Happy Birthday to The Host

The Host is 1 year old and what a crazy year it has been!  It debuted at #1 and hasn’t left the list since. Current placing on the New York  Times #6, Publisher’s Weekly #6, and USA Today #21.   It doesn’t feel like it has been a  year since The Host took over the Lexicon and we were introduced to some truly amazing new characters.   Wanderer: the invader who you can’t help but like for her peaceful ideals, Melanie: the soul who refuses to give up and can often be violent, Jared: torn between the love he thought he lost and the body that remains, and of course, Ian: the one person who sees Wanderer for who she really is.

Check back later in the week as we bring you a Host Contest with a very cool prize.  Hint: It’s really about the love!