Cam Gigante

Cam Gigandet 
Character/Job: James
Actor/Production Person: Cam Joslin Gigandet
Birthday: August 16, 1982
City and State: Tacoma, Washington
Official casing announcement link
Fun Facts

In his spare time, Cam enjoys movies, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and holds a brown belt in karate.
Stephenie’s comments on this person

“One of the funnest things about this very fun film was getting to see Cam Gigandet, who stars as the villian, being all James-y. Most of you know that Cam will be playing James in the Twilight movie, and now I can vouch for the fact that he will be awwwwwwwwesome.”

Film Credits

Production Role Year
Pinkville Fred Widmer 2008
The Unborn Mark 2009
Twilight James 2008
Making Change Bishop 2008
Never Back Down Ryan McCarthy 2008
Whose Your Caddy? Mick 2007
The O.C. Kevin Volchok 2005-2006
Jack & Bobby Randy Bongard 2005
The Young and the Restless Daniel Romalotti Jr. 2004
Mistaken Joe 2004
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Mark Young 2003


Twilight Official Wesbite:

Never Back Down Official Wesbite:

Youtube film clips

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Billy Burke

Actor: Billy Burke 

Character: Charlie Swan
Birthday: November 25th, 1966
City and State: Bellingham, Washington

Official Casting Announcement Link:

Life Bio: 

Billy Burke began singing at the age of nine, and joined a band when he was only fifteen. He continued with music, and studied/performed drama at Western Washington University. He performed in Seattle at the Annex Theater, New City Festival, and also at the A.H.A. Theater. After his debut film, he moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue singing and acting. 

Billy has had a long and distinguished acting career ranging in every genre.  Fans often find his frank personality and dry sense of humor refreshing. 

Fun Facts:

Joined a band at fifteen

Billy has not read Twilight yet


Youtube film clips:

Film Credits: 

The Grift

            Feast of Love



            Three Days to Vegas

            Backyards & Bullets

            Ladder 49 

            Lost Junction

            Something More


            Final Jeopardy

            Along Came A Sister

            After Image 

            The Independent


            Dill Scallion

            Don’t Look Down

            Without Limits

            Jane Austen’s Mafia!

            Marshal Law

            The Ultimate Lie

            Gone In The Night

            To Cross the Rubicon


Upcoming Projects:

The Grift


                  Mikey and Dolores

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Photo Gallery Link:                

Send fan mail to:

Billy Burke
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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Kellan Lutz

Actor: Kellan Lutz

Character: Emmett Cullen
Birthday: March 15, 1985
Birth Place: Dickinson, North Dakota

Official casting announcement:

Summit Entertainment Welcomes the Cullen Family to Twilight

Life Bio:

Kellan Lutz was born in Dickinson, North Dakota (population: 16,010).  He is one of the middle children in a family of seven: six brothers and one sister.  Since his home city is also known as “the gateway to Roosevelt National Park”, it is no surprise that Kellan learned a love of the outdoors early on.  Kellan hunted, hiked, camped, and learned to ski as a kid.  This love of the outdoors grew over time into a sense of adventure that took him whitewater rafting, skydiving, parasailing, snowboarding and motor cross racing.

Kellan’s family moved to Arizona when he was 14.  Kellan stayed in Arizona until he finished high school before his spirit of adventure took him away from the traditional path of college and into acting and modeling.  He committed himself to this future taking acting and voice classes, learning different aspects of the craft.  Kellan initially found success as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch.  He was on the cover of their 2004 summer catalogue.  He was also featured in a series of print ads for Levi’s Jeans.  

His first foray into acting was a guest spot on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.  Kellan also appeared in single episodes of CSI: New York and Six Feet Under before landing a recurring guest spot on the ABC Family series Summerland.  His momentum carried him into the cast of HBO’s The Comeback working opposite Lisa Kudrow.  The exposure meant only good things for Kellan as it propelled him into the studio system. 

While Kellan had worked on some independent films previously, his first ‘commercial’ role was in Stick It.  A role in the college comedy Accepted quickly followed.  He played both parts with a certain sense of boyish charm.  But Kellan turned a corner, ditching the easy smile in favor of smoldering looks for the Hilary Duff video “With Love”.  

This year, Kellan shot a feature role in the horror re-make of Prom Night, which showed in theaters earlier in 2008.  Kellan also recently finished Deep Winter, a film where he got to show off his ski and snowboarding skills.  Later this year Kellan will also appear in the HBO mini-series Generation Kill.  And as we all know, he will appear as Emmett in the much anticipated adaptation of Twilight.  


Fun Facts:

-Won the Arizona Youth Billiard Championship
-Speaks fluent Spanish
-Can speak a little Latin
-Traveled to the Dominican Republic for a semester during high school
-Kellan is a Pisces, a sign known as the ‘chameleons’ of the zodiac.  They are typically easy going, affable, and looking for adventure


Stepehenie’s Comments: 

"Hugging Kellan Lutz is the closest you can get to hugging a vampire; he is made of granite."


Film Credits:

Generation Kill (2008)
Prom Night (2008) – Rick Leland
Deep Winter (2008) – Mark Rider
Accepted (2006) – Dwayne
Stick It (2006) – Frank 


YouTube film clips:

Trailer for Deep Winter
“With Lovevideo with Hillary Duff
Diet Mountain Dew “Ferret Attack
Kellan in Stick It
Kellan puts his face on (in Stick It)


Non-Twilight Interviews:

Kellan at the Prom Night Premier


Fan Sites:

IMDB Profile
Kellan’s official site – Large collection of information and photos
The Kellan Lutz MyspaceRun by his sister


Photo gallery links:

Google Images
Kellmett Happens


Send Fan Mail to:

Kellan Lutz
C/O Brett Ruttenberg
5700 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 550
Los Angeles, CA  90036


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Comic Con Videos

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Quote of the Day

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Sam: "This is not something our treaty anticipated. This is a danger to every human in the area."


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G4 and Twilight

Just a riminder that the cable television station G4 will be airing their Comic Con coverage of TWILIGHT on tonights 3 hour broad cast that begins at 7:00 pm EST.  Please check your local listing for air times in your city.

The G4 Twilight segment ran at approximately 9:00 PM EST.  If you missed it be sure to keep checking the G4 website, they usually post all their news stories on the web shortly after they air.  We will update this post with the video as soon as its available. Video Now Available

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Twilight Set Visit: That’s a Wrap

It was a once in a life time opportunity not to mention a dream come true to be asked by Summit Entertainment to join them on the set of Twilight – filming in Portland, Oregon.  We were introduced to some amazing actors and production crew members while we were there and even had a surprise visit from our favorite author!  But most of all we have enjoyed sharing our trip with you.  The most popular video we have posted thus far as been The Wolf Pack with an astounding 155,000 views!  That video is followed closely by our interview with actress Kristen Stewart with 101,000 views!   This, however, is our last video presentation in our set visit series.  Thank you for watching and thank you for your wonderful comments along the way.  We will have the comments open on this post, but all comments will be approved before they are visible. 


The Twilight Lexicon is pleased to Present:  That’s a Wrap


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Stephenie Meyer Update

Seth has posted an exciting announcement from Stephenie:

"We only have a few days until the release of Breaking Dawn. To reward all of you for being so patient, I have confirmed exclusively with Entertainment Weekly one thing that happens in Breaking Dawn — and it will be posted at on Monday. As you all know, I’m against spoilers, but I know there is a desire for ANYTHING about the book. But please proceed to with caution. This is truly the only thing I am comfortable with being out before August 2nd, so this in no way gives anybody free reign to post spoilers. Let’s keep the rest of the book secret — we can do it!"