Borders! Hooking up with the Lex was an awesome move for them! I am so excited for the Host (waiting and waiting for an ARC of it) It should be really awesome and fun!

    Can’t wait for our release party here!

  24. I am excited for the Host! I want to read something else that is different from Twilight that Stephenie Meyer wrote. I am so excited for Breaking Dawn! And the movie!!!!!!! Thanks Borders and Lex for bringing these videos to us!!! 🙂 *HAPPY*

  25. You guys are extremely awesome!!! Release party here we come!

  26. Christina says:

    Hey i love your site and i love stephenie meyer!! oh btw i cant seem to find the list of stores that are having the midnight release parties, is there a certain place to find it?

  27. Jumbalaya says:

    It’s not working. Is there a different site for international, or is it just my lame computer?

  28. Melanie Cullen says:

    haha. it’s kinda like..borders vs. barnes and noble.
    both are trying to win over all the twilight fans with interviews and stuff. Not that I’m complaining :]

  29. iluvedward says:

    cant wait 4 braking dawn i cant wait

  30. Stephenie is so funny and awesome!

    I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!

  31. I may like barnes and noble better, but if it’s a contest, Border’s wins!

  32. silverbells says:

    i agree, love barnes and noble more, but these movies cover so much and are way awesomer lol. i just wish i understood more of the host stuff seeing as i havent read it yet. so excited!

  33. this is so awsome, my site gets things first YAY

  34. this was fantastic !!!
    excellent interview, way better than the b&n earlier.
    SM looked fabulous and discussion was the best yet, just enough info to up the desire for the host, and just enough of a mention on BD that gives me some slight relief that things will work out for Bella and Edward after all.
    CANNOT wait til Aug !!!

  35. Becky Sue says:

    YAY!! i dont know how i ever wait for anything, when there are such awesome things coming up on the horizon!! cant wait for the host. AND she said there WONTbe country ORrap in the movie!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I know this is of topic but stephenie went from 46 to 47 on the time most influencive people YAY (but it is kinda sad she was # 3) So lets all vote for her 10 times right now and see where that gets her!

  37. That was a truly beautiful interview! Stephenie looked amazing, she’s so beautiful! She is one of my idols, not only because of what she’s written, but the way she lives her life. She wouldn’t have to be a famous author for be to admire her. Truly an amazing individual, I thank her for doing this interview and I thank the Lexicon for posting it! Stephenie is such an eloquent speaker, I could just listen to her all day! She seems so warm and kind hearted. I am looking forward to reading the Host and Breaking Dawn and any future novels written by this amazing author! One of the best authors of the century!!!

    So far.

  38. lala-swan says:

    Oh, I’m really sad. I’ve tried a TON of times to watch the interviews, but they won’t work and I’d try again and again and it won’t work!! Dammit! Is there any other link where they can be found?? I just wouldn’t want to miss them…Please, if anybody knows, let me know, or post it, please!

  39. Awesa-some!!! Loved that interview! *applauds* *giggles*

  40. EdwardandBella4ever says:

    okay, why does the video not work for me? Is anyone eles having this problem?

    • My bggeist challenge is being consistent. We’ll start with a routine that should let us cover school work to DH’s satisfaction–he likes a lot more structure than I do, keep up with daily chores–inside and outside, we have a small farmstead, and not feel rushed or overwhelmed while doing it. After a day or two, I either give up altogether, or change things so much we are starting over all the time. I don’t stick with things to completion and this is rubbing off on my children. I know if something isn’t working-routine or curriculum-I can and should change it–ie. not be a slave to a curriculum or schedule. I think I use that as an excuse too much.

  41. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Gorgeous backdrop! I would have gotten completely distracted if Stephenie weren’t that rare kind of person that you could happily listen to for hours and still be completely absorbed. 😀

  42. It won’t work on my computer! Agh!

  43. I think this was filmed in her backyard. She lives in an area that backs up to desert. Very neat. Loved the interview and I’m looking forward to The Host.

    Not that you’re suggesting this, but before anyone decides to track down the terrain, it was not filmed on Stephenie’s property.

  44. The interviews were really great to watch. Looking forward to reading The Host and also especially Breaking Dawn. Sorry that this will be the last book for the Twilight Series, but hopefully Stephenie will change her mind and write a few more. She seems to indicate that sometimes in other interviews that there will be other books from other characters perspective and that Edward and Bella will part of it and that they are not going anywhere. I just hope that does happen, but at least we have Midnight Sun to look forward to after Breaking Dawn. I want to thank the Lexicon for putting these videos on their site.

  45. OMG. That is SO cool! 30 minutes… that amazing. Thank you so much.

  46. Edwardfan says:

    It didn´t work for me! Is this only for people living in the US?
    Please help…

  47. i was just wondering…i dont know where any border stores are.where are they??

  48. Sarah: Go to bordersstores.com and they have a store locater where you can search for stores in your state or zip code. 🙂


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