Poll: When did you first read the Twilight books?

twilight-booksWe were contacted by a representative of Read Magazine to conduct a poll of Twilight fans about how the Twilight films have encouraged them to read the Twilight books.  We thought it sounded like an interesting poll to conduct, especially since we are approaching the final film in the series.  So please take a moment to participate in the poll below and let us know when you read the Twilight books.  Did you read them before you ever saw the films?  Did you read them after you became interested in the films?  Or are you one of the few who has never read the books at all?  


  1. I read the twilight book back in October 2008.
    My reading teacher in my freshman year of high school told us about it. Out of all the students, I was the only one that went to Barnes and Nobles to purchase it. A few weeks later, when I was starting New Moon, I saw an Asian girl reading twilight at Lunch. And since then, my Asian friend started reading it, then she said “theirs going to be a movie!” A few weeks later after that, the trailer came out. And by December/Jan 2008-09 I had already finished breaking dawn. I remember all of this because my boyfriend then, broke up with me. And my reading teacher new about us, so she told me to get my kind occupied on something else. And that’s when I went to Barnes and Noble. After I got done with Breaking Dawn, my ex asked me out again. So yeah 🙂

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