Stephenie Meyer on Vancouver TV to Promote The Host

The sound you hear is the entire fandom groaning at the first question.


  1. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Poor Stephenie. To have to answer that a bazillion and one times. I bet it’s in her Top Ten List of Things I Wish They’d Quit Asking Me.

  2. Poor Stephenie. Haha. I’m surprised this site said nothing about K-Stew being at the Oscars on Sunday and presenting with Daniel Radcliff.

  3. Stephenie looks amazing!

  4. She looks fantastic after her weight loss, however she shouldn’t hide her curves by wearing black so much. Don’t get me wrong I liked her mermaid dress at BD2 premiere but a little more contrast would have been nice, embrace the colors though, especially for The Host premiere next month. I would love to see Stephenie in a sea-foam green number, please let it not be black. 🙁

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