The Lexicon Spoiler Policy….WE ARE NOT KIDDING!!!

I’m prefacing this by saying I love spoilers, however that love stops at me posting them because I don’t fancy jailtime and ruining books for other people.

It really sucks when you see a spoiler and you don’t want to. Imagine my frustration this time last year when I signed into the Lexicon boards and someone had posted the following topics:

OMG! Could you believe Bella jumped off a cliff?

Edward wanted to kill himself!

I was ready to scream. I couldn’t avoid the spoilers because they were in plain sight. I didn’t have a choice as to whether I saw them or not.

AGAIN, if you are in the "know" about spoilers for Harry Potter, Eclipse, or anything else for that matter:DO NOT STATE IT ON THIS BOARD. WE ARE A NO SPOILER SITE. The relationship this site has with Little Brown and Stephenie Meyers will cease to be a friendly one if we allow spoilers! I can’t control, nor do I want to, what happens between people in their private emails or PMS. That remains private and out of sight. Don’t even mention that you have such a thing n public!

Lastly I just want to draw your attention to the following:

1) People who stole pages of HBP and posted the Dumbledore spoilers are doing JAILTIME in the UK!

2) As quoted from Mugglenet: 

"The LA Times is reporting that the US Harry Potter publisher obtained a subpoena to learn the identity of a user who allegedly posted copies of Deathly Hallows on a California website.

Scholastic said in a court filing Monday that "materials hosted on’s system" contain materials that infringe copyrights owned by Scholastic and J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books., a News Corp. unit, is a website for sharing photos and videos on social networks such as MySpace.

The subpoena was sent to Gaia Interactive Inc. in San Jose seeking the identity of a user on, a social network, according to the filing in San Francisco federal court.

Gaia complied with the subpoena, removed the material and temporarily banned the user from the site, said Gaia spokesman Bill Danon."

3) As quoted from Mugglenet:

"The US book publisher has issued a statement this morning which reveals where a leak of Deathly Hallows occurred:

We are taking immediate legal action against and Levy Home Entertainment. The number of copies shipped is around one one-hundredth of one percent of the total U.S. copies to go on sale at 12:01 am on July 21st."

4) And yest one final quote from Mugglenet:

"After receiving an early copy of Deathly Hallows from an unnamed bookstore, the New York Times has posted a review of the book which also contains a few plot details.

UPDATE: In response, JK Rowling has spoken out about this New York Times review and numerous others:

    "I am staggered that American newspapers have decided to publish purported spoilers in the form of reviews in complete disregard of the wishes of literally millions of readers, particularly children, who wanted to reach Harry’s final destination by themselves, in their own time. I am incredibly grateful to all those newspapers, booksellers and others who have chosen not to attempt to spoil Harry’s last adventure for fans."

Bloomsbury has also addressed this concern:

    The release date and time embargo of 00.01AM BST on Saturday July 21st is being enforced unflinchingly and without exception by the publishers. We confirm that all Bloomsbury’s customers in 93 countries worldwide are robustly supporting this embargo time to ensure secrecy for the children and adult readers of Harry Potter."


We can’t be online 24/7, if spoilers abound, we will shut down our forums until the Eclipse releases. I don’t think anyone wants that, but we will do it if we have to.



  1. ashley G.(there is just too many ashleys in this world) says:

    i knew that that was coming sooner or later, after what happened last year *shudders*…. we have to do everything to not make history repeat itself this year, lol

  2. I am so nervous to be spoiled. I’m a huge Harry Potter and Twilight fan and luckily I am yet to be spoiled. I am avoiding all sites that could have spoilers for hp and if I did find something out I wouldn’t ruin it for others like those horrible reviewers. I am so sad for anyone who has been spoiled and I hope that everyone keeps any “inside” info to themselves.

  3. Maeghan says:

    Seriously no one wants to know exactly whats happens until they get there! Hints and clues are funny but telling the ending is ridiculous they should ban those people from ever touching another book again!!…

  4. Lomesir22 says:

    Amen, Pel! Let us pray that last year NEVER happens again. It’s one thing to post a spoiler with a warning (I’m fine with that), but to just put it out there for others to see…

  5. lizzylou says:

    yea, i know, the harry potter thing is a big deal. i also go on gaiaonline, and we have a BIG spill there. so much so that we were on the news!

    please don’t spoil it for us that want to wait! keep the lexicon clean.

  6. Bella *soon to be* Cullen says:

    what happened last year?

  7. can someone plz tell me what happened last year? 🙁

  8. Anne-Joell says:

    What happened last year was posted on the page you just read….someone put huge spoilers for New Moon on the boards. It was NOT a pretty sight.

  9. If anyone spoils, I will aid you in the hunt to track them down and ban their behinds. Ban me if I go wrong. There is no room for traitors in this woman’s fandom.

    Mugglenet closed their forums until the 24th-is there any plans to shut down maybe from the 6th to the 10th so people can read fully before going on the lex?

  10. “We can’t be online 24/7, if spoilers abound, we will shut down our forums until the Eclipse releases. I don’t think anyone wants that, but we will do it if we have to.”

    Pel…why not go ahead and shut down the forums for the first week? My understanding is that’s basically what is doing.

    I hate spoilers as much as the next guy. I remember the first time I ever found myself face-to-face with a spoiler. It was for Return of the Jedi. People were wondering “Is Vader really Luke’s father?” I found a comic book of the movie that came out prior to the movie’s release. The temptation was too great, and I got spoiled. I was not happy.

    It would be completely understandable if you were to decide to shut down the ability to post to the forums for a week.

  11. I don’t understand why you’d shut down the forums…If you haven’t read Eclipse, don’t go to the forums. It’s that simple, and I will be dying for someone to talk to about the book.

  12. Lomesir22 says:

    To people who asked about last year:

    Many ARCs had been released and people were posting spoilers ahead (sometimes months) and talking about all sorts of spoilery stuff (Edward leaves, Jacob’s a werewolf, Bella refuses Edward’s proposal, etc.). It was worse than that, though: online booksellers posted official reviews (which are basically plot summaries) on their New Moon pages, and people were throwing fits. And THEN those with ARCs were posting their reviews on their blogs and stuff, and those were even more detailed than the critics’. Honestly, it was a nightmare.

  13. katenahl says:

    The point of shutting down the forums is that sometimes (like with Harry Potter) people are able to hack in and obtain plot details, and then they go out of their way to post them on fansites like this one, for the sheer pleasure of ruining everyone else’s fun. shut thier forums about a week ago to avoid this happening to Harry Potter fans. But since there is less of a likelihood of us getting spoilers, since there are no ARCs this time and our fandom is not nearly the same size, or as well publicized as Harry Potter’s, I don’t think the lexicon forums need to be shut down unless things get out of hand. Another thing they could do is set up a hidden spoiler thread for after Eclipse comes out, so people who haven’t read the book can get on without fear of being spoiled, while people who have finished it can freely discuss the book without worrying about spoiling it for others.

  14. Thanks a lot for this, mods. MuggleNet has a similar policy and I really like that you guys thought of this too. I hate spoilers, which is why I’m not even turning on any form of media after HP & the DH comes out. There’s a smaller possiblity that I’ll get spoiled for Eclipse, but since it doesn’t carry the same amount of hype, I think I’m pretty safe turning on the TV or listening to the radio.

    May I make one suggestion though? MuggleNet FanFiction is doing this and I think it’s a great idea for the quick-readers who like to talk lots:). Could you set up a thread that is very, very, VERY clearly marked for people that want to talk about Eclipse straight after they read it? It could be entitled “Eclipse discussion thread WITH SPOILERS” or something so nobody unsuspectingly gets the whole book experience ruined.

    Just my humble little suggestion, people over at MNFF liked the idea!

  15. is good to know that spoilers dont have room here, i just worry about someone say somenthing about the new book whem half of the other part is still waiting the book, it makes me mad about what happen last year and i dnt want to think about that it may happen again, thankyou pel for making sure that the same thing wnt happen again 🙂 need any help to hunting down the one who spoil the site im in 🙂

  16. THANK YOU, pel! i am one of the unfortunate people that has had harry potter 7 ruined for them. i was browsing through a different forum where someone had posted the major plot points. with so many fakes circulating, what i was told may or may not be true. but i for one feel that it’s HORRIBLE when people ruin it for everybody else! on the news they did a segment on the borders employees who videotaped themselves spilling all the HP7 plot points. WHY would people do this???

    again, thank you for being a spoiler-free site. LOVE YOU!

  17. anitajann says:

    i may be different..i like the spoilers..they get me more into what is happening..if anyone knows send me that at……….i dont think that elegal right? is it still elegal if the book comes out? hasnt harry poter come out yet?

  18. anitajann says:

    does anybody know a site wher the give out spoilers? for twilight?

  19. harry potter doesn’t come out until the 21st, and i don’t know what the legal issues tied to spoilers are, but i find it morally wrong.

  20. I hate spoilers. I’m staying off the internet now and I’ll come back when I’ve finished the book.

  21. andermichelle says:


    You really scared me. I think the mother or is the teacher in you coming out. No Spoilers (like I’d have any, any how)!!!

  22. readingispassion says:

    i cant believe people would do that, but i really cant believe that some idiot gave a deathly hollows to the new york times, and did a review!!!!!! how not only inconsiderate but just down right horrible! if i read a hp or eclipse spoiler my whole summer would be ruined!!!

  23. If anyone’s mad about the Times review, go to the-leaky-cauldron(dot)org and you can find an email address for the Times and an email that you can send to complain about the review. I agree. It was so low of them to print a review filled with spoilers. I’m just hoping I’m able to read the book without spoilers. I’ll be soooo angry if someone ruins it for me.

  24. Alcyone says:

    Thank you, Pel. I love hearing of people’s theories and such but not when they spoil the damn book for me. The entire plot of New Moon was spoiled for me; I was not a happy camper.

    I say lock the Harry Potter threads for these first two weeks and clearly state that starting anything HP related would be prohibited during that time. The same thing could be done for Eclipse; lock that board for a week or two then re-open them with the rules in upper-case, bolded and bright red so that no one has any excuse not to see them. A special thread could be opened with the warning CONTAINS SPOILERS so that anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled, isn’t.

  25. I really don’t want to hear anything about Harry Potter untill i read it the same goes for eclipse. the only part i like to read is what the authors post like the first chapter. people half to take things into consideration.l

  26. I LOVE YOU! sooooo much!

  27. Forsaken says:

    here’s what i think of your darn spoilers!!!!!! lol. hope you like it.

  28. `Edward. says:

    Wow, I heard that some of the books had leaked this morning on one of the other forums I am a member of, and I’ll just say that it was shocking to me. I was in a panic, just telling myself I wasn’t going to read anything Harry Potter related or even post in Harry Potter topics at all until after I read the book on Saturday morning. The sad thing about it, is I’m a member of the site that had posts all over it and had the temp. ban on that user DX I’m totally avoiding the forums there.

  29. Haha, Pel, I was waiting for this.

    I hate spoilers and people post them aaaaaall over the place without marking them. Thanks people, for pretty much ruining HP DH for me. Luckily, all of the reports were different so they can’t all be true…

    Eclipse better not get spoiled for me. I will take that person out.

  30. Yes, I remember last year when somebody posted a thread with the title “The Cullens left….Are they coming back?” Let’s just say that I was very disappointed because I was trying (and succeeding up to that point) to stay spoiler free. And like Pel said, there was no way that I could’ve avoided it. ANyways, I refuse to look at anything Harry Potter (except Book 5 & 6 to jog my memory) until Deathly Hallows is in my hands. And what really gets me is that people actually thought they could get away with posting Deathly Hallows spoilers. Well, they got what they deserved: jailtime.

  31. White Shadow says:

    Thank you Pel. And all the other mods too.
    I think that it’s pretty sick to ruin things for other people. And it can really cause a lot of trouble for the sites that they post these things on. Spoilers have the potential to hurt a lot of people – from fans, websites, the writers and the people that have worked really hard on publishing these books. So while some people may think it’s fun to post them up everywhere and even more fun to spoil people who don’t want to be spoiled they are really causing a lot of damage. People who spoil deserve everything they get.

  32. *so_jealous_of_bella* says:

    I would understand shutting down the site until a week or so after Eclipse comes out. It would make it a lot less mind-easing to know you aren’t going to get spoiled.

    I have a question… Up until what point after Eclipse comes out are we not aloud to say anything about it. Wasn’t it last time with NM, that we couldn’t post anything for a few weeks?

    I think katenahl has the right idea. If we don’t do anything, at lest make a “Eclipse disscusion” forum where people can talk without fear of being banned, and without people reading and being afraid to get spoiled!

  33. Felicia says:

    I hate that the official release time is 00:01 BST, meaning US readers can be spoiled legally.

    People that posted Dubbly-dore spoilers are in jail? Wow, I knew about his death about a year before the book came out. =(

  34. myfriendsthinkiamaddictedtoedward;*) says:

    Wait, if you close the site from the 6th to the 10th, that wouls be sooo not fair because i don’t get my copy untill the 13th. but i totally understand your theorys.

  35. myfriendsthinkiamaddictedtoedward;*) says:

    sorry new keyboard is soo haunted

  36. Caroline Paiz Barcena says:

    Did Felicia just put a spoiler out about HP?

  37. I love spoiler-free forums/sites. Thanks for setting this up 😀

  38. Christal says:

    Ah. Now I can sit back and relax.
    I was so worried about being spoiled for HP, but since I haven’t turned to any media what so ever except the Lexicon for the past few weeks, I’m still untainted. =]
    Thanks Pel && Alphie

  39. Alcyone says:

    “Did Felicia just put a spoiler out about HP?”

    Hardly, that information can be found in the sixth book not the seventh. It’s not spoiler material anymore unless you haven’t read the book. And, concerning Dumbledore’s fate, that information can be found everywhere.

  40. *crosses heart*
    Got it.
    No spoilers.

  41. To think I was afraid of the internet! You guys are so noble it rocks! As far as spoilers, my friend still hasn’t read HBP, and got all the way to last week without any spoilers. Then the newspaper was kind *cough* enough to say that we’re going to have another Dumbledore incident this time. Bye, bye secrets of the Bible book (yes, HP and Twilight are my Bible)

  42. readingispassion says:

    eeek! im so excited about HP! I’m going to the midnight party tonight, yayy!!! I think it goes til like 2ish but im not staying that long cause im afraid everyones gonna start reading it and talking about it, and therell be spoilers galore! o gosh i hope no ones talking about it b4 midnight, or b4 i can retreat to my room and lock the doors and read it for myself!

    if someone spoils this book for me, someones going down…same goes for eclipse*

    is anyone else going to a midnight bash?

  43. Two words that made my day.

    No ARC.

    So, unlike last year, spoilers won’t be as big of a problem.

    And no, I am not going to the HP midnight bash. I’m content in getting mine when I wake up on Saturday.


  44. Ashley W says:

    Im going to a midngiht party for hp!!!! wwwwwoooooooooo
    and then in the early morning im going rafting! uh its so dumb how people have to post all these spoilers! they should keep it to themself it only gets them in jail! well some of them

  45. Forsaken says:

    OMG!!!! i have decided that when i go into the book store, i’m going to plug my ears and say “lalalala”, pay the guy, and explain that i don’t wanna hear any spoilers, and run…

  46. I love that you guys are trying to protect us from spoilers. One of my friends was buying HP book 5 and got stuck in line next to a kid reading all the chapter titles and it gave stuff away for her. My personal plan is to make my husband brave the HP crowds!

    Oh yeah–I can’t believe the New York Times! The GALL! I used to respect that paper.

  47. I really can’t believe some people can be so crue! Do they have any idea how much pain they’re inflicting on the person who’s accidentally reading the spoiler?! Jeez! Will they ever learn?

    *sigh* Guess not. -mumbles curses-

    Wow, I had no idea so many people feel the same way I do about this topic. It kinda makes me relieved in a way to know that i’m not a crazy, pathetic, loyal reader. Just a person who really gets pissed off when people say too much. lol.

    I hope it doesn’t happen again….but if it does…look me up, I’ll help with the tracking and the killing. And if i’m feeling well afterwards i’ll help dig. ^_~

  48. well said!!!!!

  49. Rebekka says:

    I think I’ll just avoid the lexicon for awhile. And any other place that could give me a spoiler. It’ll probably be easier that way. Lucky for me, I only read New Moon in June, so I didn’t have trouble with the spoilers last year.

  50. myfriendsthinkiamaddictedtoedward;*) says:

    totally Rebkka

    i am so on the same page

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