Vampire double posted an interview this morning with one Robert Pattinson’s doubles. 

And Don’t forget to keep voting for Stephenie in the Time Most Influential People Poll.  Despite the current totals we want to express our extreme pride in the Twilight fans voting patterns on this poll.  While it is obvious that others have been voting down their "competitors" in an attempt to better their position, you have maintained the class and dignity of this site by not sinking to such tactics.  You played fair, and that in and of itself means more to us then any position on a poll.  You showed class Twilight Fans.  You Rock!


  1. almost as good as the real thing. 😉

  2. second!
    wow so cool

    i can t want to see the stunts!

  3. “I didn’t realize how serious this was.”

    Nobody realizes how serious Twilight is until they really get into it! 🙂

  4. Yeah,Stitch Is right.
    I read somethin before…I think It was one of the recounts of the people that got to view the scene when they where at school, She was saying how amazing it is on set and How you show up and your like “Wow, There actually shooting the movie right here!”

    I was like it, when I saw the Entertainment Tonight Video I was like “…Dude…This is real!”

  5. wow being a double sounds really cool
    on the other note, can’t wait until interview with REAL edward cullen!

  6. Jessie! (103 days 'til my birthday! I SWEAR!) says:

    OMG I’m so excited for the stunts! It’s going to make it more realistic with the whole driving speed… lol

    I saw that Covenant movie last night and I turned to my dad and was like “Twilight is going to be the best vampire movie EVER!” and he smi-agreed *rolls eyes*

    CAN’T WAIT!!! 🙂

  7. seems like a cool guy.
    lol-so he was the one getting out of the car in the youtube videos!

  8. TeamRobert! says:

    While watching that video with the break away floor and Edward and James crashing through it, I remember thinking “Man, it looks like they hit pretty hard! You’d think they’d get hurt!” I guess I was right. Concusions suck.

  9. BoysfromBooks says:

    yay stunt doubles! my uncle was one once, and he said it was one of the best experiences. and how rob’s double was mistaken for him! hahaha!

    on the stephenie meyer poll…i’d love for her to win, but at least we aren’t fighting dirty. that’s a plus… =]

  10. Cool!!!!

  11. YaY! I voted 4 Stephenie!!!

  12. The interview was really cool!

    And, i’ve voted for Stephenie SOOOO many times…

    And, in case anyone want to check it out, Michael Welch Updated his blog:

  13. urcoolcarrie says:

    ya!! guys, this just shows how cool us twilight fans are! others have sunk to an all time low, having to vote others down just to get there people to go up. well not us! we have shown them that twilight fans can play fair. lets show our pride and vote for stephenie!! she rox!!

  14. Edwards Girl says:

    Voted! Go Steph! And you guys can look at pictures of the stunt doubles on the “Twilighters!” Facebook group!! They look just like Rob, its quiet impressive!

  15. Classy us

  16. icky vicky says:

    I would want double of Rob Pattinson any day!!!!!!!!!!

  17. edwardssinger says:

    DANG IT! her average is only 46! 46?!?!? come on! i voted 100 man!

  18. I know – I voted MANY times and can’t believe it’s only 46. Stephenie knows how much we love and support her. That is what really counts. Besides, if Time blows this, maybe Newsweek will get the scoop!

  19. hahaha vicky!!!!!

    how about 7 Roberts!!!!!!


  20. i would vote 4 steph…

  21. I don’t get it, how is Stephenie number 50 with a score of 46? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!! My friend Eva called it outrageous, which are my thoughts exactly. I swear, people on those poles are cheating. I gave her a PERFECT 100 and many more votes-people are voting her down, and I think Stephen Colbert is cheating. Stephenie was also on the top for a while too! CHEATERS!! I SMELL BS!!!!!!!! I’M AM SO OUTRAGED!!!! STEPH, YOU SO DESERVE TO WIN!!!!!

  22. ye i could just imagine myself doing that, like changing and then someone else walks in its like whoops wrong trailer Lol

    I think its pretty sad that Stephenie is so far behind we have to try harder come on u people

  23. Some Twilight fans cheated…It’s very naive to think we are all innocent.

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