Eclipse DVD on the Horizon

DVD releases are tricky. They vary widely region to region and country to country. We don’t have an official press release yet from either Summit or the overseas distributors, but here’s what’s online via several outlets:

UK release date is December 6 (awaiting press release from E1 with confirmed specs) This date works nicely for a Saturday at midnight party.
Amazon UK

USA release date is December 4 (awaiting press release from Summit) This date works nicely for a Friday at midnight party.
Amazon (place holder no date yet)
Video ETA

Video ETA is listing commentaries by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Stephenie Meyer; however, this is as of yet unconfirmed. If previous releases of DVD’s are any indication, the extras could vary widely based on the region and retailer. Much to the chagrin of many Twilight fans, last time out there were key differences on what was available on the Borders, Target, and Walmart version on the DVD.

So stand by, we are sure a press release giving out all the details will be in the works soon.

UK info via BAE