10 Anniversary Edition of Twilight to Have Bonus Content

No word yet on what exactly that bonus content will be, but hear about it directly from Stephenie Meyer.

We have a 10th anniversary announcement from Stephenie & book tubers @katytastic and @sashaalsberg ! #twilight10

Posted by Fickle Fish Films on Saturday, September 12, 2015


  1. Please make more movies twilight please

  2. Vanessa Cordova says

    I will love to see this please

  3. ii really believe u need to continue on with jacob renesmae an we never found out how alice or monkey man thats how roselee called him them became vampires or how the father became a vampire first .roselee ,edward , an jasper an esmae how they all became vampires but the rest we dont have a clue

  4. It’s great ten years have passed. Are we any closer to getting a complete Midnight Sun?

  5. Could she have possibly included Midnight Sun in this book???!
    That would have been the best way she could have shown her appreciation to the fans of Twilight.
    Completing the series by publishing Midnight
    Still waiting…..Forever.

  6. I hope it’s Midnight Sun!! If it’s not Midnight Sun, then let the bonus material be something about the human lives/histories of Emmett, Esme, Alice and Jasper! Even a chapter or 2 about Edward taking Bella on a few romantic date nights (once Bella gets out of her walking cast during the summer prior to New Moon,) would be fun to see some of Bella & Edward’s romantic relationship!!

    THANK YOU, Stephenie Meyer, for the extra surprises and FUN!

    I will always love The Twilight Saga….Forever!

  7. Ohhhhh muero por leer el nuevo contenido !!! He fantaseado sobre leer Sol de medianoche muchas veces. Sería un sueño .