Twilight Ranks 10 in Top Franchise Movies of All Time

The folks over at BuzzFeed (where you can see the full chart) cooked this one up. The figures are adjusted for inflation, which means Twilight seriously kicked butt over things like X-men, Star Trek, and Transformers. It’s also respectably neck-in-neck with the 4 Indiana Jones movies.

twilight franchise chart

TY to Jack Morrissey for the tip


  1. Wonder how to take into account the number of movies and the length of time they came out. Like that they even included the animated Hobbit from way back when.

  2. It’s even more impressive when you consider how relatively inexpensive Twilight movies are to make compared with Lord of the Rings, Marvel Cinematic Universe etc.

    • That’s true. Although the budget for the Twilight films kept going up, after the first one became a huge success. The demands for visual effects became more of a challenge, especially for Breaking Dawn because by that point in the story, we’re completely in the vampire world. BD part 2 was their biggest challenge because they had to create baby Nessie, Bella’s shield and enhance the other effects from the previous films.

  3. Twilight still rocks!

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